Time Tested Techniques of Mundane Astrology (With Over 100 Illustration)

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About the Book

• This long awaited book on mundane astrology has finally came out. This is the best ever in the market.
• Mundane astrology needs to be gone into with lot of depth and new researches these days when the globalized world gets so closely interconnected and affects the worlds. In the year 2008 for example the biggest financial disaster of USA has affected so many nations that it may affect the lives of millions of people and over world.
• These events are seen, have been seen and astrological warnings have also been given in advance by Hindu astrologers with a high percentage of success.
• Mundane astrology is not confined to predicting the rise and fall of politicians only as seems to have become a common notion in the media particularly the print media, but its range is unlimited and fathomless. Lack of adequate birth data of important men and nations can lead and astrologer into dangerous traps and result in wrong predictions. Judging and astrologer on the basis of these wrong predictions is not correct.
• Try the brilliant techniques given in this book of M.S. Mehta and A. Radhika, repeatedly and see for yourself the brilliance the efficacy and the accuracy of these time tested techniques of Hindu astrology. For the first time of the techniques of the late Hardeo Sharma Shastri are being revealed here.
• This book is based on deep and replicable researches throughout as chapters after chapters reveal.


This book is a wish Fulfilment for me, a dream reallsed. Let me explain. I had asked Dr.B.V.Raman once whether he would ever write a book on mundane astrology. Dr.Rarnan had the virtue of writing with clarity and lucidity unlike the cut and paste writers or those confused ones who have mangled so many branches of astrology recently.

Dr. Raman
Dr. Raman, never known for any original research, would have produced a small lucid primer on mundane astrology if he had chosen to write one. He did not but he had to his credit many successful mundane predictions, mostly political. Dr. Raman’s range of mundane predictions was extremely limited. He was a well informed man but not well read and did not know international law, finer constitutional points etc. Yet, it is Dr. Raman who brought so much prestige to astrology through his successful mundane predictions in English unlike Hardeo Sharma who was much greater but remained unnoticed because he wrote in Hindi which is not the language of the elitist classes yet in lndia!

Harcleo Sharma Trivecli
The other person who would have produced the best and most brilliant book on mundane astrology was the late Hardeo Sharma Trivedi who wrote only one book in Hindi, Vyapar Ratna’, which is a brilliant book on commercial astrology, a part of mundane astrology in the modern world of consumerism. But he did not write a book on his other areas like astro-meteorology and political predictions about nations and their heads even in the absence of their horoscopes. He would have explained the use of his vast techniques and even disclosed that secret Karpoor Chakra which someone stole from his house in Solan. Karpoor Chaicra, he told me often, showed in a pinpointed way the places and directions in which there would be good and bad event as planets moved from rashi to rashi. I remember his prediction about the death of President j.F.Kennedy without his horoscope and the Was street collapse of October 1987 without any horoscope of New York Sock Exchange or the horoscope of USAI His techniques were amazing because he had the superb advantage of learning astrology in Ujjain which had been for centuries the greatest centre of predictive astrology being the place of the great Varahamihira.

Hardeoji told me clearly that he had no intention ever of writing books on other aspects of mundane astrology and he did not write any.

How I learnt from Hardeoji

Yet, I learnt so much from his predictions in the famous Vishwa Vay Panchanga in Hindi with the use of various techniques and some Sanskrit shlokas and couplets in Hindi. He alone knew the use of many Chakras given in books like Narapati Jaya and many more not given in this book. If he claimed to have got them from a tradition, the great Ujjain tradition of Varaharnihira, he had a justifiable claim. But he was modesty and humility personified, a great worthy example fur many apstarts who now claim to belong to a parampara which never existed and cannot be proven historically.

My Unpublicised Mundane Predictions
Good part of that active part of my astrological career which was snent in doing researches in mundane astrology and giving some very brilliant predictions were given when I was in a government lob and the government service conduct rules prevented me from publicising or writing them in any astrological magazine, though the deaths of both Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi were predicted by me in a circumlocutory way in 1984 and 1990 in published articles—months before the tragedies struck the nation. I could write more boldly on astro-meteorology for a newspaper, the Statesman of Delhi in 1987-89, challenging meteorologists and predicting and beating them always with my own advance predictions about rainfall and twice about earthquakes.

Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan Classes
Then, after the starting of astrology classes in the Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan in 1987, I had to teach among many other subjects, mundane astrology which no other teacher could have taught in those years. Out of hundreds of students who have passed our examinations since then, only three students showed keen interest in mundane astrology! Again, all the three have been officers of the Indian Foreign Service, one of them retired, M.S. Mehta, the co-author of the book and two serving officers who now are posted in some stations outside India.

Mr. Mehta the Teacher
Fortunately, Mr. Mehta joined our teaching Faculty and took the burden of teaching mundane astrology off my shoulders. He went on doing mundane astrology brilliantly, teaching, predicting, doing research and reading more and more all those allied subjects which are related to mundane astrology.

Astrologer’s Intellectual Equipment
Anyone who wants to do mundane astrology must have a rich background of history, politics, national and international, some knowledge of international law, functioning of different world bodies like UNO, Security Council, WHO, UNESCO etc. Unlike Or, Raman and Hardeoji, we and some of our students are better equipped in these subjects. If these students take interest in mundane astrology, their contribution would be much richer than expected. In the case of Mr. Mehta, being a retired officer of the Indian Foreign Service, he was equipped with better knowledge of these, far better than Dr. Raman or Hardeojl. Besides, Mr. Mehta had been a good student of history during his student days. Here was an Ideal student with right background capable of working hard, doing deep research and trying different techniques. He had only to try to learn mundane astrology and try its techniques to see how it was far superior to the information gathered by intelligence agencies, more often than not, provided we had the right astrological data.

My lllness of 2000
After my illness of 2000, I decided to encourage my students to produce their researches fast and that I would not write book now unless it becomes absolutely necessary. It is the honest tradition of writing of book that must get established now to replace the fake authors producing cut and paste books which come out into the market like a flood now.

Luthra’s Book

Sometime in late eighties of the last century, the late j.C.Luthra showed me the manuscript of his book on mundane astrology and I was shocked to know that he did not even know that Varahamihira, had written the greatest book on mundane astrology, Brihat Samhita, which it will take a full twenty years to understand fully! But it was not the fault of Luthra in this case as all that was available even in the :‘-tan market were books on mundane astrology by western writers. I know from my experience that western astrologers are poor in predictive astrology, have poorer predictive techniques and have not e.’e2 ten good successful predictions to show. I had tried to collect such predictions for preparing for the court case against astrology in re Supreme Court of India in November 2003 in which I had argued as a petitioner in person (I was the only astrologer who fought the case c won the case while all other astrologers ran away from the battle the supreme hour of crisis of Hindu astrology in India). Surprisingly, could not get two good examples of successful mundane predictions of western astrologers! Luthra did not know it and thought that western astrologers had given many successful techniques. I wasted lot of my time in convincing him to read Hindu astrological techniques which he c-c not do and produced a book in two volumes which is lifted from western books.

Need for a Good Book on Mundane Astrology
There was need to write a good book on mundane astrology which either I alone could do or some talented writer student of mine. time came Mr. Mehta with his offer to write the book and then came Kimafi A. Radhika who made spectacular progress in this branch of astrology which i had not expected her to achieve and so fast!

I am proud of these former students of mine who are now becoming the authors of the best books on astrology. That is what represents to me a wish fulfilment, a dream realised, because it creates a tradition which selfish astrologers never do as they do not teach, do rot share their knowledge at all. Over a period of three years, these two authors have produced this book.

Problems and Challenges
But one cannot remain satisfied with this. We have to keep working within our limitations without any funding ever done by any branch of the government or private agency. All this is done with a missionary zeal by us, appreciated by some, plagiarised by other astrologers. But the work must go on.

There will be problems and problems we will face and some of them can be enumerated here.

Generally, the horoscopes of nations are not available. The only source is The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion which is helpful but not always reliable is what I found. Yet the efforts of Campion are to be praised highly as without this book most of us doing mundane astrology would have been without any valuable data at all. But as I said, for data collection western sources are rich but for predictive purposes and superior techniques you have to fall back only on Hindu astrology. But even here we face some problems to which attention must be drawn for future work by zealous astrologers.

1. The Absence of a Reliable National Horoscope: We solve this problem through our magnificent Chaitra Shukia Pratipada horoscopes and monthly and fortnightly ones. Yet the question to be asked is how can they give us long range predictions at all? One cannot go on making innumerable horoscopes for future years and not get confused. The absence of a national horoscope is a handicap which cannot be overcome at all. 2. Cycles of Dashas: Where national horoscopes are available, we still have a problem when we see dashas repeating in cycles. For instance if you take the horoscope of USA of 1776 of 10:21:20a.m. with Simha lagna rising at 29/59 degrees, the second cycle (Mars dasha) of the Vimshottari dasha started from 14 October 1891 and from 2011 the third cycle will begin.

Similarly, in the case of Jaimini’s Chara Dasha, it is the fifth cycle of USA now running from 1992 and on this basis I have made successful predictions about the decline of USA and its involvement in wars.

I have solved this problem to some extent by combining the dasha, Chaitra Shukia Pratipada and other ancilliary horoscopes with transits and eclipses and have many successful predictions. Is there a better method? That question should be kept open.

3. Lack of 1-loroscopes of Important Leaders: The problem of not having the correct horoscopes of political leaders or dictators at the helm of administration in their countries at a given time is the biggest handicap we face. There is no way of solving

it. In India we do not have, in the year 2008, the horoscopes of Manmohan Singh the prime minister and Sonia Gandhi and of all those important regional leaders who have been becoming instrumental in the formation of coalition governments at the centre since 1996. If some of our crucial predictions fail we cannot help it.

4. Risky Approach: I have shared with readers in my published writings and also my Website www.iournalofastrology.com some risky methods of predicting. I had been successful in some cases and failure in others. Let me cite four such cases of recent years.

On the basis of the coronation of the king of Nepal, I predicted re end of his reign and now Nepal has a republican rule.

Having failed once with a horoscope of President Musharraf of Pakistan I made a prediction about his uncertain future (he had to resign in 2008) on the basis of the national horoscope of Pakistan, using its dashamansha for a good prediction.

On the basis of a horoscope of Benazir Bhutto passed on to me in re eighties of the last century by a former Indian diplomat, I made a terribly tragic prediction about her end which proved correct in 2007.

Similarly, on the basis of the horoscope of Roger Federer the great tennis player passed on by someone (which is different from the detail given by Rodden), I predicted the end of his era at the end of December 2007 and in 2008 he lost in Australian, French, Wimbledon and Olympic tennis in the singles and won only one grand slam US tennis 2008.

Like this I have shared many times such predictions showing the element of risk and also the chances of success. Sometimes, when the cay of birth etc are known but not the time, the Moon sign may be helpful.

5. Admitting and Explaining Failed Predictionsr
If astrology is to make substantial progress, honest astrologers rust admit their failed predictions and explain them technically for hers to learn. I have done it four times at least in my life but am suprised to see frauds after frauds claiming success for their failed prediction many years after readers have forgotten them. Failures are teachers is what astrologers must appreciate and learn.

New Areas
Originally in ancient times mundane astrology was concerned with weather, earthquakes, fall of kings and kingdoms and of course agriculture, crops etc on which humanity depended. Later, as world became more and more complex, industrial, global, technological, we have not sufficient researches to make mundane astrology useful for nations.

There are many new areas which will have to be gone into. In :993, in the keynote address to the ACVA I made a prediction that azan would win a Nobel Prize and Japan did win the Nobel Prize in Literature. Later, I made a prediction about India getting one when

Amartya Sen got one in Economics. But such predictions must come out correct with consistency and in larger number of cases. I have not worked much on it.

Similarly, in 1988, I wrote in the Times of Astrology that something in the nature of a religious revival was going to take place in the then atheistcal communist USSR and came perestroika very soon and religion got its rightful place in Russian life. Apart from the revival of the Russian Orthodox, the ISKCON movement and Islam got revived soon.

Lack of Astrological Forum
All that needs to be understood is that many new areas can be gone into but where is the forum to discuss such researches? All that is happening is that these predictions are plagiarised and the thief runs away with it and remain unpunished. There has to be a better academic and honest atmosphere for great mundane astrology to develop, flourish and get established and recognised. That is a dream only.

Features of the Book
The most remarkable features of this book which will remain unparallelled is that it illustrates every point through a horoscope and the horoscopes used are more than one hundred which no writer of a book on mundane astrology has ever done anywhere in the world. It is for this reason that I have called it the best book on mundane astrology in the world.

Then look at the number of techniques shown here. Where in the world will you find them?

That is our scientific approach in the Bharatiya Vidya Bhawari—all done out of our zeal without any funding of even one rupee even for such a magnificent research of such a scale!!

But remember that in spite of this great effort mundane astrology will remain as the wildest branch of astrology for the astrologers appearing in the television channels who know next to nothing about mundane astrology. It has been mangled beyond recognition by those quads who think that predicting the rise and fall of political parties and leaders is the be all and end all of mundane astrology.

Anyway, some serious minded astrologers may make full use of this great book of Mehta and Radhika is my hope.



Mundane Astrology - Its Importance
Madane astrology is that branch of astrology which deals with re acridly events like war and peace, earthquakes, floods, famines, plagues, communal/religious riots and strife, rise and fall of nation duration of the governments, death and abdication of the head of the state, economy of the country, general prosperity and major political events which affect the nation and life of people in general Mundane word has been derived from the Sanskrit word Medini

Importance of Mundane Astrology
Varahamihira in his monumental work Brihat Samhita has said that 7ust as the night devoid of fights is utterly blind, and the Sun even so will a king grope in life in dark like a blind man on the way if he not guided by a good astrologer” He had also said that a single astrologer i.e one who studies the course of destiny can achieve What a thousand elephants and four times as many horses cannot do. snows the great importance of astrology to guide the politician and leaders to a better and prosperous future and to be aware of the pitfalls that may lie ahead.

Use of Astrology by Kings and Emperors of India
Our ancient Indian texts are replete with reference of Jyotish and Rajyotishis in the imperial court. No religious or important ceremonies tad take place without consultation of astrologers. Practically, every cg used to have a court astrologer. In the Ramayana of Valmiki, asratha talks of affliction to his janma nakshatra starting and ccsecuent need of coronation of a successor. Then he himself talked of Pushya nakshatra for performing the coronation ceremony. Since .ar”.a’s birth was mentioned as having taken place in Cancer lagna, ?.Lshya was considered auspicious being second from birth rashi nakshatra).

Rama-Ravana Yuddha (war) was initiated on amavasya (considered good for starting a war) and it ended on 10th day of Shukla Paksha killing of Ravana. Again Mahabharat war was started on amavasya.

The name of Varahamihira is often mentioned. He was one of the greatest astrologers world has ever known. He was also navratnas (one of the nine gems)of the imperial court of King Vikramaditya.

Jyotish in Ancient India
Religion was an important factor of the polity of Hindus. It is woven in day to day fabric of living, as such no important function, whether at individual level or state level, could be performed without an appropriate Muhurta. The Ramayana and the Mahabharata are replete with references to nakshatras, Muhurta and birth at auspicious or inauspicious times.

Valmiki refers to planetary combinations at the time of birth of and his brothers. Rama was born on the 9th lunar day of Chaitra when five planets were in own houses or/and exalted—Mars in Makar, Saturn in Tula, Jupiter in Karka, Venus in Meena and the Moon in its own rashi. He was born in Punarvasu Nakshatra, Karka lagna. Moon was In lagna with Jupiter in Punarvasu nakshatra.

About the birth of Lord Krishna, the astrological description given incargaSamhitais(1) Bhadra Mass (2) Krishna Paksha (3 Robin! Nakshatra (4) Harshan yoga Yoga (5) Ashtami Tithi (6) Vrisha Lagna.

(Quoted in Jyotisha, The Super Science by K N. Rao} At the birth of Lord Buddha the court astrologers had predicted that either he would become a king of kings or he would be a saint whose name would spread in all corners of the world.

The horoscope of Lord Buddha
This is a very powerful horoscope. The lord of tenth, Mars is in its own house with directional strength. Mars is also yoga Karka. Sun is exalted also with directional strength. Lord of the ninth house Jupiter is with lord often Mars and lord of four Venus is again with lord of five Mras making excellent rajyoga of kendra and trikona combinations. Dharam Karmaadhipati yogas) five planets in l0th house. Rahu is exalted in the house of moksha and is in Mercury sign who has carrection with 10th house Similarly exalted Ketus dispositor Jupiter is also in 10th house in this horoscope. All the nine planets establish conect with the 10th house making horoscope extremely powerful. \c doubt this horoscope belongs to ‘king of kings”. This is also a combination for Sanyas’. Among many great features of this horoscope there are two notable one which strike the eye: Saturn and Jupiter with re of them becoming the ninth lord gave him the ability to bring out a reform in the religion of his birth and make it a new religion. He thus carne the founder of a new religion. Then the gajakesari yoga here is me best variety with Jupiter joining exalted Sun showing the founding of religious institutions which, we know now, became role models for subsequent religions like Christians who founding the model of sangham in founding their monasteries. It is a rare case where from the Moon in Tula we have both the gajakesari kesari yoga which is taintless and also chandradh4’oga. Add to this the digbala strength of exalted S-un and Mars in the tenth house from the lagna and you see perhaps ne greatest historical figure of the world whose religious and missionary models apart from preaching were plagiarised by subsequent religious according to Bertrand Russel (Why I am not a Christian).




  Acknowledement 3
  Preface 6
Chapter I Introduction 13
Chapter II The Multi Step Scheme 27
Chapter III Countries of the world and Ruling singh 36
Chapter IV Horoscopes of Indian Independence and Republic Day 46
Chapter V Signification of Planets 51
Chapter VI Houses and there Signification 60
Chapter VII Koorma Chakra 64
Chapter VIII Sanghatta Chakra 73
Chapter IX Planets in Different Houses and Their Signification 78
Chapter X Conjuction Opposition etc. of Planets 91
Chapter XI Earthquakes 109
Chapter XII Comets 123
Chapter XIII Eclipses 128
Chapter XIV Entry of Saturn / Rahu in Rohini nakshtra and Their effect on Politics of India 136
Chapter XV Venus Entry in to Gemini and Indian Affairs 145
Chapter XVI Saturn's Entry in Cancer and new World Order 152
Chapter XVII Rahu in Indian History 159
Chapter XVIII Importance of Muhurta in Oath Taking Ceremonyof Prime Ministers 169
Chaper XIX Predicting Wars Through Astrology 183
Chapter XX Terrorism an Astrological Explanation 196
Chapter XXI Political Assassinations 210
Chapter XXII Planetary Cabinet and King (Raja) of the year cloud etc 226
Chapter XXIII Results of the Various Planets becoming Lord of the year 233
Chapter XXIV Giving Yearly Predictions India and the World In year 2002, 2003 & 2007 235
Chapter XXV Prime Minister of inida 251
Chapter XXVI Political Parties of India 260
Chapter XXVII Dasha in Indian History 272
Chapter XXVIII Principles of Astro Meterology 279

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