Beturbaned Lord Ganesha, Seated On The Floor

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Sculpted in the most artistic and mystic creativity, Lord Ganesha sits in his run-of-the-mill posture in an expression of naughtiness and playfulness. You might have seen many beautiful Ganesha sculptures, but this one shown here is sculpted in the most distinctive and unconventionalized manner; as you zoom in you will realize the smooth and glossy texture of the high quality brass used to mould this statue and the deep and strikingly realistic engravings of his features and accessories are one of a kind.

Supremely patterned and beautified turban on his head is carved in the best of its imaginations and further augmented with an alluring ornamented thick band in the front; large ears tattooed in leaf design compliments the decorated trunk, impatient to grab his favourite motichoor laddoo.

His paunchy belly is coiled with the patronizing serpent and forehead glowed in Shaivite tilak. The ethnic patterns on his pleated dhoti and alluring designs of his multiple jewels, can’t stop the viewer in extolling the professional skills, perfection and hardwork of the sculptor. Ganesha, while carrying his formidable weapons, assures devotees of safety from all kinds of obstacles and a life of success, happiness and prosperity.

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The offspring of Lord Shiva, the best beloved of Devi Parvati. Lord Ganesha is the most adorable of the Hindu pantheon because of his chubby child’s form and the twin virtues of otherworldly innocence and wisdom that he espouses. In the one-of-a-kind sculpture that you see on this page, the chaturbhujadhari (four-armed) boy-deity is seated like a child on the floor, His father’s trishool tattooed mid-brow and divinity pouring forth from His gaze.


Crucial to Lord Ganesha’s iconography is the modaka laddoo, a freshly made sample of which sits in the palm of His anterior hand. The tip of His trunk grazes the irresistible sweetmeat. Note the shapely flaps of His ears and the grace and precision with which His eyes have been sculpted. The customary snake holds His plump little tummy in place, beneath which He is clad in a densely embroidered silk dhoti.


What sets this murti apart from your run-of-the-mill Lord Ganesha murtis is the ornate turban wrapped around His princely head. The same is held in place by a band of lace and gold paisleys. An ensemble of jewels graces the centre of the turban, right above the Shaivite tilak. Note how the fabric is sculpted with perfect symmetry around His skull, with the edge tucking out on one side in all the regal splendour of the classic Indian headgear.

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