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Ventures in Vedic Astrology

Item Code: NAM889
Author: Rajinder Kapil, Sunil Suman and Dr. (Mrs.) Indu Bala Kapil
Publisher: Mudit Prakashan
Language: English
Edition: 2007
ISBN: 8190221477
Pages: 230
Cover: Paperback
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description
About the Book

The fascinating aspect of education of astrological sciences and spiritual knowledge has long remained behind the rigidity of schedule . the inaccurate measurement of the human intelligence at the places of worship is also responsible for the negligence of this sacred science. We need to develop culturally sensitive strategies . we should stress the need of curriculum that naturally inspires youth and young minds towards Astrology . Let us remember that astrology has to be brought to the masses like a movement , which acts upon , survives and cures the ailing minds .But the disheartening fact is that average person is not familiar about the achievements of this great science.

Vedic knowledge and spirituality can not be attained by self restraint but by meditation and happiness in life. One need not relinquish this world to reach the other world of Goldy Vedic sciences . god has purposely gave the mankind desires and allowed mankind to develop these freely . the creator wanted the man to utilise natural resources created by him to create the paradise On earth but the man is even denying the existence of God and is trying to use his limited scientific knowledge for fulfilling its selfish and unjust demands and desires ,. The extent of the man’s destructiveness today is beyond even the destructive power of nature and is now even threatening the divinity as well Thus the man has become the slave of desires and accumulated sins and lost his ability to communicate with the God.

One Must know the technicalities of Astrology , the origin of this sacred science , basic structure of rules and regulations an the techniques of correctly pronouncing the predictive part of this Science . all these and many more are the basic tents of the science and need to be ingrained in a person right from the schooling .

As a matter of fact Siddhanta is the most important part of the subject and combines in it the set of rules which the students must try to remember by heart. here we must underline the nee of high quality work with high moral standards and the use of theme based vedic Education. the Students must grasp the concept well enough to retain It forever and Vedic information & technology must bring in them the sense of social responsibility and welfare of human beings. During the Process of writing of this book which is a concerted effort of a group of astrologers an d the views of many friend engaged in the field of astrology have also been taken into consideration but still suggestions are invited vast subject . All the three authors have their teaching experience at college level but still since the depth of knowledge is a subject of continuing efforts and a constant learning we shall warmly accept the constructive criticism and suggestions. Our forthcoming books are on ‘Marriage progeny and Prambhic Jyotish’ which have already been sent to press for publication and shall be available in the market shortly.

Several colleagues shared their ideas with us during their interactions on astrological conferences and a the time of introductory lectures in our colleges and we accepted the responsibility to collect their ideas , views and promised come out with an elementary book on astrology for easy learning of the subject . during the Course of our writings this book we came in contact with Dr. Dharmanand of department of philosophy , Punjab university Chandigarh who provided us some material worth mentioning in this book and suggested certain readings for which we remain indebted to him. The efforts put forth voluntarily by the first sudent of Indi –Global College of astrological sciences Chandigarh Mrs.Mamata Bansal , M.Sc. is commendable she offered her expertise on Astronomy . Our Sincere regards are also due to Dr. K.C Dubey director all India Radio Chandigarh, who offered valuable suggestions while reading the manuscript and has also very kindly wrote the preface to this book. Our for proof reading the book , Ms Deepa Rawat, and Mr. Arun Verma of M/S Mohindra Book Binding House Chandigarh who designed the book and gave their secretarial help in timely completion of this project.

This book explains the rationale behind the principle s of astrology and suggest ways and means t improve the appraisal of a horoscope and realistic forecast . his book departs from the heavy mathematical orientation generally experienced in the treatment of the subject matter . the average student who has an adequate knowledge of arithmetic an high school English has sufficient background required for the study of the techniques of astrology astronomy and predictive e part of this book. The inspiration from a seasoned astrologer shri Umesh Sharma is unforgettable who has published the book at his Mudit Prakashan New Delhi. the authors wish o extend their thanks to the staff of Mudit Prakshan New Delhi and Particularly Shri Umesh Sharma Who have deep Penetrating insight for taking pains in getting the book through the press with their personal care. we shall be indebted to any reader who draw our attention to mistakes, errors and Obscurities. Constructive criticism and suggestion s will be welcomed.

About the Author

Rajendra Kapil was born on the 11thnov 1952 at Ludhiana in a family of repute and shifted to Chandigarh after graduation from Govt college Ludhiana. He remained in service at various govt agencies at Chandigarh , Jammu , Srinagar , Ahemdabad, Banglore and finally Shifted to Vedic Education in 1993 after serving HMT in the capacity of Regional Accounts officer, the Vedic education started pulling as destined and finally landed in the field of astrology and Vedanta . the career of about 14 years in the field of astrology mainly passed in research based study of various astrological subject and started Indo-Global college of Astrological sciences in the Vicinity of Chandigarh in Jan 2004. He is the Founder President of Indo – Global astrologers Associations and founder President of Panchanan Educational and Research foundation (Regd.) Chandigarh. He is also the founder managing editor of ‘Astrological Sciences Today ‘bi-monthly magazine being published by Arun Publisher Chandigarh. He Edited a book on ‘Remedial Measure s in astrology ‘ written by Mrs. Rina Toki and Written the foreword of another book on ‘vimshotri Dasa’ by Dr. R.P. Singh He is well versed with the latest techniques in the field of astrology an has a good rapport with the other astrological bodies in the country . He was honoured with a gold meal at an astrological conferences at pushkar (Ajmer ) Rajasthan during 2000 and by sangrur Kala Kendra sangrur (Punjab ) on 11 the Nov 2006. He attended three International conferences on astrology at paryag raj (Allahabad), New Delhi and Chandigarh and is being invited to deliver lectures on the latest trends in the field of astrology. He is also one of the co-authors of two more books on astrology tiled ‘parambhik Jyotish’ and book on ‘Marriage & Progeny’ being Published and shall be available to the readers shortly.

Pt. sunil Suman is hailing from the Kingdom of Raja Janak Mithlanchal (Bihar) where from a famous kavi Vidhya Pati so called Maithil Kokil once lived. Born in a family of Vedic Sanskaras on the 15th of jan 1972 at Samastipur he obtained the elementary knowledge of Vedas from hi father and later developed his knowledge in the field of astrology and allied sciences from ICAS and IFAS and became the learned astrologer at a very young age. He has to his credit the degrees in astrology , Numerology, Palmistry and Lal Kitab from the above institution and topped the National Examination of Jyotish Praveen conducted by ICAS an d was honoured with a Gold Medal in Chennai . He remained as a faculty member of Indo-Global college of Astrological Sciences Chandigarh and contributed a lot in teaching various subjects in the field of Astrology and was honoured by Indo-Global astrologers association Chandigarh. He was also conferred with the honorary degree of Jyotish Shriomani and was provided with a gold medal by the said association. His research papers have been published by various national magazines and he is a regular writer to astrological Sciences Today Magazine being published from Chandigarh . Presently he is engaged in the research on topics like Progeny and foreign travels and is one of the leading Professional astrologers of the region. He is also one of the co-authors of two more books on Astrology titled ‘Prarambhik Jyotish’ and book on ‘Marriage & Progeny' being published and shall be available to the readers shortly.

Dr. Indu Bala Kapil daughter of an Agriculturist Chaudhary Om Prakash Sharma hails from a very famous religious family of Chaudhary Ram Saroop Sharma Founder member of A.S. college for Women Khanna /General Secretary of A.s. Institution and President Ram Lila Committee khanna. Born on 3rd April 1960 she graduated from on A.S college Khanna and was married in 1982 While she was persuing her studies at post graduation level. She completed her research work and submitted her thesis on 28th May 2002 and was conferred degree of Ph.d by Chancellor of Punjab University Chandigarh His excellency shri Bhairon Singh Shekhawat vice President of India on 13th Dec 2003 in Hindi Literature - Medieval Poetry and thus became first Woman scholar of Vedanta a Punjab University chandigarh . She is working as a Lecturer at dev Samaj college for women Ferozepur city since may 2003 till date and has to her credit a published book on Vedanta and various research papers being published by Haryana Sahitya academy , National Dailies and various National Magazines . she is a member of management Committee of Panchanan Educational and Research Foundation (Regd.) chandigarhh and a Director on board with shri Kaileshwar Jyotish and /BVedanta Research Institute Chandigarh . Her first book on Vedanta titled “Sant Nishachaldass Aur Unki Darsnik chetna” was released by Governor of Haryana His Excellency dr. K.R. Kidwai at a function organised by Haryana Sahitya Academy on 4th Dec 2005. Her life long Interest in Religious scriptures and Vedas is an indications of many more researches in the forth coming years and is currently engaged in writing a book on Vichar sagar and is the Co-author of Two more books on astrology titled ‘Prarambhik Jyotish’ and a book on ‘ Marriage & Progeny’ being published and shall be available to the readers shortly.


History Kurushetra war was held in 3127 B.C. an d Lord Krishna left for Vaikunth Dham 25 Year after the war and by adding the same period with 2007 we come to a figure of 5159 years and since kalyug started immediately after the Vaikunth Dham departure of lord Krishna therefore Kalyug is 5159 years in age at this epoch of time. The Study of astrology is as the history of the mankind and various system of this study have evolved in different countries from times immemorial . Even though the study has a long history , it is still a matter of prolonged and bitter controversy whether it as any scientific basis. The presents model o science is hardly 400 to 500 years old whereas our oldest scripture , rig –Veda is referring to the presents day nine planet and the father of Astrology - risi prashar whose antiquity is not less than 3000 years has enumerated nine planets. India has a rich heritage of literature and science dating thousands of year back . the e Indian knowledge is systematic , logical based on mathematics and result oriented . we understand that ignorance is the curse and knowledge liberates us.

Different Aspects of knowledge have been obtained by human being from the nature and over years the human being are trying to understand the nature. Nature is constituted of the three qualities (i.e Satvic , Rajsic and Tamsic) These qualities bind the immortal self in its corporal body. Satvic Guna stands for purity, Rajsic stands for actions and Tamsic stands for ignorance and darkness. We study the nature and is qualities from different angles such as Chemical (Chemistry) physical & Astrophysics Geographical, historical Economical Commercial, Medical etc. as such we can study it from astro angle also. natural phenomena are at work nature irrespective of the fact whether we believe or not. Astrology will work for the believer and the nonbeliever alike as other branches of knowledge do. It does not demand anybody‘s belief; it demands our study and knowledge t understand it irrespective to our religious beliefs.

There are three parameters of astrology viz. Planets, Signs, and Houses. They act and react upon each other forming innumerable permutations an combination. we have taken into account only the solar family because of its proximity to the earth. We have carved out a small portion of sky , called zodiac and confine ourselves to it for studying effects of the heavenly body . The plants are seven, nine or twelve in number. To us a planet is a heavenly body or phenomena capable of exerting influence on life on earth. The signs or the rashis are twelve in numbers. They are the imaginary sectors of the sky ., each measuring 30 degrees, to facilities exact location of the planet in the Zodiac i.e. our limited sky. planets and signs (constellations in the background ) together create the time. Time is the effect. Houses are twelve in numbers too. These are the compartments or segments of the space or earth or life , On to which the effect comes . an individual is the creations of time and space. Like life , times is also multifacial . Astrology is the Study of time - its various facets and its application on life on both individual and collective on earth.

The Popularity of astrology is evident from the fact that its knowledge is available in almost all the languages of the world. Astrology contains instructions concerning a vide variety of subjects such as family life , friendship and warfare, epidemics, scholar and lunar eclipses effect of planetary configurations on social life and availability of natural sources for the benefit of human life and our study of astrology is with the purpose of culling out instructions for achieving excellence in human life. Consequently we confine our study for the purpose of this book to the following three concerns:

a) Comfortable Mundane existence .

b) Harmonious interpersonal relationships

c) Directions for self –perfection.

All the three concerns are interconnected for mundane life and Interpersonal Relationships. In the modern times all human beings wish to be rich cover night since the world view the pursuit of wealth and sensuous desires are recognized as legitimate for living a comfortable life. Wealth gives confidence to the human being in conducting day to day existence. On the contrary the poverty demoralizes an individual and shakes his self confidence. But the acquisition of wealth is always accompanied by the fear of losing it consequently wealth is alone can never give happiness whereas happiness can be achieved only by contentment.

All along one must see that the purpose of human existence is not simply running after pleasure as the body is ephemeral . It is constantly moving towards death, thus the pursuit of bodily pleasure does not give one contentment and only a virtuous life gives one satisfaction.


  About the Book ix
  Impression xiii
  Authors xv
1 Introduction 1-38
  Relevance 6
  Thoughts on Karma 8
  Sanskaras 12
  Vedanga 16
2 The Solar system 39-86
  Planets 39
  Houses 69
  Signs 77
3 Panchang 87-108
  Tithi 87
  Var 92
  Nakshatra 97
  Yoga 105
4 Astronomy 109-139
  Astrology 108
  Indian Astronomy 112
  Indianm v/s Estern system 117
  Astronomical Terms 118
  Ayanamsha 124
  Precision Enquinoxes 125
  solar system 126
  Galaxy 129
  Eclipses 135
  Retrogression 138
5 Mathematical Calculations 140-220
  Time & its Calculations 142
  Lunar Month 148
  Longitudes & Latitudes 151
  Horoscopes 157
  Asendent 165
  Diviosnal charts 184
  Hinud Dasha system 210
  Logarithms 219
  Vimshotri Dasha Charts 221

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