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The Silhouette Of The Buddha

The Silhouette Of The Buddha

The pristine conch shell of India occupies a place of veneration in Indian culture. The original bugle that functions as an emblem of power and sovereignty, it could be found in the hands of Arjuna (Devadatta) as well as Vishnu (Panchajanya). The slender, paper-thin shell is found in the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea, as well as in the Himalayan foothills and the Tibetan plateaux. The conch, of the rightward-spiralling variety that is in this painting, is called dakshinamukha and considered especially sacred. A rarity in nature, these conchs are Tibetan ritual musical instruments and a symbol of religious and dharmic authority in the Buddhist tradition. The true form of the Buddha could be gauged from 32 different signs, of which a voice as deep and resonant as the sound of the conch is one. In fact, visual imageries of the Buddha (sculptures and paintings) consist of 3 conch-like curves on His neck to indicate that His voice is as sweet as the music of the conch.

This painting therefore depicts the Buddha's face next to the form of a conch. It is a graceful, curvaceous conch; its body ornamented with engravings to enhance the natural beauty of its shape. Its rightward spirals are in tandem with the celestial motions of the heavenly bodies as well as the whorls the Buddha's tresses are arranged in, His conch-esque navel, and the urna (the third eye indicative of divine vision) on His brow. In this painting the Buddha's eyes are shapely and shut, the curve of His brow resembling the wings of the free albatross in motion. A long slender nose ends right above a lotus-like mouth, which are set against a full countenance bearing a composure of tranquility. The tips of His lengthened lobes almost graze His shoulders, on which is draped a robe of gold. While the background is occupied with cloud formations, a shower of gorgeous red petals dominates the foreground. Both these symbolisms are drawn from the rich thangka tradition of Tibet. Note the gentle glow of the halo that lines the silhouette of the Buddha, almost like it surrounds the conch itself.

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Oil and Acrylic on Canvas
26 inch x 37 inch
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