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Traditional Bridal Sarees of India

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Traditional Bridal Sarees of India
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Traditional Bridal Sarees of India

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Item Code: NAK164
Author: Promilla Shankar
Publisher: TBI Publisher
Language: English
Edition: 2012
Pages: 107 (Throughout Color Illustrations)
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 10.0 inch x 14 inch
weight of the book: 1.2 kg
About the Book

The real motivation for working this book came with my daughter Tara's wedding. I asked her which sarees she would like for her trousseau. It is then that I embarked on this journey. I realized that young girls today know very little about our traditional sarees or of the places which are famous for producing them. I gathered that traditional sarees are going out of vogue and young girls preface flashy modern sarees with glitter. Of course, time and tastes change, but at the same time our heritage cannot be allowed to be neglected.

Young brides should not neglect our traditional sarees just because of ignorance and so this book is written keeping them in mind. This will give them an idea as to the kind of sarees they can purchase for their trousseau. This book has ample pictorial references to make a decision. I hope this information will generate interest amongst them as well as give an impetus to our handloom weavers.

The terminology used in the book is simple. There are not too many technical details as I have not gone into the intricacies of weaving. The emphasis is on basic interesting informing that will also help in distinguishing one saree from another. The traditional characteristics of the sarees have been pointed out but at the same time it should be noted that the format of the sarees is evolving, experimentation is on and attractive features of different sarees are being continuously incorporated into other sarees.

The number of sarees covered in the book is twenty one, the traditional number of sarees normally given by a mother to a daughter at the time of marriage and considered to be an auspicious number.

I would like to acknowledge the support of my husband, Uma Shankar, who, despite his busy schedule, took out the time to accompany me to some far-flung places. I must add here that I have personally visited almost all the centres were the different types of sarees are being woven and this has taken me to the four corners of the country. It has been a very interesting journey indeed! I would also like to acknowledge the encouragement of my children Rohit. Priyanka, Tara and Bhaskar Who, by their incessant queries as to the progress of the Book, ensured that I kept on at and saw it to its conclusion.

I would also like to thank everybody else whose assistance I have taken but who are so numerous that names cannot be individually mentioned.




1 Assam 11
  Muga Sild Sarees  
2 Andra Pradesh 15
  Gadwall sarees  
  Pochampalli sarees  
  Venkatagiri sarees  
  Gujarat 31
3 Patola sarees  
  Asavali sarees  
  Karnataka 37
4 Mysore Silk sarees  
  Llkal sarees  
  Kerala 45
5 Ksoara pudava sarees  
  Madhya Pradesh 49
6 Chanderi sarees  
  Maheswari sarees  
7 Maharasthtra 57
  Paithini sarees  
8 Orissa 63
  Sambalpuri sarees  
  Bomkai sarees  
9 Rajastahan 73
  Kota sarees  
  Bandhej sarees  
10 Tamil nadu 81
  Kanjeevaram sarees  
11 Uttar Pradesh 87
  Banarasi sarees  
12 West Bengal  
  Baluchari Sarees  
  Tangail Jamdani sarees  
13 India 99
  Embroidered sarees  
  Biblography 107

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