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Tibetan Master Chants: Lama Tashi Is One of The World’s Foremost Tibetan Chants Masters (With Booklet Inside) (Audio CD)

Tibetan Master Chants: Lama Tashi Is One of The World’s Foremost Tibetan Chants Masters (With Booklet Inside) (Audio CD)
Jonathan Goldman
Saregama (2004)
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About the CD

An authentic recording featuring sacred mantras chanted in the extraordinary Tibetan “Deep Voice” This is a powerful tool for listening to and learning these mantras as well as for generating transformative energies that invoke divine entities. It is truly a blessing that Lama Tashi has allowed Tibetan Master Chants to manifest”.

Jonathan Goldman, author, Healing Sounds

1. Setting Motivation:40
2.Mantra of BlessingPurification6.19
3.GururinpocheTantric abilities5:33
4. Heart Sutra Enlightenment5:36
5. AvalokitesvaraCompassion4:57
6. ManjushriWisdom5:20
7. VajrapaniPower5:47
8. Buddha AmitayusLong Life5:44
9. Buddha Ushnisha VijayaGood Karma5:10
10. TaraProtection5:51
11. Medicine BuddhaHealing5:30
12. Dedication Prayer:54
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