Lady Feeds Her Faithful Parrot

Lady Feeds Her Faithful Parrot

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A beautiful young woman, dressed in blue and gold, sits leisurely on her velvet-upholstered bed. She has an afternoon to herself, which she chooses to while away watching over her pet parrot. Her husband, a well-to-do merchant, must have brought her the creature from one of his business trips; and now she cannot tear herself away from her intelligent little companion. Indeed, it has so taken to her presence that, despite stepping out of the cage, it chooses to remain close to her instead of attempting to fly away.

The solid teal of the lehenga she is wearing contrasts sharply with the vibrant green plumage of her pet. Ample gold booties on the skirt as well as the dupatta. Chunky anklets and jhumke (traditional Indian danglers), gold bangles that cover almost the entire forearm, and a ruby-studded necklace of gold. A pleasingly feminine, soft-featured face done up in distinctive jewel tones, which she rests contentedly on a gracefully henna-ed hand. A luscious braid escapes from under her dupatta and, like a snake, cascades all the way down to the pink sheets she is sitting on.

On a golden plate a golden bowl brimming with freshly plucked cherries is set afore her on the bed. Her little parrot is perched on the rim of the bowl tucking into the delicious fruit, its little beak as red as the fruits from its mistress’ garden. A picture of quiet companionship and simple contentment.

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Item Code: OT75
Oil Painting on Canvas
Artist: Anup Gomay
46 inch X 33 inch
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