Thaat Marwa (Audio CD)

Thaat Marwa (Audio CD)
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Marwa Thaat

The Marwa thaat consists of seven notes where the 2nd note Re (rishabh) is komal (flat) & the 4th note Ma (madhyam) is tivra (sharp). The ragas belonging to the Marwa Thaat bear characteristic resemblance to the musical scale of thaat, but have distinetly unique features of their own, in terms of the arrangement of notes as well as the time of the day they are associated with. Raga Marwa is the prime raga of this thaat.

Pattern of sawara-s in the thaat- Sa Re(f) Ga Ma(s) Pa Dha Ni
1. Raga Marwa

Prime raga of the thaat
Six notes are used as 'Pa' is excluded from the raga
'Re' is flat and 'Ma' is sharp
Prime note is 'Re'
Arohana (ascent)- Sa Re(f) Ga Ma(s) Dha Ni Sa(h)
Avarohana (descent)- Sa(h) Ni Dha Ma(s) Ga Re(f) Sa

2. Raga Lalit

Six notes are used as 'Pa' is excluded from the raga.
'Re' is flat and 'Ma' is both sharp & regular
Prime note is 'Ma'
Arohana (ascent)- Ni(i) Re(f) Ga Ma, Ma(s) Ma Ga, Ma(s) Dha Sa(h)
Avarohana (descent)- Re(f&h) Ni Dha, Ma(s) Dha, Ma(s) Ma Ga, Re(f) Sa

3. Raga Sohini

'Pa' is excluded from the raga. Five notes are used in ascent & six in descent
'Re' is flat and 'Ma' is sharp
Prime note is 'Dha'
Arohana (ascent)- Sa Ga Ma(s) Dha Ni Sa(h)
Avarohana (descent)- Re(f&h) Sa(h) Ni Dha, Ma(s) Dha, Ma(s) Ga, Re(f) Sa

Glossary: I- Low scale, h-High scale, f-Flat note & s- Sharp note
The 10 thaat-s are: Bilawal, Kalyan, Khamaj, Bhairav, Puri, Marwa, Kafi, Asavari, Bhairavi and Todi.
Although entire ragas in themselves, the thaat-s provide a framework for the system as a whole. The notation of a thaat, which describes its musical framework, is quite defferent from the characteristic agrrangement and progression of notes during rendition through a raga. It is exposition that gives a raga its pakad (peculiarity) and chalan (character). Every, thaat consist of seven notes or swaras but with different characteristic (chalan).

Thaat is one of the most fundamental bases of classification in the Hindustani classical system. Developed by the learned musicological Vishnu Narayan Bhatkande, that offers a framework to classify several ragas based on their musical scales. The Hindustani classical music system has thus, 10 thaat-s. each that is a raga in itself and stands as a proud parent to several raga that belongs to its family.

This album features vocal renditions of the popular ragas belonging to the Marwa thaat by the legends of classical music.

1.Raga Marwa - Pandit Jasraj 30.02
2.Raga Lalit - Pandit Rajan & Sajan Mishra21.18
3.Raga Sohini - Ulhas Kashalkar 16.39

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