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Yoga and Depth Psychology

Yoga and Depth Psychology
Item Code: IDE561
Author: Satya Prakash Singh
Publisher: Aravali Books International Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 1998
ISBN: 8186880216
Pages: 218
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.0" X 5.7"


Chapter1.Collective Unconscious and the Subliminal
Discovery - Collective versus Personal Unconscious - The Collective Unconscious as the World in Miniature - Dynamism and Futurity - Integrality - Contents - The Underlying Unity - Compensatory of the Conscious Mind - Why Unconscious - The Subconscient: Individual and Universal - The Subliminal - Distinction from the Western Subliminal - Possibility of the Higher Subliminal - The Subliminal as the Cosmos in Miniature - Simultanity and All Comprehensiveness - Agreements - Disagreements.

Chapter2.Archetypes and Visionary Beings
Discovery of Archetypes - Instincts and Archetypes - Archetypes as Modes of Apprehension - Power of Archetypes - Myths and Archetypes - Meaning and Emergence of Archetypes - Religion and Archetypes - Metaphysical Background of Archetypes - Pre-requisites of Vision - Varieties of Vision - Reality of Vision - Types of Visions and Beings - Symbolism of Visions - Hallucinations and Visions - Classification of Vision - Conclusion.

Chapter3.Consciousness, Ego and Self
Consciousness as a Product of the Unconsciousness - Consciousness and Archetypes - Consciousness and Ego - Divisibility of the Ego - The Inherent Unity - The Self - The Self as an Object of Experience - Necessity of Balance between the Ego and the Self - Mandala and the Self - The Law of Opposites - Transcendence of the Self - Problem of Determining the Priority between Consciousness and the Unconscious - Consciousness as the Fundamental Reality - Planes of the Human Consciousness - Concentricity and the Ego - Divisive Nature of the Ego - Ego and Suffering - Elimination of the Ego - The Self - The Self as Jivatman and Atman - Necessity of Self-realization - Conclusions.

Chapter4.Structure and Dynamics of the Inner Reality
Polarity in the Psyche - Universality of the Psyche - Psyche and Matter as Co-ordinates - Psychic Tension - Psychic Energy or Libido - Transformation of the Libido - Psyche and Physiological Functions - Psyche and the Soul - Psyche and the metaphysical Reality - The Concentric and Vertical Systems of Being - The Subliminal - The Psychic Being - Psychic Being and the Jivatman - The Supramental and its Descent - Consciousness - Forces and Psychic Force.

Chapter5.Individuation and Transformation
Polarity of Extension and Intensification - the Idea of Mandala - Division of Personality - Synthesis of the Conscious and the Unconscious - Subordination of the Ego - Symbols of Individuation - Individuation and Cultural Development - Individuation and Psychological Types - Process of Transformation - Difficulties in the Process of Transformation - Transformation of the Ego - Psychic Transformation - Spiritual Transformation - Psychological Types.

Chapter6.Active Imagination and Integral Yoga
Dream - Unconscious Expressions - Fantasy - Technique of Active Imagination - Dangers of Active Imagination - Active Imagination and Yoga - Nature of the Experience in Active Imagination - Experiences in Active Imagination versus Religious Doctrines - Active Imagination and Intimation - Limitations of the Earlier Systems of Yoga - Basis of Integral Yoga - Concentration - Limitations of the State of Samadhi - Descent of the Supramental - Transformations - Sadhana through Dream and Dreamless Sleep - Integral Sadhana - Integral Sadhana - Practice of Yoga by Westerners - Yoga and Reality.

Retrospect and Prospect
Understanding the Limitations of the Surface Mind - Confirmation and Widening of the Concept of Personal Unconscious - Significance of the Discovery of the Collective Unconscious and the Subliminal - Corroboration to the Idea of Self - Implications for the Development of Personality.


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