The Timeless Faith -Dialogues on Hinduism
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The Timeless Faith -Dialogues on Hinduism

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Item Code: NAQ568
Author: Deepam Chatterjee
Publisher: Shambho
Language: English
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 9788190586405
Pages: 131
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Timeless Faith for a Transient World Young people today are not keen to involve themselves in intricate rituals and practices. Quite a few simply brush it off saying, 'I don't believe in religion!'

Is this because religion today has become extremely confusing, time consuming and 'spiritually disheartening'? Or is it because the real essence of the Eternal Faith - Sanaatana Dharma, has become obscured in orthodoxy? Or is it because Hinduism today is not keeping pace with the times?

The hallmark of Hinduism is its great capacity to mould itself to the lifestyles of people, without losing its identity; to focus on helping seekers reach the transcendent Absolute.

Youth today, is more concerned with self-exploration and finding inner peace. They question the authority and relevance of rituals and practices.

We must reinterpret Hinduism to suit modern times - lest we lose sight of the goal of the eternal religion; otherwise very soon, today's youth would have lost faith in The Timeless Faith. This short book explores Hinduism through a dialogue between a seeker and a master. Delving deep into the wise understanding of awakened masters, this dialogue aims to reveal the essence of Hindu thought.

Thus the reader will not find much of what has been considered 'Classical Hinduism'. But what the reader will find are astonishing facts about a living, pulsating and very alive culture - the oldest surviving civilization on earth. This deep knowledge can trigger spiritual awakening in the heart of the true seeker.

These facts lie hidden under the outer coverings of scriptures, rituals, ceremonies, etc. which are often misinterpreted and misunderstood.

It is my humble endeavour to introduce the readers to the mysteries of self-realisation that lie obscured beneath the covering of Hindu religious practices.

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