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From the Back of the Book: Astrological principles found in classical works are easy to understand. However, when it comes to their application to actual charts, one finds oneself confused. This book shows you how to apply the principles of astrology to individual charts in the light of contemporary social life and problems, and trace the trends hidden in them. The book offers the reader clues to understand: · Financial results or dhana yogas covering riches by birth, monetar...

From the Back of the Book:

Astrological principles found in classical works are easy to understand. However, when it comes to their application to actual charts, one finds oneself confused. This book shows you how to apply the principles of astrology to individual charts in the light of contemporary social life and problems, and trace the trends hidden in them.

The book offers the reader clues to understand:
· Financial results or dhana yogas covering riches by birth, monetary setbacks, timing financial loss and success, choosing between business and service.
· Educational life - Potential of a chart for distinction and average performance and progress.
· Housing - What gives one a house.
· Children - Your own or by adoption, happiness and suffering due to children, test-tube babies.
· Health and Diseases - Good health and poor health, heart disease, asthma, consumption, AIDS, mental sickness, unnecessary surgeries.
· Marriage - Timing, happy and unhappy marriages, divorce, match-making.
· Careers - Working women, medical and legal profession, art as a career.

About the Author:

Gayatrri Devi Vasudev is the Editor of The Astrological Magazine. She has worked closely with its Founder Editor Dr. B.V. Raman for nearly three decades.

Gayatri Devi Vasudev's successful predictions include the assassination of Mrs. Indira Gandhi, the election of President George Bush, Benazir Bhutto's prime-minister and exit, end of Rajiv era, formation and continuation of the BJP-led government in India, Kargil conglict, the prime-ministership of A.B. Vajapayee, fire in Bharatpur arms depot, Nawaz Sharif's exit, military rule in Pakistan, etc.

Gayatri Devi Vasudev has authored many books on astrology that include, besides the present one, Advanced Principles of Prediction, The Art of Matching Charts and How to Judge a Horoscope - Volume II. She has also edited several works on astrology.


jyotisha or astrology is India's great gift to the world, next only to Vedanta. The knowledge of astrology has been an integral and inalienable part of Indian cultural, political and social life down the ages. There are several standard classical works on the subject which deal with every single aspect of life.

In the present century, credit must go to my great grandfather Prof. Suryanarain Rao for bringing jyotisha before the English-knowing public in the form of a quarterly journal The Astrological Magazine he started in 1896 and through a number of books he authored on the subject. Unfortunately, The Astrological Magazine wound up for a variety of reasons in 1914.

The Astrological Magazine was restarted in July 1936 initially . as aquarterly by my father Dr. B.V. Raman. Since then it has growth into a prestigious forum for high-level discussion, month after month, on every conceivable aspect of astrology under his dedicated and selfless labour.

My father Dr. Raman took it as his life's crusade to bring astrology into the comity of sciences and towards this end, worked tirelessly. His innumerable books on jyotisha have dealt with all aspects of the science right from the basics to the more complicated techniques of interpretation. And honestly speaking, there is no area of astrology which he has not brought before the astrology-conscious readership.

I have endeavoured to apply the standard principles of astrology from different angles to chart interpretation and the pages/that follow carry my own insights into the subject and thetreatment of countless cases that have come to me for astrological interpretation. It is a book on practical astrology. I have also tried to look at contemporary issues in social life from the astrological angle. Some of these were not known during the 50s, 60s or even the 70s.

In relation to dhana yogas, every book has a list of yogas. But what has not been discussed so far is how to locate these yogas and interpret them in a chart to be in a position to make a decision, such as giving up one's job and going in for self-employment or even business or sticking to the job itself when the dhana yogs though literally present, may not effectively work. Periods when losses occur, if known much before hand, can diffuse the impact of the blow. These and several such questions relating to finances are astrologically assessed here.

For example, under. education, I have tried to figure out what planetary factors point to a child's ability to cope with the tougher central syllabus or what factors restrict his potential to just manage with the state syllabus at the school level. Such insights into a child's intellectual potential can help a parent understand the child better and plan his or her educational career. Even twenty years ago such issues were non-existent. Likewise, matters related to birth of children, adoption and test-tube babies are new concepts. Adoption, though present from ancient times, was a very limited option and was seldom exercised. Today, more and more couples are going in for adoption in the case of inability to have their own children. A decision to adopt a child becomes easier to make if one is aware of the indications for the absence of one's own progeny. This is again an issue very relevant to my generation. Likewise, AIDS is the 'gift' that the civilization of warped, perverse reckless lifestyle has given mankind in the last three decades of the century. I have attempted to analyse AIDS astrologically, basing my conclusions on. adaptation of traditional principles to undersand this frightful curse of Nature.

Housing posed no problem three decades ago. Today, owning one's house seems to be a herculean task. A chart, studied from this angle, can lighten one's worries on this count.

Likewise, the subjects of foreign travel, surgery, heart ailments, mental sickness, marriage and its attendant problems of exploitation, suffering, divorce, death of spouse as relevant to our times have also caught my attention in this volume.

The treatment of these topics in this volume is by no means exhaustive; nevetheless. an attempt has been made to understand certain contemporary issues and all-time matters in the light of astrology.

Most of the papers included in this volume have appeared in the pages of The Astrological Magazine with which I have been associated for over 28 years.

I believe this volume will, like a tiny drop in the ocean, contribute to the momentum of the crusade for astrology initiated by my father Dr. B.V. Raman.

Preface V
1. The First Step to Understand Charts 1
2. Importance of Muhurtha 11
3. Financial Prospects 21
(a) Indu Lagna 23
(b) What Makes one Rich by Birth? 33
(c) How to Gauge Financial Setbacks? 40
(d) Choosing Between Business and Service 48
(e) Timing Financial Success and Failure 57
4. Owning Your Own House 69
5. Progeny 81
(a) Principles of Family Planning 83
(b) Your Own Child or Adoption 90
(c) When Jupiter Ceases to Help 94
(d) Children - Bane or Blessing? 100
(e) Are Test-tube Babies Safe? 112
6. Education 123
(a) Deciding Children's Education 125
(b) Judging Educational Progress and Performance 132
7. Health and Diseases 139
(a) Diagnosis of Disease and Surgery 141
(b) Asthma and Consumption 152
(c) Detecting Heart Problems 165
(d) The Scourge of AIDS 171
(e) What Causes Mental Sickness? 177
8. Marriage 183
(a) Marriage Timing 185
(b) Happy and Unhappy Marriages 192
(c) Blighting Factors in Marriages 196
(d) The Tragedy of Divorce 204
(e) Is Matching of Charts Necessary? 212
9. Locating Foreign Travel 225
10. Careers 235
(a) Mars and Working Women 237
(b) Medical Profession 245
(c) Lawyers and Judges 255
(d) Art and Artists 263
Sample Pages

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