Visham Jwarantak Lauh Putpakwa (With Gold)

Visham Jwarantak Lauh Putpakwa (With Gold)

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Visham Jwarantak Lauh Putpakwa (With Gold)

Net contents. 10 Tab.

Ayurvedic Medicine – (Bhaishajya Ratnawali – Jwaradhikar)

Use - It is the best remedy for all kinds of fever chlorosis, anaemia enlargement of spleen and liver trouble of urinary system digest for food chronic dysentery etc.

Dose - 125 to 250 mg. With pulve of pipes longus asafoetiba and rock salt (Saindhava) twice daily.

Diet - Liquid diet lemon juice, boiled water, barley water, fried peddy pomegranate, orange, grapes etc. After remission of fever chapattis of wheat or barley, juice of phaseolus mung. Trichosanthes diodo. In chronic fever milk is essential.

Restrictions - Ghee, excessive, milk, meat, dadhi (milk curd) suppression of urgings of stool and urine are strictly forbidden, Massage of oil and Bath exposure to cold sequal congress etc, are for bidden.

Approx wt. of each tablet 125mg.

Caution: To be taken under medical supervision.

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