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Upanisads and Saivism

Upanisads and Saivism
Item Code: IDD730
Author: K. B. Archak
Publisher: Sundeep Prakashan
Edition: 2002
ISBN: 8175741279
Pages: 120
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.7" X 5.7"
About the Book:

The present book is a complete and analytical exposition of the fourteen Saiva Upanisads, bringing out the religious and metaphysical consistency in Saiva concepts. Various aspects of Saivism within the frame work of upanisadic mantras, have been arranged and explicated with systematic coherence.

It runs into six chapters. The Opening introductory chapter provides the information regarding the history of Saiva philosophy from the Vedic period. The second chapter elucidates the contents of the fourteen Saiva Upanisads. The third chapter entitled as Doctrine of Siva: Brahman, explains the nature of Siva, His attributes and His cosmic activities. The fourth chapter i.e. means of liberation, deals with the origination of Bhasma, method of its application, its efficiency origin and nature of Rudraksa, method of preparing its garland, worship of Siva, method of meditating of Him, The fifth chapter unfolds the doctrine of liberation. The sixth being the last chapter offers the concluding remarks.

In a nutshell, this work brings out special significance of architectonic unity of Saiva doctrines. It makes reader mark the precise value and comprehensiveness of the upanisadic doctrines of Saivism. The present book therefore claims a fresh exposition of the Upanisads in defence of Saivism.

About the Author:

Dr. K. B. Archak, Reader in Sanskrit, Karnataka University, Dharwad is a devoted scholar in the field of Vedanta and classical literature. He has necessary background of traditional studies. He is recipient of the Karnataka State Award, the Chancellor Jayachamaraja Wodeyar Award for having secured I class I rant at M.A. examination during 1977 at state level. He completed Ph.D. degree in 1984. Besides, he possesses the degrees - M.A.(Hindi), Vedanta Dharmashastra-Acharya, Alankara-Vidwan. He has more than twenty years experience in teaching and research. He is associated with several academic bodies of national and international repute. He has participated in various conferences/seminars/worshops, and delivered special lectures in different Universities.

He wields his pen in English, Sanskrit, Hindi and Kannada with equal felicity. He has to his credit several research papers published in various leading journals of India. He has already published eleven works on Vedanta, Dharmashastra and literature.

  1. Introduction

  2. Contents of Saiva Upanisads

  3. Doctrines of Siva - Brahman
    1. Nature of Siva

    2. Attributes of Siva

  4. Means of Liberation
    1. Origination of Bhasma

    2. Method of Bhasma-dharana

    3. Efficacy of Tripundra-dharana

    4. Denouncement of a person averse to Bhasma-dharana.

    5. Origin of Rudraksa

    6. Nature of Rudraksa

    7. Preparation of Rudraksamala

    8. Types of Wearing Rudraksa

    9. Worship of Lord Siva :
      A Means of Realization

    10. Atonement of sin

    11. Meditation of Siva's name:
      A Means of realization.

  5. Doctrine of Liberation

  6. Conclusion.

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