Gayatri Mahima: The Essence of Four Veda’s (Set of 6 DVDs)

Item Code: ICX061
Dharmesh Tivari Priya (2010)
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Gayatri Adoration is essential for all of us Gayatri’s addressed the mother of Indian Culture. From the Vedas to the holy writ, The whole Celestial knowledge in an extension of gayatri’s Root letters Desperation could never touch the Devotee under the Pupiship of mother Gayatri all the twenty four hymns are the symbols of Twenty four strengths and fruitions. The learned people are of the opinion that all the wishes of Devotee fulfill who adore gayatri.

Gayatri is the mother of Vedas it possesses the power to abolish the sins of human beings. There is no other hymn in heaven as well as in this world that works as purifier. Gayatri is the only shelter even for the person who is suffering from the physical loggings and having wishes fir selfgood Atharva Veda Describes seven awards of age life subject fame animal, wealth, and Celibacy which can be obtained by any devotee definitely who adore Gayatri Ceremonially.

Owe who believe in Indian culture, Should Ador gayatri everyday ceremonical adoration generates and armor round the Devotee and saves him/her from various immediate calamities. It is a period of transition in future years changes will occur rapidly throughout the world. in that peculiar time the adoration of gayatri will bestow peculiar awards learned, Vedamurti Taponsihta Pt. Sriram Sharma Acharya Ji Conveyed the philosophy of gayatri from people to people and made it available to all like and apparent kamadhenu every one can enjoy the milk beyond the parameter of caste view gender discrimination doors are open for all to adore and to be benefited.

Language: Hindi
Subtitle: English


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