Rama and Shri Hanuman Chalisa: 2 CD Special Value Pack in Audio CD (Rare: Only One Piece Available)

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About the CD

Part- 1

The Seventh Avatar (reincarnation) of Lord Vishnu, Shri Ram is the personification of the ideal in human nature. He symbolizes righteousness in thought, speech and action, and the eternal triumph of good over evil. The reincarnation of Shri Ram had the supreme purpose of destroying the evil personified by Ravan, the demon king of the island of Lanka.

Also known as Sita Ram (after his consort Goddess Sita, who was abducted by Ravan), Raja Ram (King Ram), Prabhu Ram (Lord Ram), Maryada Purishottam Ram (Ideal Man), Shri Ram is the embodiment of the Ideal Man... the epitome of all that is good, true and righteous.

Part- 2

It's a well known fact that devotion helps a man attain salvation, leads him and helps him reach the alter of God. One such epitome of devotion, is Bajrang Bali Hanuman, who because of his selflessness and piety, was bestowed blessings by several Gods. Blessings that made him mighty and powerful beyond compare.

Shri Hanuman is famed for his single-minded devotion towards Shri Ram and Sita, in fact it even set unparalleled standards. Another facet that Shri Hanuman is known for is his infinite intelligence. Like his calm disposition and placid composure his knowledge too knows no boundaries- his power extends across myriad spheres like literature & music.

Powerful that he is, yet Shri Hanuman always performed seemingly impossible tasks with great humility. Especially when he braved stormy waters and crossed the sea in search of Sita. His perseverance spells out a lesson that however daunting the circumstances, to dutifully fulfill the task at hand with amazing speed. Shri Hanuman embodies this spirit of endurance.

It is this role played by the mighty simian that gives the Ramayana a completeness and weaves together the great epic. Meditating over the epitome of service, gives the follower the fortitude to eliminate the evil within him and the one that he has to confront in the world that surrounds him. And the benevolent God takes care of everything: the inner bad as well as the ugliness of the world.


Part- 1

•Signature Prayer



•Naam Ramayan

•108 Chants

•"Shri Ram Chandra Kripalu Bhajmana"

•Rama Raksha Stotra

• Ram Dhun

Part- 2

1. Commentary

2. Hanumad Stuti

3. Shri Hanumad Rakshastotram

4. Shri Hanumad Gayatri

5. Hanuman Dhyana Mantra

6. Shri Hanumad Stotram

7. Sankatmochan Hanumanashtak

8. Shri Hanuman Chalisa

9. Shri Bajrang Baan

10. Aarti - Jai Kapeesh Jai Hanuman

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