Yaa-hoo! The Mystic Rose

Yaa-hoo! The Mystic Rose

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Author: Osho
Publisher: A Rebel Book
Edition: 2008
ISBN: 9788172610111
Pages: 268 (Illustrated in B/W)
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 8.5 inch X 7.5 inch
From the Jacket

When Osho created the OSHO Mystic Rose, a meditative therapy process after which this series of talks is named, he said, “I have invented many meditations, but perhaps this will be the most essential and fundamental one. It can take over the whole world…Once you have learned the art you will be have learned the art you will be immensely surprised: why has this not been told up to now? There is a reason: nobody has wanted humanity to have the freshness of a rose-flower and the fragrance and the beauty.”

Millions of people worldwide have had their lives transformed by Osho’s radical approach to life and meditation as he inspires an individual search for joy, deapth, and silence amidst the everyday challenges of contemporary life. Hailed as one of the most innovative and creative contemporary geniuses, Osho is an experience impossible to ignore.


The symbol of the mystic rose vibrates tremendously significant memories…It was one day in the early morning, a gathering of seekers just like you are…but the time goes twenty-five centuries back. Gautam Buddha was expected to deliver his morning sermon. Everybody was surprised.

In a way, you really had to be there. It was twenty-five centuries later, and the greatest piece of “living theater” ever performed. And those who participated are beginning to feel the petals of the rose, slowly opening to the sun.

Center stage, sits the enlightened master, sage, magician and Master of Ceremonies, Osho.

Enter, the two lost reporters from Bunte magazine; the two crazy Chinamen…the renunciate in his bamboo hut, the mysterious women in a sari, the ghost of Jawaharlal Nehru…and Yaa-hoo! We all fell down! And witness, the birth of the Mystic Rose.

Your heart is the soil.
Your trust is the climate.
And your being is the mystic rose - its opening, blossoming, releasing its fragrance. The mystic rose became just a symbol of the man whose being is dormant no more, is asleep no more, but is fully awake and has opened all its petals and has become sensitive to all that is truthful, beautiful, good - the very splendor of existence.

This book will take you step by step, on an enchanted journey of words, silence and pictures.

It will take you to a world where magic held the stage, night after night, and mystery came to earth and played in our midst.

The stage became more and more full of strange and wonderful characters. The comedy and craziness built up and up; until on a hot and balmy night, the storm broke, and the stage was suddenly empty. All that was left were a few dry leaves, blowing in the wind.

I wanted you to know that I am not an old-style Zen master, but I also hit - in my own way, more sophisticated. I also destroy your clingings, your egos. I also destroy your taking me for granted, because one day suddenly I will be gone, just like the storm will be gone. Before I am gone I would like you to blossom into the biggest roses possible.

In the beautiful days that followed, there remained only one thing to do: let-go and celebrate. With Osho’s return, the story continues…with deeper laughter, a more profound silence and a new awareness: that this is no ordinary play.

Savor this story, line by line, page by page. Taste the atmosphere created by the beautiful photographs; allow the firsthand reports to penetrate deep inside you.

When you have finished, if you just close your eyes and feel….you will be able to hear the laughter, the roar of the mighty Yaa-hoo! The voice of truth resounding in an empty hall, full of people. And, maybe you will find that you didn’t have to be there after all.

Back of the Book

This book will take you step by step on an enchanting journey of words, silence, laughter, tears and pictures. This is the series where Osho walks out of the assembly one stormy evening, maybe never to return. This is the series where Osho introduces us to the experience of let-go at the end of every talk to deepen the silence. This is the series where Osho creates the OSHO Mystic Rose, the first of his revolutionary OSHO Meditative Therapies. Using laughter to dissolve our tensions, and tears to unburden us of lifetimes of pain and suffering, it culminates in sitting silently, which Osho calls “The Watcher on the Hill.”

“We are all part of one universal heartbeat. And in every possible way - even impossible way - I am trying to bring that synchronicity between you and the universal which is your real and original face.”

Introduction x
Session 1 I Am a Beginning and an End 1
Session 2 Nowhere and Everywhere 11
Session 3 Heart Is the Soil - Trust Is the Climate 21
Session 4 Laugh and Drop the Past 31
Session 5 Blindness and Following Are Synonymous 43
Session 6 Let-go - The Fundamental Principle 55
Session 7 No Dialogue, No Monologue - Yaa-hoo! 63
Session 8 Our Longing is for the Stars 73
Session 9 Say Goodbye to Politics - Not to Science 87
Session 10 That Flame Depends on You105
Session 11 These Creatures Are Found Everywhere 117
Session 12 On the Flight Alone 125
Session 13Just Ordinary Friday 155
Session 14The Way Goes Through 165
Session 15Never Ask, “Who Am I?” 177
Session 16Helplessness: Another Name of Let-Go 141
Session 17A No-Return State of Affairs 191
Session 18Love: The Only Freedom from Attachment 201
Session 19 No “I,” No “You” - Just a Mirror, Reflecting217
Session 20Just a Glimpse and the Work Is Done 227
Session 21I Have Come Again - the Storm Has Persuaded Me 237
Session 22My Experience Is of the Wordless 247
Session 23Enlightenment without Bargaining 257
Session 24Saying Small Things with Big Words 265
Session 25A Great Surgery in the Right Hands 279
Session 26To Be Effortless Is Just to Be Spontaneous 291
Session 27Love Your Camel and Trust 299
Session 28The Art of Listening Is Enough 311
Session 29When Your Hands Are Empty 325
Session 30Laughter and Tears - a Cleansing of the Heart 337
Epilogue: Storms will Be Coming Again and Again, but You Have to Remember349
About the Author 364
OSHO International Meditation Resort 366
OSHO Mystic Rose Meditative Therapy 367
More OSHO Books 368
Fore More Information 370
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