Spoken Hindi- Through English Translation and Transliteration
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Spoken Hindi- Through English Translation and Transliteration

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Item Code: UAC654
Author: N. Sreedharan
Publisher: Sura Books Pvt. Ltd
Language: English Text with Transliteration and Hindi Translation
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 8174786252
Pages: 240
Other Details 8.50X5.50 inch Depth
Weight 250 gm

"Sura's Spoken Hindi" has been prepared with the assumption that most of the readers are not conversant with the Hindi script. They may or may not learn Hindi language in the future. It depends upon their age, inclination, job, responsibilities and the ambience. And yet they can start speaking Hindi by concentrating on the English parts of each Lesson (column 1 & 2) and practising those sentences by cultivating the company of Hindi speaking per sons in the neighbourhood or in the work-place.

The first column has sentences in English expressing our ideas or feelings as they occur to our mind in different situations in a par ticular milieu. These sentences follow the rules of English sentence patterns.

The second column is in Roman (English) script, but the language is Hindi. The sentences in this column show how the ideas/ feelings in the English original (column 1) are expressed in Hindi. This column gives the transliteration of the Hindi sentences in column 3.

The third column is merely a repetition of the second column, but in Hindi script.

A word of caution: this is not a book of translation exercises. The Hindi sentences (column 3) are not the exact translation of English sentences in column 1. So please do not compare the English sentences with the Hindi sentences word for word.

We express an idea in English in a particular way. But in other languages, including Hindi, the same idea will be expressed differently. Even the position of words varies. In English, the verb comes after the subject while in Hindi, it will be found towards the end. Hence a little variation is unavoidable between the English expression and its counterpart in Hindi. For example, the expression 'to kick the bucket' has nothing to do with the round open container but denotes death.

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