Sewa Tyaga Number (Kalyana Kalpataru)
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Sewa Tyaga Number (Kalyana Kalpataru)

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Publisher: Gita Press, Gorakhpur
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Edition: 2016
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Dear Readers, The glory of true Seva cannot be fully described in words. A person who truly understands the meaning and secret of Seva, can only know, how beneficial to spirit of Seva is. When a Sevaka renders true services, his ego is transmuted into Seva itself, his whole life turns into Seva. Real Seva dissolves the ego of the Sevaka. As a result of true Seva, Sevaka gets self- realization and further he is blessed with ever-increasing, ever-new divine love. Thus, a Sevaka becomes useful to people at large which is God-incarnate. He becomes useful for himself by getting rid of repeated birth and death in the world and forever he satisfies the God's hunger for love. God is self- sufficient and He needs nothing else but He is hungry for human love. Real Sevaka, as a reward of his true service, is blessed with such divine love thus, he becomes useful for God.

There was an age when people were in search of some opportunity to serve, but nobody was interested in accepting any kind of service from any person. Now, environment is such that there are ample opportunity for a man to do service in any field. Practically, the whole world has become a victim of terror. The whole humanity is burning with the sentiments of jealousy, spirit of vengeance. Miseries and afflictions are tormenting people. There is strife among brothers themselves. In domestic field we find there are clashes between husband and wife, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, one neighbour with another. One nation is intent upon destroying another nation. There is no peace anywhere.

Agitations are going on for reservations for posts in Government services. Women are claiming their rights for reservations of seats in Parliament and Legislative Assemblies. If we deeply think over the reasons for such bedlam in countries and in the world, the answer is that the feeling of selfishness is predominating, the spirit of service is gone.

Without loving, peaceful and self-sacrificing individuals, there can never be a peaceful society, nation or world. Such environment cannot be created by legislation or a mere change of system. More legislations create more problems than it solves and hence problems go on multiplying without end. True establishment of peace and love can take place only in the hearts of people.

When the leaders and men of learning in a nation fall prey to selfishness, the nation is destroyed. Unless these people evoke in themselves the spirit of service to all without the discrimination of caste, creed and community, real peace cannot progress. The spirit of universal brotherhood and the spirit of oneness among ourselves is essential for rousing the sentiments of true service. A thorn pierces the foot but tears come into the eyes. Why? The foot is obviously different in form and appearance from the eye and its functions and shape are also different from those of the eyes. Tears come into the eyes because the one who holds the feet as his and the eyes as his, is the same. Thus, the variable differences between the eyes and the feet are not basic, but only differences of form and functions. Even so, the world which we see as full of different nations, religions, views, has only one Supreme Entity whom we may call God, Paramatma. Allah or whatever other name according to our way of approach.

But He is one and the same. We all are His children. We are here in this world to serve one another in a selfless and egoless spirit. Jesus urged-"Help all, and you will feel the pleasure of heartening others; help all because God is your father and everyone is your kin. Love and help even your enemies in that spirit of divinehood." The same is echoed in the Vedas and other scriptures. Unless this spirit of service and love is aroused in all human beings, there is no possibility of peace being established in the world.

All human relationships are for service only, otherwise they are illusory. Whatever materials or ability a human being is endowed with, that is only for the service of others, not for one's own enjoyment. When a man renders unto the world what belongs to him, he gets detached from the body and its relationships and also with the whole world. He is blessed with union with God.

It is not necessary that only a man of many external possessions and wealth can perform service. Generally people take service to be gift of some goods and helpful deeds which one may perform in varying measures with own materials and money. That is good so far as it goes but a man can render service without money and materials even by sharing experience and sympathy with people in their times of distress and pleasures.

You can be a true servant if your heart is affected, seeing another man in misery and distress, you can offer your bodily efforts to mitigate the distress of others. Your consolation to the afflicted person can be a great service. To spread good noble ideas, good noble thoughts among the people at large, is also a good service.

To spread among our countrymen noble ideas of service and sacrifice, we thought of publishing the Seva- Tyaga Number of Kalyana-Kalpataru this year. Real Sevd dissolves the ego and results in real Tyaga (renunciation). Such noble sentiments of service and Tyaga may flower in us and our readers! In this issue various articles about liberated, exalted and elevated souls are included which throw light on various types of Seva we can perform. There are thoughtful write-ups on how this Seva we should perform so that we may spiritually evolve ourselves. Certain illustrations of glorious Sevas are also included which are interesting and rewarding.

We are thankful to our contributors who helped us in making this issue as it is by sending us remarkable write-ups. Our co-editor and our staff took very painstaking efforts to prepare this issue. Without their help it was not possible for us to get it in its present form.

In the end I offer my obeisance to God, whose Divine Grace is working and ever inspiring us. Without His Divine Grace, any movement of body or any thought is not possible.




1 Glory of Selfless Service 9
2 Editorial 10
3 Blessings - Jagadguru Shankaracharya Swami,Sri Bharatitirthaji Maharaja 14
4 Sewa and Tyaga - Path to God-realization -Swami padmanabhananda 16
5 Sewa - Swami vivekananda 20
6 What is Tyaga (Renunciation)? -Swami Rama Tirtha 24
7 Real Art of Giving - Sri Paramahansa Yogananda 27
8 Worship Mother as God - Jagadguru Swami Sri Raghavacharyaji Maharaja 31
9 Sewa and its Importance - Brahmalina Swami Sharananda 34
10 Sewa Tyaga - Swami Ranganthananda 39
11 Essence of Service - Swami Sivananda 44
12 Worship of God as Mother Divine - Swami Chidananda 55
13 Tyaga - Swami krishnananda 61
14 Selfless Serivce - Swami Jyotirmayananda 65
15 Desireless Seva is Dharma - Acharya Sri vinoba Bhave 67
16 Seva - The Highest Goal -Sri Oriyababaji Maharaja 71
17 Tyaga of a Pound of Flour Greater than Aswamedha - C. Rajagopalachari 74
18 Seva - Swami Sri akhandananda Saraswati 80
19 Service - A Panacea for All IIIS - Dada J.P. Vaswani 83
20 Glory of Seva - Dvya Jyoti Devakiji 86
21 Seva Leads to Highest Good - Brahmalina Sri Jayadayal Goyadka 89
22 What is Sewa? - Nityalilalina Sri Hanumanprasad Poddar 96
23 How to Serve? - Brahmalina Swami Ramsukhdas 101
24 What is Seva? - Keshoram Aggarwal 103
25 Love All Serve All - Gobinda Chandra Panigrahi 107
26 Art of Sewa - Dr. Vijay Kabra 108
27 Mother's Unique Sacrifice - R.T. Nathan 114
28 Selftless Service - Dr. Girish Goyal 117
29 They Also Serve- Harish Chandra Srivastava 125
30 Service to Elderly Persons - Practical Problems and solution - Sri R. P. Singh 128
31 Parents's Service - Dr. Vishnudatta Gaur 132
32 Western Concept of Sewa - Mohan Lal mago 138
33 Sewa and It's Forerunners - Dr. Ashok Pandya 139
34 Sewa Tyaga - Dr. Natwar Lal Mathur 145
35 Finding Opportunities for Various Kinds of Sewa - Lt. General (Dr.) S.R. Mehta 148
36 Sewa - Pathway to Divinity -Ramanuja Minakshi Agarwal 157
37 Service to All Living Beings - Dr. (Mrs.) Prabha Singh 159
38 Sewa or Service - S. Kothandaramam 164
39 Sewa - A Sadhana for God-realization 170
40 Sewa by Swami Vivekananda 176
41 Live to Serve - Rukmini Ramamurthy 180
42 Seva - Selfless Service - Dr. Bharat B. Gupta 185
43 Elements of Seva in Buddhism - K.V.B. Sastry 189
44 True Seva is Services of Poor - Shivratanji Morolia 191
45 God -Realization by Seva of Devotees 193
46 Medical Service - Vaidya Sri Balakrishnaji Goswami 195
47 Some Inspirational Instances of Sevas -Shivakumar Goyal 197
48 Importance of Sewa 204
49 Seva 209
50 A Selfless Service - Chilukuri Venkateswarlu 210
51 Selfless Seva of Hanuman - R. Subrahmanian 212
52 Selfless Service of vulture jatayu 217
53 Great Tyaga of Sri Caitanya 218
54 Glory of Association with Saints 219
55 Reward of Guruseva 221
56 Knowledge of brahma from Cow Serving 224
57 Rantideva -Brahmalina Sri Jayadayal Goyandka 226
58 Tyaga of a Great soul - Dr. Mukunda Pati Tripathi' Ratnamaliya 230
59 Ideal Spirit of Service of St. Francis 234
60 The lady with the lamp: Florence Nightingale -Srishtirupa Srivastava 230
61 Go-Seva of a German Gentleman 240
62 Story of a Foreigner in Sewa-K. Subramanian 243
63 Service of Saint 245
64 Opportunity of Service is Blessdness 246
65 Understanding of Putana, Andha Putana Sheeta Putana Graha and its treatment 224-235
66 Some Great Tyagis - Ancient and Modern -R. Sridharan 248
67 Guest Service by a Pigeon Couple 252
68 Guest Service of Damodara Couple 255
69 Self-Sacrifice for Community Service 259
70 Social Service of Guru Tegabahadura - Shivakumar goyal 261
71 Tyaga of a Mother - M.L. Narasimham 262
72 Divine Worship of Salabega - Acharya Dr. Udainath Jha 'Ashok' 265
73 Bahinabai - The Ideal Spouce 268
74 Beatitude by Serving All Beings 272
75 Service to Lord Narayana in the guise of Poor 274
76 Saint's Spirit of Service 276
77 Learning from Guruseva 277
78 Devotion of Srawana Kumara to His Parents 283
79 Service of Mother 286
80 Renunciation in Marriage 288
81 A Wonder of Dedication to Seva 289
82 Service of Guest by Vidyasagara 292
83 True Server of the Country (Mahamana Malaviyaji) 293
84 Cow Service of King Dilipa 295
85 Tukarama's Love for Cow 296
86 Sacrifice of His Life for a Cow by Namadeva 298
87 Loyalty of Durgadasa 300
88 A faithful Maidservant 302
89 Hypocrisy does not Worked before a Saint 304
90 Even Curse of True Saint is auspicious 305
91 Oneness with Humbles 308
92 tyaga or Intelligence 310
93 O My Lord! Listen to Me -Shiv Sharan Singh Chauhan 'Ansumali' 311
94 Tyaga as Found in Srimad Ramayana-R. Kannan 313
95 Real Tyaga According to Gita - Dr. Debabrata Das 317
96 Seva-Tyaga-V. Ramanathan 321
97 Tyaga - Its Meaning and Significance - C. Jayanarayanan 330
98 Sewa and Tyaga - R.T. Nathan 337
99 Tyaga or Sacrifice - S. Kothandaraman 344
100 Evolution of Consciousness Through Sewa Tyaga 356
101 Sewa and Tyaga - R. P. Dwivedi 361
102 Tyaga of Raga-Dwesa - Om Prakash dubey 366
103 Tyaga of Lust and Cardinal Desires - Ritudyuti Chakrabarty 371
104 Sacrifice and Service: The Milestone of Humanity - Sushanta Kumar Mohapatra 375
105 Tyaga as a means of Spiritual Training - Dr. V.V. Rampal 384
106 The Vision and Significance of Sewa and tyaga - Kishan Kumar Agarwal 387
107 Sewa and Tyaga in Buddhism - Gautam Chakraborty 389
108 Dance of flesh - Brigadier Karan Singh Chauhan 393


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