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Anjana Nidana by Maharsi Agnivesa (A short book on the spot diagnosis)

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From the Back of the Book: Agnivesa's Anjana Nidana is one of the very short book on very important subject of Ayurveda- Roga viniscaya Focusing on Pratyatma laksanas of Various diseases seen in everyday practice.   After going through this text a wise physician can make a spot diagnosis and initiate the suitable therapies. Such a very useful classical work for first time has been translated into English in a doctor's friendly languages by Dr. S. Suresh Babu. Pref...

From the Back of the Book:

Agnivesa's Anjana Nidana is one of the very short book on very important subject of Ayurveda- Roga viniscaya Focusing on Pratyatma laksanas of Various diseases seen in everyday practice.


After going through this text a wise physician can make a spot diagnosis and initiate the suitable therapies. Such a very useful classical work for first time has been translated into English in a doctor's friendly languages by Dr. S. Suresh Babu.


It is one of the rare book on Nidana i.e. clinical diagnosis aspects of Ayurveda rare in the sense its form of presentations -it pinpoints one or two clinical features of the particular disease by observing them only a wise physician can spot the clinical diagnosis or vyadhi ciniscaya accurately. Even though number of symptoms and signs have been described for each disease in many Ayurvedic classics, but in many instances these symptoms appears to be very common prevailing in many clinical conditions for e.g. aruci, angasada, dourbalya, sula, vivarnata, etc.

Therefore searching for Pratyatma or specific laksanas is the most authentic method of clinical diagnosis. Agnivesa, sensing the same composed a very short book duly incorporating the essential clinical hints, which serve as hallmark of that particular disease of disorder to enable the attending physician to diagnose the ailment correctly with in a short time and the book is Anjana nidanam composed in around two fifty Shlokas in Sanskrit.

In view of its own significance and practical bed side utility, it is for the first time translated into English language to enable modern Ayurvedic student who generally come through English medium schools and colleges to grasp the subject that is place in a cryptic form easily.

Further There may be a feeling of too short or very concise information is available in the book for certain section of the readers, who have not studied the great Ayurvedic classics like Caraka Samhita, Susruta Samhita, Astanga Hrdaya, Madhava Nidana etc. for such people an exclusive supplement is added, covering a detailed disease wise references suggested fro further reading of the subject matter.




1 Aim of the book I
2 Factors responsible for Causation of diseases I
3 Causes for Vata aggravation 2
4 Vitiated Vata symptoms 2
5 Pitta prakopa-causes 2
6 Vitiated Pitta symptoms 3
7 Causes for Kapha-aggravation/vitiation 3
8 Vitiated Kapha-symptoms 3
9 Five fold knowledge of disease pathalogy 4
10 Sarnprapti of Jvara (Pathogenesis of Fevers and Types of Fever) 4
11 Prodromal symptoms of Jvara (Purva rupa) 4
12 Symptoms of Vata jwara 4
13 Symptoms of Pitta jwara 5
14 symptorns of Kaphajwara 5
15 symptoms of Vata-pina-jwara 5
16 symptoms of Vata-kapha-jwara 5
17 Symptoms of Kapha-pitta-jwara 5
18 Symptoms of Sannipata jwara 6
19 Asadhya (Incurable) symptoms of Sannipata jwara 6
20 Time limitation of Sannipata-jwara 6
21 Prognosis of karnarnulasotha in Sannipata-jwara 6
22 Types of Visam jwara and Dusyas Involved 7
23 Symptoms of Santata jwara (A type of Visam jwara) 7
24 Symptoms of Satata, Anyedu, Tritiyaka and Caturthaka 7
25 Symptoms of opposite to Anyedu, Tritiyaka 7
26 and Caturthaka jwara 8
27 Symptoms of jwaras in Rasadi Saptadhatus 8
28 Prognosis of Saptadhatugata jwaras 8
29 Symptomology of Pralepaka Jwara 8
30 Symptomology and types Aagantuja jwara 8
31 Kama, Visa and Ghataja Jwara-Symptornology 9
32 Asadhya jwara laksana (Symptoms of incurable fever) 9
33 Division of Light and heavy fever and their prognosis 9
34 Symptoms of laghu, guru, prakrta and vaikrt fevers 9
35 Symptoms of Sama and Nirama fevers 10
36 Symptoms of Antarvega and Bahirvega fever 10
37 Ten complications of fever 10
38 Symptoms of Dhatupaki jwara 10
39 Symptoms of Pacyamana fever and Dosapaki fever 11
40 Symptom indicating relief from fever 11
41 Symptom of cured fever 11
42 Etiology of Atisara (Diarrhoea) 11
43 Symptoms of vataja diarrhoea, pittaja diarrhoea etc 11
44 Symptoms of diarrhoea manifested by grief 12
45 Symptoms of Raktatisara and pravahika 12
46 Symptoms of incurable diarrhoea 12
47 Etiology of Grahani (Sprue) 12
48 Types of Samgrahani 13
49 Complications of Samgrahani-roga 13
50 Types of Samgrahanl and its symptoms of Incurability 13
51 Etiology of piles 13
52 Complication ofArsas' (piles) 14
53 Symptoms of piles 14
54 Symptoms of curable and incurable piles 14
55 Etiology of indigestion (Ajirna) 14
56 Symptoms of Rasasesa, vistabdha and vidagdha ajeerna 14
57 Complications of four types of indigestion-Ajeerna 15
58 Symptoms of incurable indigestion and 15
59 symptoms of Bhasmak roga 15
60 Etiology of Krimiroga 15
61 Etiology of anemia (panduroga) 15
62 Symptomology of Pandu-roga 16
63 Symptomology of incurable Pandu roga (anaemia) 16
64 Symptoms of Kamala-kumbha kamala disease 16
65 Etiology of Raktapitta 16
66 Symptoms of curable, curable with difficulty and incurable Raktapitta 17
67 Complications of Raktapitta 17
68 Etiology of Ksaya roga (tuberculosis) 17
69 Symptoms of Ksaya (tuberculosis) 18
70 Symptoms of urahkshat (injury in the chest) 18
71 Symptoms of incurable ksaya (asadhyata) 18
72 Etiology of Cough (Kasa) 18
73 Symptoms of curable and incurable cough 18
74 Etiology of Hikka (hiccough) 19
75 Etiology of Swasa 19
76 Types of Swasa and symptoms of its curability and incurability 19
77 Etiology of Swarabheda (hoarseness of voice) 20
78 Etiology of Aruchi (anorexia) 20
79 Types of Aruci 20
80 Etiology of chardiroga (vomitings) 21
81 Symptions of Chardi roga according to dosas 21
82 Complication of Chardi-roga 21
83 Trisna (Thirst) 21
84 Pathogenesis of Trsna (Thirst) 21
85 Symptoms of seven types of trsna and curability and incurability 22
86 Murccha 22
87 The symptomology of types of Murccha 22
88 Panatyaya 23
89 The symptomology of panajeerna 23
90 Symptoms of heat (usma) produced by panatyaya 23
91 Etiology of unmada (schizophrenia) 23
92 The symptoms of unmada roga 24
93 Types of unmada-roga 24
94 Symptomology of Devaja etc. (Unmada) 24
95 Symptomology of incurable unmada 24
96 Apasmara (Epilepsy) 25
97 Types of Apasmara (Epilepsy) and period of its attacks 25
98 Vatavyadhi 25
99 Symptoms and types of Vatavyadhi 25
100 Vatarakta 28
101 Symptoms of Vatarakta (laksana) 28
102 Symptoms of types of Vatarakta based on Dosas 28
103 Symptoms of incurable vatarakta 28
104 Ama-vata 29
105 Sularoga nidanam 29
106 Clinical features of different types of sula 3030
107 Sula roga upadravas (Complications of sula) 30
108 Parinarna sula sarnprapti and laksana 30
109 Udavartha nidanam 30
110 Types and symptoms 31
111 Gulma-roga nidana (pathogenesis of gulma) 31
112 Sites and types of Gulma-roga 31
113 Time of manifestation of five types of Gulma 32
114 Pathogenesis of Rakta gulma in female 32
115 Symptoms and treatment of rakta gulma in women 32
116 The symptomology of incurable Gulma 32
117 Heart disease-Hrd-roga 32
118 Types and complications of Hrdroga 33
119 Mutra krcchra (Dysuria) 33
120 The types and symptomology of Mutrakrcchra 33
121 Type of mutrakrcchra and their symptomology 33
122 Symptomology of incurable Mutrakrcchra 34
123 Mutraghata (retention of urine) 34
124 Asrnarl (Urinary calculis) 34
125 Symptoms of Asmari 34
126 Difference between the Asmari-roga in children and adults and its incurability 34
127 Prameha-Etiological factors (Urinary disorders etc.) 35
128 Symptomology of prameha 35
129 Types of Prameha 35
130 Symptoms of curable and incurable pramehas 35
131 Complications of Prameha 36
132 Medo roga (obesity) 36
133 Durbalata (Debility) 37
134 Udara roga (disease related to abdomin and gastro intestinal tract) 37
135 Symptoms of Udara-roga 37
136 Symptomology of Udara rogas based on vatadi dosas 37
137 Symptoms of Baddhaguda 38
138 Symptoms of Parisravyudara 38
139 Jalodara (ascitis) 38
140 Symptoms of incurable udara roga 38
141 Etiology fo oedema (Sotha) 39
142 Symptoms of oedema 39
143 Type of oedema and its symptomology 39
144 Symptomology of incurable oedema 39
145 Complications of oedema 40
146 Kurandaka (Distension of scrotum) 40
147 Types of Kurandaka and their symptomology 40
148 Bradhna 41
149 Slipada 41
150 Vrana sotha (Inflammation) 41
151 Symptoms of Vrana sotha 41
152 Symptoms of Ama sotha 41
153 Symptoms of pacyaman sotha 42
154 Symptoms of pakwa sotha 42
155 Types of Vrana sotha and its symptomology 42
156 Vrana (Ulcers) 42
157 Types agantuja vrana 42
158 Symptoms of Agantuja vrana (external wound) 43
159 Symptoms of Sasalya-vrana 43
160 Complications of wound and its curability etc 43
161 Types of Bhagna and their symptomology 44
162 Nadi-vrana (fistula) 45
163 Bhagandar (Fistula-in-ano) 45
164 Five types of Bhagandar and its symptomology 46
165 Galaganda (Goitre) 46
166 Granthi, arbuda (tumours) 46
167 Gandmala and apaci 47
168 Vidradhi (abscess) and its types 47
169 Symptoms of vidradhi 47
170 Kustha (skin diseases) 48
171 Mahakusta (Leprosy) 48
172 Mahakustha-types and symptornology 49
173 Symptoms of Kitibha etc. diseases (Psoriasis) 49
174 Symptoms of Kacchu etc 49
175 'Switra' etc. diseases symptoms 50
176 Upadamsa nidana and bhedas 50
177 (Causative factors and types of Upadansa) (VD) 50
178 Upadamsa laksana (symptoms of upadamsa) 50
179 'Udarda' nidana 50
180 Amlapitta nidana 50
181 Visarpa nidana 51
182 Masurika nidanam 51
183 Visphota nidana (Blisters) 51
184 Balaroga (diseases of children) 51
185 Types of Balaroga 52
186 'Graha' inflicted bala laksana (features) 52
187 Garbhasrava, para and mudha garbha 52
188 Mrta (dead) garbha-sadhyasadhyata 52
189 Sutika roga features 53
190 Pradara roga 53
191 Types of pradara and suddha artava 53
192 Napumsakata (impotency) nidana 53
193 Diminished 'Sukra' symptoms 54
194 Sadhyasadyata 54
195 Netra roga (Eye diseases) 54
196 Types of eye diseases 54
197 Timira etc eye diseases-symptoms 55
198 Siro roga nidana (diseases of head) 55
199 Karna roga (Ear diseases) 55
200 Diseases of Nose 55
201 Mukha roga (Mouth/oral diseases) 55
202 Sthavara visa laksna (Herbo-mineral poisons) 56
203 Snake poison 56
204 Scorpion bite/poison 56
205 No. of slokas, dedication etc. 56-57
206 Appendix (for further reading) 58-64


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