Ram Hanuman

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Water Color On Silk
Dimensions 9.2" x 14.0"
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100% Made in India
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Vishnu is worshipped in the form of one or the other of his incarnations. Rama is one of the favourite incarnations and legends associated with him are expressed in a complex web of mythology. In the Ramayana written by sage Valmiki, Rama is the main protagonist of the epic and Ravana his antagonist.

According to mythology, Rama was the king of Ayodhya and established a golden age of justice, helped and revered by the monkey god Hanuman. In this painting, Lord Rama embraces his devout devotee Hanuman in a scenic setting. Allegorically, Rama is depicted larger than the latter, according a higher status to the former. There is serenity of expression on Rama's face as he gently holds Hanuman in his arms. He wears a yellow lower garment and a green shoulder cloth and carries the quiver of arrows on his shoulder. He is simply dressed as a prince in exile. His majesty is evident even in his simplicity. He lives in the small thatched hut in the background, with wild flowers and trees surrounding it. A fresh water stream flows close by.

Hanuman is adorned with a crown and other royal accessories. He was the most powerful of the monkey chiefs. His loyalty to Rama has become proverbial and he is held as the symbol of faithfulness and self surrender. "He is the ideal of the perfect servant, the servant who finds full realization of faithfulness, of obedience; the subordinate whose glory is in his own inferiority."

This description by Kiranjyot.

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