Satyanarayan Pooja Vidhi: A Comprehensive Guide for Satyanarayana Pooja (Set of 2 Audio CDs)

Satyanarayan Pooja Vidhi: A Comprehensive Guide for Satyanarayana Pooja (Set of 2 Audio CDs)

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Dr. B.P. Vyas and Kshitij Tarey
Times Music (2010)
From The Audio CD
Singer: Kshitij Tarey
Project guidance: Dr. B.P. Vyas
Flute: Varad Kathapurkar
Tabla: Shantanu Kinjawadekar

Catlogue No: TDIDE616C
Format: Audio CD

About The Audio CD

A comprehensive audio guide for Satyanarayan Pooja.

Contains entire Pooja Vidhi with instructions.

Play this CD while performing the pooja.

Detailed information inside for pooja preparation and set-up, also contains lyrics of Satyanarayan Aarti and recipe for ‘Shira’ Prasad.

Saamagri/Pooja Material Required
Copper kalash (copper vessel), plate, chowki/barat (raised wooden platform for seating idols), cotton cloth, silk cloth, rice, wheat, Satyanarayana idol or photoframe, Ganesh idol and Lakshmi idol if available, Aachamani (copper spoon), Janoi, gold/silver/currency coins, clothes for deities (cotton string), kumkum, sindoor, kapoor (camphor), dhoop, agarbattis, flowers for pooja, durvaa (grass), Aushadhi (herbs), 1008 leaves of Tulsi, flower garlands, 2coconuts, mango leaves, 30 betel leaves, 30 betel nuts, fruits, dry fruits, other food items such as Shira for Naivedya.

For erecting a canopy on the baajat /chowki, place on the corners 4 stems of banana trees /4 banana leaves /4 sugarcane stems with 4 flower garlands. On the chowki, place a red cloth across the surface. Place the Satyanarayan idol/photoframe on it. On the left half, place a white cloth, make an 8 corned shape on it with wheat/rice and on it place a betel leaf and a Ganesh idol with Riddhi Siddhi on top of it, or a betel nut to represent Ganesh. On the right half, make a mound with rice. On the mound, place the kalash filled with water (preferably Ganga Jal) for Kalash poojan. Draw a swastika on a coconut using kumkum. Place mango leaves/betel leaves and the coconut on the kalash.


CD 1
1. Introduction
2. Preparation
3. Pooja Vidhi
4. 1000 names of Vishnu

CD 2
1. Satyanarayan Katha
2. Satyanarayan Aarti
3. Kshama Prarthana

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