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Tibetan Buddhist Chenrezig in Black and White

Tibetan Buddhist Chenrezig in Black and White
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Chenrezig is known to be the Buddha of compassion. His name is Tibetan but he is also called Avalokiteshvara in Sanskrit, Guan Yin in Chinese, and Kannon in Japanese. The followers of Chenrezig consider love and compassion as the strongest suite and sign of his presence. He can be considered one of the most popular Buddhas, second only to the Buddha Shakyamuni. Chenrezig is the patron of Tibetan Bodhisattvas and Buddhism.

This thangka depicts him in a seating position on a lotus throne with a flat moon disk. He is drawn with four arms. Chenrezig is also depicted wearing a traditional Bodhisattva garb with the soft skin of an antelope on his shoulder, which is a sign of freedom from violence. His ears are elongated too, which works well with his other name for Avalokiteshvara (The One who hears the Cries of the World). He holds a jewel close to his heart, which is a symbol of love and compassion. He can also be seen holding beads in one hand, the position of his hands is akin to how one would use a mala to count mantras, this symbolizes that with Chenrezig, love, and blessing others never ceases flowing. In his upper hand is an akshamala or rosary which symbolizes the never-ending cycle of time. On another hand, he holds a lotus flower which signifies his desire to always free sentient beings from a murky world. In his Mantra, Om Mani Padme Hung which means the jewel is in the lotus, it is a reminder of the indivisibility of wisdom with compassion. The Thangka is in the classic palette of black and white, which symbolizes peace and serenity. At the bottom are images of Manjushirt (Bodhisattva of Infinite Wisdom) and Vajrapani (for Infinite Power)—all three makes up the Three Great Bodhisattvas.

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Tibetan Thangka Painting
Size of Painted Surface 14.0 inches X 18.5 inches
Size with Brocade 26.0 inches X 33.0 inches

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