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Ultimate Truth

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Author: Sri Ramakant Maharaj
Language: English
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 9789387242142
Pages: 391
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description


“ Everyone should be enlightened!” is the clarion call of our Beloved and Great Sadguru, Sri Ramakant Maharaj.

Ultimate Truth will transform the reader. It is not just another book of spiritual knowledge. Using words as a medium, the Master places the reader’s Identify before him. Maharaj’s boundless compassion, and relentless drive, to bring the suffering of all beings to an end, radiate from each page.

Here, the reader will find the rarest, clearest, and most powerful teaching, that is not only comprehensive, but practical. They emanate from the “Direct Spontaneous Knowledge and Experience of a rare Self-Realized Jnani”.

Maharaj Focuses on the needs of the seekers of our time: transform the easily available intellectual knowledge into actual, living knowledge. He is a lawyer that gives the courage to fight one’s case for freedom. He is a doctor that helps dispel the disease and recover the original health. He is, as he once said, the garbage man, calling for your trash!

It is the greatest fortune that you have encountered this unparalleled book, that is imbued with infinite wisdom, and the strongest exhortation for liberation.

Ultimate Truth is a crown jewel, in the casket of treasures that Maharaj has given to us during His lifetime. It will lead you to uncover the True Treasure of your Selfless Self: at last you know yourself in a real sense! There is the Conviction that you are unborn, and therefore, immortal. Your life is filled with causeless, permanent happiness and peace. You are ever free of worldly suffering!

In 2016, Maharaj repeatedly expressed the wish to have a new book with his talks published, so that all aspects of his teaching are covered, that no question remain unanswered, that there is no place for doubts for devotees in the future. He would often conclude his talks with, “ What you recorded, you type it – it will be useful for other devotees”.

The Master saw a beta version of this book just before He took Mahasamadhi on 31st August h 2018. Through the body has gone, He is with us, closer than ever before.

Per His wish, the book is presented for the first time on the day of the commemoration of the Mahasamadhi of his beloved Master, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, at Ranjit Ashram, 18th of September 2018.

The first print of the book was sent to the press on Guruvar (Thursday, Guru’s day in Indian Calendar), 6 September 2018


Ultimate Truth consists of 3 parts: Talks from Ranjit Ashram in Nashik india, between March and November 2017, and Talks from the Master’s U.S.A. visit in 2016. ( Bold text is used to hammer home the teaching.) The final section, “How the Master Changed my Life” contains personal sharings, from seekers, whose lives have been transformed forever, by Maharaj’s teaching.

There are around 250 questions. Those ultimate, and fundamental, questions of our existence, as well as the more commonplace, everyday one, are answered with uncompromising power, clarity and directness, that leave nothing to the imagination. There is no hiding place from Truth!

These profound teachings, that take the reader beyond knowledge, are conveyed in a simple, light and effective way. Ultimate Truth leaves no stone unturned, so that all the questions that are posed by seekers, are finally exhausted. How to achieve Self-Realization is Presented simply, and logically, flavoured with the Master’s own unique brand of humour!

Our most humble and compassionate Master, tirelessly shared these teachings, again and again, expecting nothing in return. He had one wish only: to put an end to our needless suffering, once and for all! Even in His final talk, when he was visibly frail, and his voice was very feeble, his focus remained steadfast: liberation for devotees. With great poignancy, he pleaded: “Please accept the Reality”.

We humbly bow, with deep and overflowing gratitude, at the feet of our Great Master, Sri Ramakant Maharaj. Ultimate Truth is a timely gift to the world !


  Preface xix
  Acknowledgement xxi
  Introduction xxii
Talks from Nashik: March to November 2017
1 Who wants happiness and peace? 3
2 why is there fear? 7
3 Why is life so painful? I am depressed and worried 11
4 Why can't find happiness and peace? 15
5 Why is my peace disturbed? 16
6 Why are these bad thoughts coming? 19
7 why do we have so many questions? 19
8 What do we really want? 23
9 What do you mean by" real happiness"? 27
10 How did everything come about? 30
11 What is the meaning of life? 31
12 So, my mistake was to identify with the body-form? 32
13 Why is there pressure to go searching here and there for Truth? 33
14 How can we leave all our problems behind? 34
15 Why do I need spirituality? 38
16 What is the principles hehind spirituality 40
17 Is spirituality useful? 41
18 What is the secret of spirituality? 43
19 What do we mean by spirituality? 44
20 What is that Secret Asset? 45
21 What is Reality? 46
22 What is illusion, and what is Reality? 48
23 Is duality an illusion? 49
24 What do you mean by identification? 50
25 What is Conviction? 51
26 How will Spontaneous Conviction appear? 54
27 What is the body? 57
28 How is the world illusory? 58
29 If the Identifier is invisible, how do you identify the Identifier 59
30 If the Seer disappears from the body,what happens to the world? 60
31 You say, that nothing has happened, and nothing is going to happen? 63
32 What is Brahma Dnyan? 64
33 Why are there disciples and Masters? 64
34 Why do we how to the Master? 66
35 Who, or what is holding this food-body? 66
36 Who is acting within the body? 70
37 Do we need God? 71
38 Who wants Realization? 71
39 Who is the Master addressing? 72
40 "I" am doing this or that. Where is that "I"? 73
41 Who says 'I am Brahman"? 73
42 I do 't Know why I focus o the darkn ess, and not the light? 74
43 How can I identify myself? 75
44 What do you mean by refreshing our memory? 76
45 What is the mind,ego and intellect? 77
46 What is illusion? 79
47 What is sin? 80
48 What exactly do we need to know? 82
49 What is spiritual awareness? 83
50 After reading all these spiritual books, where do you stand? 84
51 I do have knowledge, but, it is not practical knowledge 86
52 What do you mean " I don't know"? 87
53 Does Spirituality mean dissolving all our concepts? 89
54 What do you mean by knowledge? 94
55 What is spiritual knowledge? 96
56 Who wants spiritual knowledge? 97
57 Why are these still some questions? 99
58 Why do these concepts appear? 100
59 How can I discard all these concepts 100
60 why do I need meditation, a Master, and all this spiritual knowledge ?  
61 Why spiritual books and Master? 104
62 why is a Master needed? 106
63 What exactly is the body-form 107
64 Why is Convition necessary? 109
65 How do I dentify myself? 113
66 What is the best way to go beyond, or prior to, all this? 114
67 How do we absord this Truth, totally and completely 115
68 So, we need to put in effort, but not struggle? 116
69 How can I Realize? 117
70 Is it possible to identify what I am positively? It seems we can only know what we are not…? 118
71 What do you mean by total involvement? 118
72 what does Selfless Self mean? 122
73 you often mention "glimpse of I"? 123
74 You never talk about death? 124
75 What kind of changes will take place? 127
76 How do I concentrate on the Concentrator that is formless? 128
77 "Be strong! Have courage!" What does that mean? 129
78 Even though I am convinced itellectually, I still have material needs 129
79 Can we know anything? 130
80 If In am not the body, what am I? 131
81 What value does this body have? 132
82 What is our lifestyle based on? 132
83 I know I' m not the body, but still I want a long, and happy life? 133
84 is it okay to follow my family tradition, of devotion to Rama and Krishna? 134
85 How can I degest the knowledge? 137
86 How can I control this crazy mind? 140
87 What is meditation? 141
88 What is the principles of meditation? 145
89 Is meditation abolutely necessory? I am averse to it 146
90 Why do you insists on continous meditation? 148
91 why the Naam Mantra? 150
92 Why do we have Naam Mantra meditation? 151
93 Will the Naam mantra help my spirituality 152
94 Why is the Naam Mantra required? 154
95 In the beginnig, I must put In some effort? 154
96 So, will the Naam Mantra help me to identify myself? 156
97 I cannot come to india to receive the Naam Mantra… 158
98 A casual approach to meditation is futile 159
99 How do I practise the Mantra, and how does it work? 165
100 So, we recite the Mantra "I am Brahman, Brahman I am"? 167
101 Do I recite the Mantra aloud, or silently in my mind? 167
102 When I recite the Mantra, do I have to pay attention to the meaning of the Mantra? 168
103 Does meditation mean repeating the Naam Mantra, or sitting in our place and meditating? 169
104 I have been reciting the Mantra for a few months. Should I continue? 171
105 Nisargadatta Maharaj said: "the purpose of the Mantra is to surrender the seen to Brahman" How is this done? 172
106 What is the minimum time for meditation? 173
107 Will meditation make me spiritually strong? 174
108 Does meditation mean that I have to sit for four hours? 175
109 Some days I cannot even recite the Mantra for half an hour. What then? 176
110 do I just close my eyes for a few minutes? 177
111 When I recite the Mantra, should I concentrate on the words,the sound, the breath, the Master, or just Selfless Self? 178
112 While we are going through this meditation process, can we read books? 179
113 Can you say something about devotion? 180
114 Should we keep the sashana going till our last breath, or onlyuntil Spontaneous Conviction is reached? 181
115 would you say, that meditation is letting go of our attachment to thoughts? 182
116 what do you think of other kinds of meditation, like Buddhist meditation? 183
117 What does concentrate on the Invisible Concentrator mean?  
118 When I recite the Naam Mantra, do I need to fight the illusory world? 185
119 What are the resu;lts of meditations? 187
120 What are the changes that will take place after Conviction? 189
121 After tasting the nectar, how is it reflected? 193
122 How do I know Brahman is absorbed in me ? 194
123 You say, that I am the architect of my life? 195
124 If we compare a realized person to a non-realized person..? 196
125 What do you mean you say "the body touch dissolves'? 197
126 If this is a dream, can we do anything we want? 198
127 Why is devotion needed after Realization? 199
128 Nishargaddata Maharaj used to pray after Realization. Why? 199
129 Be brave, and live like a lion! 201
130 You must have the courage to accept the Reality 201
131 spirituality gives you courage 203
132 You say we need courage, but I don't feel that I am a very courageous person… 204
133 "Bless me! Bless me! I need a blessings!" Why are you begging? 207
134 Why do we search for a Master? 209
135 Why do we need to listen to a Master? 210
136 How can anyone transfer power to you? 211
137 Why go here and there? 212
138 Why are we running after a mirage of spirituality? 214
139 What does spirituality mean? Touching the Master' s feet, Clapping, garlands? 214
140 We are not doing any miracles 215
141 Why does Nisargadatta say this, and Ramana Maharshi say that? 215
142 "oh, I am a spiritual man, how can I spend time with my wife, my father, my parents?" 216
143 What is the use of this knowledge? 216
144 Some people want to become sannyasins 217
145 Is your Master realized, or not? 218
146 Reading books and dry discussion, will not serve your purpose 218
147 what is the point of counting beads? 220
148 Nisargadatta Maharaj said, "Don't mix with such elements which will district you from Reality". What did he mean? 221
149 I don't understand the second part of the Mantra. Are the syllables of the second part, the reverse of the first part?  
150 When I recite the Mantra, my mind is always trying to hold onto something 225
151 I already have a Mantra. If I take your Mantra, does this mean that, I am starting all over again from the beginning? 226
152 In the first two or three months, after receiving the Mantra, I could't concentrate on the meditation, there was a lot of confusion and depression 266
153 I took the Mantra, and it has no effect 228
154 That Conviction is not happening to me 229
155 I face so many difficulties, how can I concentate, and just be the witness? 229
156 Every time I feel closer to Selfless Self, It is, as if something comes in the way 230
157 I have the feelings that I am coming closer and closer to my Selfless Self, but then I fall… 231
158 I am far too attracted to women… 232
159 We feel very good when we hear these talks. Why does this not last? 234
160 If some illusion or dream arises,should I try to stop it with the Mantra? 235
161 When I meditate, a lot of thoughts are coming up. How do I make the mind still? 237
162 When there are challenges, can I still stay with the sense that my real identity is Selfless Self? 238
163 I feel trapped in the body, in maya 238
164 What are the things that are blocking us, Maharaj? 239
165 When I came two years ago, this knowledge was being absorbed vey easily, but no anymore 240
166 Why is Realization so hard? 241
167 I just have this desire for closure of this whole spiritual search, rather than continue to meditate, do Self-enquiry and listen to teachers 241
168 I have problem with my family. Why is mhy son not sudying 242
169 If there is no Realization, what happens? 245
170 As long as I recite the Mantra, I will be able to accept whatever comes my way? Is that right 245
171 You say, there is nothing, but I think there is something else, there is a sense of beingness… 247
172 How can it be said that the waking life is no different from a dream? 248
173 if I do this sadhana, will I make progress? 250
174 Should I eat vegetarian food, or not? 251
175 What comes first, the Absolute, or food? 252
176 What is the significance of Hari Narayan? 254
177 Every question is answered in your book, so I can't make up any questions 255
178 Can we say that Ultimate Truth uses the body to know itself? 255
179 It is said in spiritual science, that your last desire takes you to another dream 257
180 You are talkiong about the new world. What about the old world? 257
181 Is that also another thought… that which wants peace? 258
182 Ia meditations and Self-enquiry the same thing? 258
183 How important is Self-enquiry the same thing? 259
184 What is enquiry? 260
185 Where does the body and the Spirit come from? 260
186 What is Self-knowledge? Is it a direct sense of the primary "I"? 262
187 Spontaneous waves of light occasionally appear. Do these experiences enable Self-enquiry, or are they just mind-body--knowledge to be discount? 263
188 Once,when I was on holiday in Tokyo, I went to a Buddhist temple. It was vey peaceful. Is that lkay, Maharaj? 263
189 Maharaj, the body feels like it is viberating. Is this good? 264
190 When do I get liberation, mukti? 264
191 What will happen after my death? 266
192 After that continous hammering, what happens to the personality does it dissolves with the body? 268
193 Is there a God? 269
194 Sometimes in meditation, I am aware of the colour blue. I wonder if that is why Shiva, Rama and Krishna are depicted in blue? 270
195 I wonder if, when I die, when I leave this body, I will realize that Selfless Self? 271
  Final Plea From Sri Ramakant Maharaj 273
Part Two
Excerpts of Talks from U.S.A: September to October
  September 12, 2016, Silver Spring, U.S.A.  
1 The Quest to find the Jewel of "Who Am I? 281
2 You Have Forgotten Your Identify 284
3 Investigate Yourself 285
4 Who is Watching the Dream? 286
5 Know, That You Are the Central Point of the Universe 288
6 You Are Your own Master! 289
  September 16, 2016, Silver Spring, U.S.A.  
7 You Are Nobody, and You Are Everybody 292
8 Do not Underestimate Yourself 292
9 All questions Are Body-Based 294
10 I am Nothing to Do With the World 294
11 Why Did Spirit Forget Itself? 295
12 Is Love a Concept? 296
13 Mind Means the Flow of Thought 297
14 Body-Based Knowledge 297
15 Egoistic Meditation 300
16 One Master 302
17 The Naam Mantra 303
18 Playing wih Words 304
19 The Six Signs of Realization 305
  September 17,2016, Silver Spring, U.S.A.  
20 Meditation is the Anti-Virus Software 309
21 Selfless Self Has No Concerns 310
22 There is No Difference Between You and I 312
23 Knowledge is Free of Charge 313
24 Come Forward! 316
  September 18, 2016, Silver Spring, U.S.A.  
25 Nothing is Happening 320
26 Meditation, Prayers and Bhajans 321
27 Be Simple, Be Normal 322
28 The Body is a Magic Box 323
29 If you are Realized, Make Other Realized 324
30 spirituality gives you Courage 325
  Guidance From Sri Ramakant Maharaj 327
  October 03, 2016, Columbia, U.S.A.  
31 All Miraculous Experiences Appear Upon Your Presence 331
32 power is Inbuilt inYou 334
33 The Master Apperars 335
34 The Ball is in Your Court 337
35 Devotion is Acceptance 338
36 No Hard and Fastn Rules 339
37 Physical Needs Have Nothing to do With Reality 340
38 The Mantra is a Concept 341
  October 17, 2016, Columbia, U.S.A.  
39 Slowly, Silently, Permanently 344
40 Read Your Story 345
41 What You See is Illusion, That Through Which You See is Reality 346
42 There is Fire Everyone 347
43 Why Fill Your Pockets? 347
44 Whatever Experience Appears is Illusion 348
45 Presence is a Prerequisite 349
46 We Love Ourselves the Most 351
47 I Am Sharing This Knowledge With the Grace of My Master 353
  October 26, 2016, Columbia U.S.A.  
48 In the Beginning, There is Bound to be a Struggle 356
49 Stop All This Thinking. Be Totally Blank! 357
50 There is no Walking, and There is no Sleeping 359
51 The Great Saint is Within You 360
52 Where Everything Ends, There You Are 362
53 You Are Ultimate Truth 364
  Encouragement From Sri Ramakant Maharaj 366
How The Master Changed My Life
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