Bhagavan Ramana: The Friend of All

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About The Book The devotees who witnessed Bhagavan Ramana’s effortless and natural sense of equality and his treating all beings alike including animals, birds and plants have expressed their sense of wonder and have affirmed that they had not seen such an instance elsewhere in their lives. In Bhagavan’s days, his ashram was like an ancient Rishi Ashram was where birds and animals lived fearlessly and in friendship. Lakshmi, the cow, would not enter the newly built goshala...
About The Book

The devotees who witnessed Bhagavan Ramana’s effortless and natural sense of equality and his treating all beings alike including animals, birds and plants have expressed their sense of wonder and have affirmed that they had not seen such an instance elsewhere in their lives.

In Bhagavan’s days, his ashram was like an ancient Rishi Ashram was where birds and animals lived fearlessly and in friendship. Lakshmi, the cow, would not enter the newly built goshala on the opening day without Bhagavan entering it first; so she went to the Old Hall to fetch him. On the hills Bhagavan would arbitrate between two warring monkey groups. Kamala, the dog, would take a newcomer to the Ashram for Giripradakshina, when told by Bhagavan. When a sparrow’s nest was disturbed, she would come, chirp and complain to Bhagavan. Madhava the white peacock was trained by Bhagavan to be a strict vegetarian; he stopped eating worms. Bhagavan was their Guide and Friend. He showered Grace and Compassion on them. They in turn reciprocated with a love and faith, which the humans would envy.

There are so many incidents of Bhagavan’s relationship with animals which inspire us to respect the entire creation of the Lord without discrimination and so surrender totally to Sadguru Ramana Bhagavan.



Lord Dakshinamurti is the original Guru in the long and great teacher-student lineage guiding all earnest seekers containing unbroken to the present day. The Guru’s Grace and Compassion are bestowed not only on human beings but also on animals, birds and plants; instances of which are found in Ramayana and Bhagavatha Purana.

In the first half of the last century also, the devotees and the visitors who came to seek the blessing of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi were witnesses to such happenings and these have been recorded in various books. This book in which a humble effort is made to compile all those recorded incidents will show its readers how Guru Ramana all through his life bestowed his Grace not only on human beings but also equally on birds, animals and plants. The supreme symbol of Non-dual Consciousness of this age, Bhagavan Guru Ramana, knew no duality and never discriminated as higher or lower form of life. His compassion for animals, birds and plants was of the highest order. Souls, inhabiting forms other than human, could get the Grace of the Guru, because of their devotion and diligent spiritual practices in their previous births. Such evolved souls were spiritually uplifted and liberated by Guru Ramana. Samadhis have been built for them in Sri Ramanasramam.

Both on the hill Arunachala and later at its foothills, the animals found in him a great compassion, benefactor and guide. They received his love and Grace. As for the Cow ‘Lakshmi’, the monkey ‘Nondipaiyan’, the white peacock ‘Madhava’, and the dog ‘Jackie’, their devotion Bhagavan Ramana was unsurpassed.

May this book serve to inspire us all to surrender totally to Sadguru Bhagavan Ramana and receive his Divine Grace.




  Preface iii
Chapter One Life Sketch of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi 1
Chapter Two Bhagavan and the Animal Devotees 16
Chapter Three Bhagavan's Satsang 25
Chapter Four Bhagavan's Devotees - The Cows 31
1 Gomatha Lakshmi In Memoriam 31
  In Memoriam 55
2 The Black Cow 63
3 Calf - The Devotee 64
Chapter Five Bhagavan's Companions - The Monkeys 68
1 Monkeys' Meditation 69
2 The Monkey's Gratitude 70
3 The "Miraculous Vibhuti" 72
4 The Old Monkey King's Samadhi 74
5 Nondipaiyan - The Lame Monkey 75
6 Venkitoo and Nondi 79
7 Nondi's Coronation 81
8 Etiquette of the Monkeys 83
9 Rivalry over Sitting on Bhagavan's Lap 84
  Monkeys in Sri Ramanasramam 85
10 Visit of the Old Monkey King 86
11 Perilous Journey - Blessing to the Newborn 86
12 Perilous Journey of Grandpa 87
13 Bhagavan's Empathy 89
14 Monkeys' One - Pointedness 91
15 Asylum 92
16 Bhagavan's Warning 93
17 Bhagavan's Command 93
18 Suffering in Mine 94
19 Transgressing Official Orders 94
20 The Empty Couch 96
21 What Can You Do About This? 96
22 Bhagavan's Pattonage 97
23 Monkey - Mangoes 99
24 The Obedient Monkey 99
25 The Monkey's Work 100
26 Independence Day Celebrations 102
27 One - Consciousness 103
28 The Monkey and the Child 104
29 Bhiksha for the Monkeys 105
30 Kindness to Monkeys 107
31 Reminiscences 108
Chapter Six Bhagavan's Children - The Dogs 115
1 Chinna Karuppan 117
2 Jack - 1 119
3 Kamala 121
4 Neela 122
5 The Red Dog 122
6 Guru's Command is Upadesa 123
7 Advanced Souls Who Came to Bhagavan 125
  The Canines in Sri Ramanasramam 127
8 Jackie - II 127
9 Jackie's Endurance 128
10 Jackie's Last Days 128
11 Bhagavan and the Pup 129
12 Speechless appeal 130
13 Teaching Through Dogs 132
14 Dog Prefers Bhagavan's Company 134
15 Territorial Rights 135
16 Pups are Like Small Kids 135
17 Permission to Eat 136
18 Treatment for Rickets 137
19 Duty Bound Canine 137
20 The Saint Who Came in the Night 138
21 Giver of the Boon 138
22 Bhagavan's Compassion 139
23 Bhagavan's Solicitude 140
24 No Complaints 140
25 Iddly Swami 141
26 Lakshmana Sharma's Dog 141
27 The Lame Cat 142
Chapter Seven Blessed Soul - Valli the Deer 145
Chapter Eight Mongoose - The Great Souls 148
1 "Mahatma" - Mongoose 148
2 The Golden Hued Mongoose 148
3 Mastan od Desur - Account 149
4 Suri Nagamma's Account 150
Chapter Nine Bhagavan and the Wild Cats(Cheetahs - Tiger - Leopards) 151
1 "Poda" (Go Away) 151
2 Brute and Man Alike 152
3 Rangaswamy and the Tiger 153
4 Cheetah and Tiger near Virupaksha Cave 154
5 Leopards near Virupaksha Cave 156
6 Cheetahs near Skandasramam 157
7 Leopards and Veda Parayana 158
8 Chanting - Bhagavan 's Name 158
9 The Abode of Cheetahs 159
10 The Tiger Cub 160
11 Experience of a Hungarian Woman 160
12 Baby Cheetahs 161
Chapter Ten The Elephant 163
  Bhagavan with the Temple Elephant 163
Chapter Eleven The Sheep 166
1 Lost Sheep Found 166
2 Retrieved Sheep 167
Chapter Twelve The Favoured Ones - The Peacocks 168
1 Bhagavan's First Pair of Peacocks 169
2 Attachment to Bhagavan 170
3 The Bodyguard 171
4 Dancing of Peacocks and Snake 172
5 The Peacocks and the Kolam 173
6 Unlucky Ones 174
7 The White Peacocks 175
8 Universal brotherhood 177
9 Remembrance - Forgetfulness 180
10 The White Peacocks and the Crow 182
11 Bhagavan and the Peacocks 183
12 Sveta - Mayura Ashtakam 184
Chapter Thirteen The Well - Wisher of Birds 189
  The Doves (Pigeons) 189
1 A Pair of Pigeons 189
2 The Injured Pigeon 191
3 The Wounded Dove 192
4 The Doctor Bhagavan 193
  The Sparrows 194
1 Perfected Beings 194
2 Viswanatha Swami's Account 195
3 Complaint Against Madhava Swami 195
4 Protection From Cold 197
5 Victory for Sparrows 197
6 Bhagavan's Advice 198
7 Can a Cracked Egg be Hatched? 199
8 The Bird in a Chimney (the cause of Bondage) 201
  Crows 202
1 Vigil of the Crow 202
2 Crow and the Parrot 203
3 Reminiscences of Sampoornamma 204
Chapter Fourteen The Protector  
  Snakes - Scorpions 208
1 It is Cool and Soft 208
2 Snake at Skandasramam 209
3 Obedient Snake 210
4 Do not Kill the Snake 210
5 Protector of Snakes 210
6 The Green Snake 210
7 The Snake and the Meditator 213
  Snakes and Scorpions Protected 214
8 Scorpions 214
9 Frog 215
Chapter Fifteen Bhagavan - Compassionate Friend of Squirrels 217
1 Protection 218
2 Punishment for the Wrong Deed 218
3 Anguish 219
4 Samadhi of baby Squirrels 220
5 We Want Cashew Nuts 221
6 Mother to the Squirrel Babies 222
7 Turning Inwards 223
8 Are the Squirrels Dumb? 223
9 The Feeding of Squirrels 224
10 The Lucky Ones 225
11 Reminiscences 227
Chapter Sixteen Bhagavan and Insects 231
1 Bhagavan and Hornets 231
2 An Insects is Rescued 234
3 Mosquitoes 235
  Ants 237
4 Kolam with Lime Powder 237
5 Prasad from Termites 238
6 Ahimsa 239
Chapter Seventeen Abhayam Sarva Bhuthebhyaha (Security and Compassion for all Beings) 242
1 Echamma's Bilva Pooja 242
2 Tulasi Laksharchana 243
3 Does it not Pain the Coconut Tree 243
4 Trees also have Pain 244
5 Does not Beat the Tree 245
6 Let the Flowers be on the Plant 246
7 Do not Touch those Seeds 248
8 Deliverance to a Thorny Bush 250
Chapter Eighteen Bhagavan in the Kitchen 255
Chapter Nineteen Equal Vision (Samadarsatvam) 258
Chapter Twenty Ahimsa Murthy 262
Chapter Twenty One Bhagavan - Whom all Beings Loved 264
1 Walk with Bhagavan to the Lake 268
2 Hen and Chicks (Talk 286) 271
3 Caterpillar (Talk 286) 271
4 Moth - like Insects (Talks 616) 271
5 The Stray Bull (Talk 563) 273
6 Elephant and the Chain (Talk 326) 274
  Drops of Nectar from Bhagavan 275
  Glossary 279


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