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Preface Yoga has miracle through which it unites God and human beings to form a new life. This new life is free form tiredness and looks for positive findings. Yoga provides peace and happiness. Usually that does not allow being moody or having unacceptable conservations or bad desires. No one can buy peace. That comes by practicing meditation on regular basis. Thereafter people may experience peace, pleasure and love.Peacs and Pleasure are the main source for total body, mind...

Yoga has miracle through which it unites God and human beings to form a new life. This new life is free form tiredness and looks for positive findings.

Yoga provides peace and happiness. Usually that does not allow being moody or having unacceptable conservations or bad desires.

No one can buy peace. That comes by practicing meditation on regular basis.

Thereafter people may experience peace, pleasure and love.Peacs and Pleasure are the main source for total body, mind and soul to find the best way to live. People know their nerves and nervousness caused by creating disturbances to calmness and that is the main sources of a diseases. Whether it is acute or chronic.

Nervousness develops because of one or many desires. When it be comes repeated or a deep desire that turns into stress of worst painful strain.

This is the situaiton when people use medicine carelessly in normal or abnormal doses. It is important to know that peace come in due course of time by practicing Yoga, which creates discipline increases life span to live longer in this universe.

The major root causes of all diseases are tension and life styles. The rest may be enviromental relationship and socia; adjustment. In modern society there are many more other factor like sleeping and experimental pills and so on. All make life's values to go down. Obesity is another prime thing in all ages. There is a big competition of finding more disease and no root causes. Human History is more than twenty thousand years. It has never happened like this. Good advice has been always on life to be longer and better. Major attention has been given on complex carbohydrates which have been the major diet of our old people as an asset of health and life. Good health is not the absence of disease, but physical fitness on the basis of cardio and neuro- muscular endurance, speed, balance and flexiblity of the total body along with alertness of mind. That can only be possible by practicing Yoga on a regualar basis.

One must not forget that people are neglecting thier diet and lifestyle on a regualar basis, since the last six decades. Modern Society and present age neglect relaxation and love sleeping pills, alchohal and more artificial things.

In old, age, good health and life was primary thing but now many synthetic preparations on the footing of scientific and technology gain are available. It is for sure one cannot buy good health and life at any cost.



Why this was written?

You will have the answer!

We wrote this book on Yoga & Meditation for you to acheive and maintain good health and life. This is only because of your peace and pleasure.

Personally I regularly participate in Yoga & Meditation and have fifty years of experience as a medical and ayurvedic practice docter. I have been two times world Olympics docter in Munich (Germany) and Montreal (Canada).

Yoga & Meditation is for everyone for mental and physical pleasure for peace. You have to be very clear that your growth, development and energy power are for you and forever If not, then it is going to be one day a kind of root cause for the diseases.

Yoga & Meditation needs to have your positive attitude to have firm determination. At all points your determination is needed to keep you away from any illusion.

Please follow your proper diet, good lifestyle, suitable relationship with the enviroment and a good social adjustment. This will of course keep your ready for Yoga & Meditation.

People come to this world with three challenging deep desires like:

To live long

To have enough of enough of money

To go to Heaven in all circumstances.

As a matter of fact we are more concerned with good health and long life to live in this universe.

Time, as a master of everything comes first to great us. Good health and life both are needed for sure to have positive understanding.

Things are only possible if positive understanding at the time.

Undoubtly practice makes a living being perfect to acheives the thing and understanding a desire to get the things, whether good or bad Truth is in front of everything. It depends upon you to choose, which depends upon your understanding to form the desire and acheives the desired things according to developed personal wisdom. Compare with truth and accept as one or many good things to have.

Once people are born in this world, first comes good health. Without health nothing is good. It does not matter which way you are lacking –you can only think of anything or everything good if you are healthy and happy.

Truthfully Yoga can accept this challenge to solve health problems and give you long life span. Yoga is so old and has miracle to solve all health problems if intentions are good. Remember Yoga gives you discipline and control to live long in this universe.

Yoga can change your life if you like the potential. You may think that you are sick, having depression, tiredness from time to time, addiction of any kind, arthritis, dibeties, obesity or even cancer, Yoga will recoup your health back to the normal in due course of time. This is a kind of a preventive medicine or natural healthcare system. Only one has to find out a good trained person at any age and a suitable plan to be accurately trained.

In case of high blood pressure, or if one is overweight or has injuries it helps through nerves and muscles along with breathing power. Psychological set up, spiritually and physiological functions work together for heart troubles, cholesterol and stress problems, Emotional development, strength and time.

Therapeutically, Yoga works for all system of the body as they are very systematic and accurate according to thier basic etiological factors. Yoga is practiced in all religions –if it is not an organized religion.

Karma and philosphy both are very old and may be walking side by side as human history. They are as fellows:

Tarka (Logic)

Nyaya (Justice)


Sankhya(Rational examination)

Yoga (Union of mind and body)

Vedanta(Philosophy based on Vedas)

Karma means action. That determines present future life along with happiness and miseries.




Preface 1
Introduction 3
Philosophy 10
Yoga and Ayurveda Medicine 14
Benefits of Yoga Asanas and Healing 20
Before Starting Yoga 25
Asanas: Surya Namaskar 26
Asanas for Women 29
Asanas for all 34
Sirshasan 45
Shavasan 47
Panayama (Breathing) 48
Meditation 50
Relaxation 51
Chakras, Sound, Mantras and Tantras 53
Digestive System and Diet for good Health and life 57
Heart, Circulation and Blood Pressure 66
Respiratory 69
Blood Pressure 70
Addiction 72
Anxiety 73
Autonomic Nervous System 74
Body and Mind 75
Yoga and Beauty 78
Cancer 79
Cholestrol 80
Diabetes 81
Depression 83
Endocrine System 85
Excretory System 86
Fasting 87
Infertility 88
Nervous System 89
Multiple Sclerosis 90
Obesity 91
Stress 92
General Health and Disorders 96
Yoga, Routine and Time 99
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Item Code: NAO874 Author: Dr. S. N. Tripathi and Andree Hegy Cover: Paperback Edition: 2018 Publisher: Chowkhamba Krishnadas Academy ISBN: 9788121804097 Language: English Size: 8.0 inch X 5.0 inch Pages: 100 (118 B/W Illustrations) Other Details: Weight of the Book: 90 gms
Price: $15.00
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