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The Khajuraho Nymph

The Khajuraho Nymph
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The Khajuraho group of monuments comprise Jain-Hindu temples of worship. Located in the heart of the central plateau, the most wondrous aspect of these Chandela-period architectural marvels are the celestial nymphs. These beauties grace the sprawling stone walls of the temples, each involved in a personal celebration of her own charm. Some of them are brushing their hair; some, dancing; and some, sporting with each other.

The painting you see on this page depicts one such nymph, looking intently at herself in a mirror. She is every bit the Khajuraho nymph. Large eyes set on a face no more than twenty. Plump arms, and breasts so full that they force her shoulders to droop ever so gracefully. A narrow waist and a deep-set navel. Hips that seductively jut out sidewards. Her exquisite shringar adds to her allure. A thickly bejewelled headdress that probably strains her delicate neck. Ample jewels streaming down her torso, between the breasts. A variety of rings and bracelets down her smooth arms. A lush kamarband clasped low on her hip, inches below the navel.

Zoom in on that unconventionally beauteous face. Her eyes are large and winged with ample lashes. Large kundalas graze against her shapely cheeks. She bears a solemn composure of countenance as she contemplates on her matchless roopa (form). In the foreground are a pair of white pigeons on the verge of intercourse, while lush vines dominate the background.

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Item Code: OV60
Oil Painting on Canvas
Artist: Anup Gomay
36 inch x 48 inch

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