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Fine Painting of Dancing Radha Krishna with Gopis

Fine Painting of Dancing Radha Krishna with Gopis

Patachitra art is originated from the beautiful art culture of Orissa and is painted on a piece of fine new white cloth which is clean, having no fringes and is devoid of any strings. The canvas of cloth used for such a kind of painting has to go through various stages of finishing before it is ready to be painted. The painting that you see on this page is a perfect example of Pata art as it depicts Radha and Krishna performing their blissful dance on a flattened lotus along with the two gopis experiencing this wondrous sight in complete amazement and joy. Patachitra is characterized by the depiction of mythological narratives and folktales, pigmented in major primary colors of red, white, yellow, black and blue, as colors express the quality of the deity.

As shown here, in a traditional Patachitra, Radha is painted in a yellow shade and Lord Krishna in blue; they stand with one leg each on the lotus and the other is intertwined at a 90 degree angle with Krishna’s left hand around his beloved’s neck and the other holds a bansuri while Radha’s hands are postured gracefully in a dancing mudra. In an Orissan patta art, most of the figures are done in a uniform manner having long beak like noses, prominent chin and elongated eyes reaching upto the ears. Rabi Behra has amazingly depicted the infinite beauty of the love of Krishna and Radha in this colorful art.

Radha is adorned in an elegant red silk sari having yellow colored circular motifs and bhagwan Krishna wears a patterned yellow dhoti having a contrasting white kamarband along with an uttariya (long scarf) that goes behind the neck and comes over his shoulders to fall down to the thighs and a long garland of white flowers around the deities’ neck; both the gopis are clothed in beautifully designed attires in pink and green and hold a bowl of prasadam, as an offering to the divine couple. It is an iconic aspect of every pata painting that the figures are loaded with jewels all over their body, such as here, both Krishna and Radha are embellished in traditionally designed anklets, armlets, waistband, necklaces, kundala and rings and a pana-patra crown glorifying Krishna’s head.

In an Orissan Pattachitra, there is a little scope for background, however depiction of sea or river is inevitable for paintings where Krishna stands near the Yamuna bank. The sea is painted here in dark with white wavy lines and the love of two white cranes depicts the soulful bond of the deities. Every empty space in water is filled with colorful lotus flowers and the twilight sky has bilva trees swinging fresh. The three layered floral border enhances the grace and aesthetics of this painting. Having this art on your house walls or worship places will glorify the entire area with its spirituality and colorful aesthetics.

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Water Color Painting on Patti, Folk Art From The Temple Town Puri (Orissa)
Artist: Rabi Behra
9.8 inch X 15.3 inch

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