Zikr (Call of A Sufi) (Audio CD)

Zikr (Call of A Sufi) (Audio CD)
Anandmurti Gurumaa
Mystica Music (2008)
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About the CD

Call of the Heart
This opening track calls for utmost attention of the listeners as this can be the beginning on the path for those who are drunk with love. Allah's grace is being sought, as one who surrenders to the Lord will receive the bountiful shower of Bliss. While listening to a, pray that your heart opens up and hidden mysteries get revealed.

Wajjad - The Divine Union
When soul is searching for the truth, Love brings a person closer to his heart. And when one listens to the humming of the heart, it is already singing the melody of love!

What a surprise! What one was looking for in whole world is found finally in one's own heart. The tears, the longing, the desperation nourishes the seed of love and one day this seed sprouts and it grows into a strong tree of knowledge where the fruit of divinity is tasted. When our journey began, we were; when it ended there is only oneness left.

Rooh -e- Parwaaz - Flight of the Soul
When the heart opens for love with divine invocation and ego surrenders, every breath gets blessed with his name. When the bondage of mind is broken, the soul is get free from all clutches; and a stream of joy gushes in the heart. When all the shackles are broken, then the heart soars higher and higher in the inner world.

Tariqat - Breath Taste
Every breath is life, every breath is a gift and every breath can become a mode of bringing the wandering heart to real home. Name of Allah is said with the breath. This track is the most difficult to sing. So listen with heart as the rhythmic pattern of breath and recitation of Allah's name is taken. Mere listening to it can shutter the wall of ego and ignorance and then the truth peeps in through the window of awareness. This method has to be learnt from Sheikh- the master. In all dergahs in Turkey Iran, and even in India, these hidden methods are being taught.

Jannat - The Paradise
This track is sheer celebration of the divine union which has happened; there can be no word which can do justice to what happened in the inner recesses of the heart. Yet, the heart cannot remain quiet- thus it bursts into a song- a song of rejoicing, emancipation and enlightenment.

This album has got this shape only with the grace of Allah. It was a call of heart which took us to Turkey, right up to Konya where finally we came to know that the messiah of love had called us there; truth is being said in all humbleness! There is no other way to explain the whole mysterious journey which was taken. A flautist became of Neyzen, an Indian master became a vehicle to bring the message of Meolana Jalaluddin Rumi and Huzrat Shems to India. Zikr which is always performed in a dergah is for the first time being brought into the open.

The door of paradise are open for one and all!
Come in – Don't hesitate!

1.Call Of The Heart04.14
2. Wajjad - The Divine Union 05.50
3. Rooh -e- Parwaaz - Flight Of The Soul15.26
4. Tariqat - breath Taste 09.54
5: Jannat - The Paradise 09.86
6. The Door Of Paradise 05.57
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