Vaidya Jivanam of Sri Lolambaraja

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Author: Dr. S. Pavan Kumar
Language: Sanskrit Text With Transliteration and English Translation
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9789386660527
Pages: 124
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description

About the Book 

The book Vaidya Jivanam is also called as Sadvaidya Jivana or Lolambarajiyam. It was written by Lolambaraja. Lolarnbaraja is the Son of Diwakara Bhatta. The book is divided into 5 viIasa and is written in the form of conversation between Lolarnbaraja and his wife Murasa. It deals with the preparations related to common diseases like Jvara, Shwasa, Kasa, Atisara, Krimi, Prameha, Vatarakta, Rasayana, Vajikarana etc. Lolambaraja himself have mentioned in the book that the formulations mentioned are from the treasure of the knowledge of Acharya Caraka and other acharyas who narrated them for the benefit of the mankind. Many simple and effective remedies have been mentioned for the various ailments.

About the Author

Dr. Sangu Pavan Kumar is the son of Sri S. Manik Rao and Late Smt. S. Prabhavathi born on 04-06-1976 in Sangareddy, Sangareddy district of Telangana State.

He completed his schooling from Gandhi Centenary High School, Sangareddy in the year 1991. He completed his BAMS (1999) and MD (Dravyaguna) (2003) from Dr. BRKR Government Ayurvedic College, Hyderabad.

He completed his Ph.D. (Dravyaguna) from National Institute of Indian Medical Heritage (NIIMH) Hyderabad under Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences, Vijayawada in 2014.

He has got a teaching experience of 10 years in the subject of Dravyaguna in various colleges of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. He also worked as Senior Research Fellow at NIIMH, Hyderabad.

He has joined TTD's SV Ayurveda College, Tirupati in the year 2011 and is presently working as Assistant Professor, in the Department of Dravayguna.

The author had a great opportunity to participate in various national and international seminars. He also had the opportunity to be as a Resource person for few CME programs.

He published more than 10 papers in various National and International journals.

He is also the founder member and is associated with journal "International Journal of Ayurvedic Medicine" published by Ayurveda Sahiti Prabha, Hyderabad. He is presently serving as Executive Editor for it.


This text with name "Vaidyajivanam" is authored by Sri Lolambaraja, He mentions himself to be like Dhanvantari, in relation to the deliberation of the principles of Ayurveda. He also mentioned that he is an expert in the fields of poetry and singing.

Lolambaraja states that this book is a poetic move and aimed at the good health of the diseased person. He also said that this book is narrated from the treasure of the knowledge of the great acharyas like Caraka, Susruta etc. The treatments mentioned this are followed even by the count physicians of that era.

The book is written in the form of the talk between the author Lolambaraja and his wife Murasa. He mentioned very simple preparations for various ailments with easily available drugs.

The book is divided into five vilasa. In the first vilasa, he mentioned 73 slokas related to the treatment of Jvara. In the second vilasa, he mentioned 26 slokas related to the treatment of jvaratisara, atisara and grahani. In the third vilalsa, he mentioned 39 slokas related to the treatment of various diseases like, svasa, kasa, amavata etc. In the fourth vilasa, 43 slokas are mention related to the treatment of ksaya, vrana, etc. In the fifth vilasa, 21 slokas related to vajikarana are explained.

About the translation

With the blessings of almighty and the blessing of all may teachers' the English translation of this book has been taken up to facilitate the easy understanding of the book. The botanical sources of the drugs mentioned are mentioned at the end of the text facilitating the identification of the drugs with the botanical names. The synonyms used for various drugs are also mentioned along with the botanical names. Indexing of the various diseases mentioned is also attached at the end to facilitate easy reference.

Original text of the book is maintained as it is in the devanagari script followed by the same in the diacritical characters. This helps the reader who are uncomfortable with the devanagari script. The translation of the text is mentioned in English and where every proper translation are available, English terms are mentioned. followed by the Sanskrit terminology in the brackets.

Great can has been taken in each and every aspect of the translation to make it the best. But still there may occur many mistakes or controversies which I hope will be excused and may be communicated for further improvization.



Benediction 1
Prayer 1
Aims of authoring this book 2
Fear of destruction of the book 2
Declaration by the author 2
Causes of depreciation of this book 3
Characters of an authoritative physician 3
Sequel of treatment 4
Avoiding the foolish physicians 4
Importance of diet 4
Importance of the book 4
Pleasantness of the book 5
Importance of jvara treatment 5
Decoction for pacana during fever (jvara) 6
Decoctions for dosa fever (jvara) 6
Decoction for vata jvara 6
Decoction for vata jvara 7
Paficabhadra kasaya 7
Decoction for pitta jvara 7
Decoctions for pitta jvara 8
Decoctions for pitta jvara 8
Decoction for pitta jvara 9
Decoctions for pitta vikara 9
Decoction for jvara 9
External applications for burning pain 10
Remedies to reduce burning sensation 11
Ointments for thirst and burning 11
Ointment for reducing burning 11
Some more remedies for fever and burning 12
Other remedy for pitta jvara 12
Cold infusion of the dhanyaka 12
Decoction for fever caused by vayu and pitta 13
Confection to reduce fever, dyspnoea and cough 13
Decoction for fever, dyspnoea etc. 13
Remedies to remove bitterness of mouth 14
Decoction for cough and dyspnoea 14
Remedy for reducing tastelessness 15
Decoction for various ailments 15
Decoction for various ailments 15
Decoction for various ailments 16
Importance of physician 17
Importance of physician 17
Remedies for swelling at the base of the ear lohe 17
Remedies for various ailments 18
Decoction to reduce jirnajvara 18
Decoction to reduce jirnajvara 19
Decocti on to reduce jirna j vara 19
Decoction to reduce aikahika jvara 20
Decoction to reduce aikahika jvara 20
Decoction to reduce trtiyaka jvara 21
Decoction to reduce caturthika jvara 21
Treatment for chills 22
Decoction to reduce sitajvara 22
Decoction to reduce intermittent fevers (visarnajvara) 23
Decoction to reduce visamajvara 23
Rasona kalka to reduce ardita vata and visamajvara 24
Other remedies for visamajvara 24
Decoction to reduce visamajvara 24
Decoction to reduce visarnajvara 24
Syiimii to treat visamajvara 25
Other remedies for visamajvara treatment 25
Decoction to reduce visamajvara instantaneously 26
Fumigation to reduce fever (jvara) 26
Decoction to reduce fever instantaneously 26
Decoction to reduce various ailments 27
Other remedial measures in fevers 27
Indication for light food during fever 29
Decoction to reduce fever and diarrhoea 29
Decoction to reduce diarrhoea and its associated conditions 30
Decoction to reduce fever, diarrhoea etc 30
Importance of pancamula in the treatment of various diarrhoeas 30
Decoction to reduce sokatisura 31
Best drugs for diarrhoea 31
Powder to reduce chronic diarrhoea 31
Powder to reduce acute diarrhoea 32
Importance of pippali 32
Remedies to reduce diarrhoea associated with other conditions 32
Gangadhara curnam 33
Decoction to reduce blood mixed stool 33
Administration of candana 34
Usage of bilva in the cases of diarrhoea 34
Importance of praying to God Govinda 34
Powder for dipana and pacana 35
Decoction to treat grahani vikara 35
Decoction to reduce grahani vikara 35
Decoction for grahani vikara 36
Candrakala curna 36
Various other remedies 37
Various other remedies 37
Powder to reduce grahani vikara\ 38
Powder to reduce for grahani vikara 38
Ghee to reduce grahani vikara 38
Decoction to reduce cough 40
Confection to reduce dyspnoea and cough 40
Confection to reduce dyspnoea and cough 41
Confection to reduce dyspnoea and cough 41
Cintamani curna 41
Powder to reduce dyspnoea 42
Pills to reduce cough 42
Importance of nagara in reducing the dyspnoea 43
Decoction to reduce cough 43
Powder to reduce cough 44
Some remedies to reduce dyspnoea 44
Vibhitaki to reduce cough and dyspnoea 44
Decoction to reduce cough and dyspnoea 44
Powder to reduce cough and dyspnoea 45
Sunthl to reduce cough and dyspnoea 45
Vasa to reduce cough 45
Powder to reduce cough 46
Castor oil to reduce amavata 46
Decoction to reduce amavata 46
Treatment to reduce arnavata 47
Collyrium to reduce eye disorders 47
Sigru to reduce eye disorders 48
Preparation to reduce arjuna disorder 48
Remedies to reduce eye disorders 49
Collyrium to reduce night blindness 49
Collyrium to reduce corneal ulceration 49
Decoction to reduce kamala and panduroga 50
Devadali phala rasa nasya to reduce kamala 50
Collyrium to reduce kamala 50
Cow milk preparation to reduce kamala 51
Vaginal tablets to reduce pelvic pain 51
Vaginal paste to reduce pelvic pain 51
Treatment for the disorders of breast milk (Stanya dusti cikitsa) 52
Treatment for leucorrhoea (Pradara cikitsa) 52
Treatment for leucorrhoea (Pradara cikitsa) 52
Abortifacient preparation 53
Preparation for easy parturition and pregnancy induced vomiting 53
Treatments for various conditions during pregnancy 53
Treatment for childhood diarrhoea 54
Importance of Simhasya in the treatment of ksaya 55
Simple remedy for ksaya 55
Decoction to treat ulceration 56
Measures to become lean 56
Treatment of worm infestations 56
Decoction to control oral cavity ulceration 57
Decoction to reduce burning sensation in the stomach 57
Powder to reduce polyuria 57
Treatment for polyuria 58
Treatment of vatarakta 58
Pindatailam 58
Treatment of visucika 59
Treatment of thirst and vomitings 59
Treatment of Hyperhydrosis 60
Treatment of pama 60
Treatment for cracked foot 61
Preparation for various diseases 61
Treatment of gandamala 61
Preparations for the disorders of throat 62
Importance of Sunthi in indigestion 62
Preparation for various disorders 63
Preparations to reduce distention of abdomen and increasing of appettite 64
Decoction to treat internal abscess 65
Arjuna for the treatment of heart disorders 65
Bakula for strong tooth 66
Treatment of cough, dyspnoea and haemorrhagic disorders 66
Vasa for the treatment of haemorrhagic disorders 67
Preparation to reduce hiccup 67
Decoction to reduce giddiness 67
Alcohol to supress grief 68
Treatment of iirustambha 68
Treatment of urinary calculus 69
Treatment of blackish discolouration of skin 70
Treatment of different types of rashes 70
Treatment of swelling of the body 71
Various treatments for the head and neck disorders 71
Laghurajamrganka rasa 72
Other remedies for vata diseases 72
Decoction to destroy pitta 73
Decoctions to reduce kapha 73
Stimulants of sexual desire 75
Preparation to increase libido 75
Medicated milk to increase virility 75
Medicated milk to increase virility 75
Preparation to increase libido 76
Preparation to increase libido 76
Preparation to increase libido 76
Importance of fast acting drugs 77
Visvatapaharana rasa 77
Sitari rasa 78
Kanaka sundara rasa 78
Pancamrtaparpati 79
Vacadi tablets 80
Vilasinivallabha rasa 80
Few more conditions and their treatments 81
Few more conditions and their treatments 82
Importance of Narayana taila 82
The author and his pride 82


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