Draupadi (Five Styles of Bansuri Vaadan By Rupak Kulkarni) (Audio CD)

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Rupak Kulkarni Times Music (2008)
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‘Draupadi’ is one of the strongest characters of the epic Mahabharat. To be projected as a wife to five men, each endowed with a special ability, surely speaks volumes of this unique woman.

On a different plane, ‘Draupadi’ signifies the completion of any human being. The various characteristics ranging from physical strength to mental abilities, serenity and playfulness are seldom found in any one person. ‘Draupadi’ was one of the fortunate ones to have enjoyed each of these traits from each of her five men. This convergence is a blissful state, few can dream of.

In this album, each track is based on a different aspect of Hindustani classical music. But the coming together of these various styles promises to be a treat to the music connoisseur.

Yudhishtir : The eldest of the five Pandavas, Yudhishtir, a calm and composed person, signifies the shouldering of responsibilities and values. Thus this track is based on the ancient style of Dhrupad denoted by straight notes. The Pakhawaj lends it an old world charm. Based on the traditional morning Raag – Bhairav, this meditative track sets forth a melodious beginning.

Bheem : Set to the afternoon Raag Bheempalasi, this track based on the Khayal Ang, explores the various musical possibilities of this style. The murkis and harkats or ornamentations, emphasize the beauty and strength of Indian Classical music, thereby being a befitting tribute to Bheem, the second of the Pandavas, the epitome of strength and power.

Arjun : This track in raga Hemant a night melody, exposes the myriad nuances of the Tantrakari Ang or instrumental music. It highlights the Jod and Jhala portions of the melody while emphasizing on the brilliant tonguing technique on the Bansuri, a unique style introduced by the legendary Pt Hari Prasad Chaurasia. In this track a parallel is being drawn between the various techniques, be it archery or musical renditions. Thus paying tribute to Arjun’s mastery over archery.

Nakul : ‘Thumri’ is a light classical form of expression usually enumerating a story or an event. Being the penultimate brother, Nakul signifies a light-hearted, easy going lad, thereby making this ‘Thumri’, based on Mishra Khamaj, the perfect choice to represent him musically.

Sahadev : The youngest of the Pandavas, Sahadev is the carefree, joyous of them all. A ‘Dhun’ or melodic piece with no stringent structure brings forth the essence of his playfulness. Based on Mishra Pahadi, this track is a perfect closure to the album.

Sleeve Notes by Geetha Balsaara
Rupak Kulkarni

With music blown into his breath by father Pt. Malhar Kulkarni, Rupak Kulkarni has blossomed under the finest tutelage of flute maestro Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia to become an outstanding exponent of “Maihar Gharana”.

As a “Ganda Bandh” Shagird of Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia since the tender age of 12, Rupak with arduous training and hard work, has mastered the Dhrupad, Khayal and Tantrakari Ang (styles) equally well. In fact his recital is always a rare treat with Dhrupad and Khayal Gayaki’s melodious Alaaps and scintillating “Tatkar” (Tounging technique used for Jhala), innovative improvisation with mesmerizing “Layakari”, superb breath control and dexterous finger work. No wonder his concerts are loved and lauded by not only by common music lovers but even by connoisseurs and music maestros such as Pt. Ravi Shankar and Pt. Bhimsen Joshi et al.

With concerts across the world in almost all the counties, Rupak has acquired a dignified maturity in his playing at an enviable early age. His concert at “Asian Super Flautist Festival” in Japan is an unforgettable vents for all present.

In India, Rupak has performed in all prestigious music conferences. To name a few – Sawai Gandharva, Pune; Tansen Samaroh, Gwalior; Vishnu Digambar Paluskar Samaroh, Delhi; Times of India 150 years celebration concerts and Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan; Kolkata, Nehru Centre; N.C.P.A.; Hirabai Badodekar Smruti Samaroh; Mumbai, and also international Jazz Festival – Mumbai etc.

Rupak commenced his music recordings way back in 1988 with an aptly titled album “Tenderly”, accompanied on Tabla by Pt. Anindo Chatterjee, which is popular till date. His album “Monsoon Magic” and “Unwind” are bold and successful endeavors with World Music.

With cassettes and CDs recorded by Times Music, HMV, Plus Music, Rhythm – House, Navras, Ninaad, Shruti Music of Reunion island (France), Rupak has his own distinct mark and also followers and fans. His concerts are regularly aired on TV channels such as Doordarshan, Star Plus, Alpha TV, Zee Music etc and also on All India Radio and World Space Radio.

Yudhishthir – Dhrupad ang
Raag Bhairav – taal Chautaal
Bheem – Khayal Ang
Raag Bheempalasi – Vilambit Ektaal & Madhyalaya Teentaal
Arjun – Tantrakari Ang
Raag Hemant – Matta Taal & Drut Teentaal
Nakul – Thumri Ang
Raag Mishra Khamaj – Chachad Taal
Sahadev – Dhun
Raag Pahadi – Deepchandi & Keherwa Taal

Flute : Rupak Kulkarni.
Pakhawaj: Prakash Shejwal, Tabla: Vishwanath Shirodkar (Tracks 2 & 5),
Kalinath Mishra (Tracks 3 & 4), Tanpura: Vilas Pedanekar, Swarmandal: Suresh Dhabholkar.
Recorded and Mixed at Anupama Studio, Mumbai, by Narendra Rane.

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