The Killing of Jaidrath and Dronacharya - Episodes from the Mahabharata (DVD)

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B.R. ChopraMoser Baer India Ltd.(2008)
About the DVD

Arjun vows to kill Jayadhrath before sunset to avenge the death of his son Abhimanyu. If he is unable to kill Jayadhrath before sunset, Arjun swears he will burn himself to death. Duryodhan has hidden Jayadhrath but with Krishna’s assistance, Arjun is able to discover his whereabouts and destroys him.

Drona spreads fear and destruction in the Pandava army. He seems invincible but Krishna tells Yudhistir and Arjun that drona can be defeated. “If he were to hear that his son, Ashwathama is dead, he would lose interest in life and throw down his weapons”, says Krishna. Bheem roars, “I’ve killed Ashwathama”. “Yudhisthir repeats, ”Ashwathama is dead” and then he mutters to himself, “Ashwathama, the elephant ”. Upon hearing Yudhishthir, Drona lays down his weapons and is killed.

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