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In The Post-Twilight Glow

In The Post-Twilight Glow
A forlorn woman sits down to rest in a glade upon the hills. The post-twilight glow lends the verdure around her a decidedly formidable shade. Her scarlet lehenga contrasts with the same, its silken folds gathering about her petite figure in a curvaceous silhouette. On a bed of pale green leaves lain over with miniscule, pristine flowers she rests, her fair vermillion-painted hands drawing a gossamer dupatta over her face, as if in an attempt to shield herself from the luminescence of the rising moon. From the flirtatious attire and adornments on her person, she seems to be awaiting someone yet no one in particular.

In the moment she is thoroughly absorbed in eyeing a fawn that is drinking from the silvery stream across the foreground. The poornima (full moon) rises from behind the hills in the distance, gradually putting out the stars from view and amply lighting up the reliably dark spot chosen by the subject. Perhaps she chooses to get away into the hills, in the privacy of her spot by the stream, because it is infinitely more comforting to be lonely and starved for affection when one is objectively alone.

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Time required to recreate this artwork
6 to 8 weeks
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$49.00 (20%)
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Item Code: HN33
Water Color Painting on Paper
Artist: Kailash Raj
6 inch X 8 inch

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