23" Veena Dhara Shiva Bronze Statue

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“Veena Dhara”- he who holds the Veena (a musical instrument) is a rare aspect of Shiva, often evoked as the supreme teacher or Dakshinamurti. Exqsuiteness incarnate, Veena Dhara Shiva in Sthanaka or upright pose stands gracefully with his weight shifting on his right leg as his left leg bends slightly.


While most bronze Veena Dhara Shiva statues have a missing Veena, this sculpture is complete with all attributes, the musical instrument cradled in his hands, covered in an aesthetic patina all over, making it a one-of-a-kind example of Indian craftsmanship.


On a two-tiered platform, Veenadhara appears, with his hair wrapped in a neat Jatamukuta (crown of matted hair), ornamented by the crescent moon, Makara (a mythical creature), and floral bands. His face is sculpted with a hint of roundness, contrasted by the sharp and elongated features- curved brows, lotus eyes, beautiful nose, and lips betraying an inward, meditative smile.


His earlobes droop similar to the iconic Buddha statues, and his broad shoulders become the land on which his tresses on the reverse of the sculpture and tassels of his ornaments on the front fall beautifully. Simple necklaces, a flowing Yajnopavita, udarbandha (belly belt), armlets, and bracelets form the ornamentation of the supreme master.

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Bronze Statue
Height: 23.5 inch
Width: 12 inch
Depth: 7.2 inch
Weight: 10.90 kg
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A short dhoti of Baagha-charma (tiger hide) is secured on the waist with a brocaded waistcloth, leaving the sturdy legs of Shiva bare, which are sculpted realistically, giving a sense of strength and suppleness in the musculature of Veenadhara.


In his secondary hands, Shiva holds the Pashu (antelope) which has been a symbol of the human soul since the Vedic period, and an Ankusha (goad) which symbolizes Shiva Pashupati’s hold over the Pashu. With his primary left hand he holds the Veena, as his right-hand reaches the instrument, as if about to play with its cords, bringing an anticipatory movement to the sculpture.


Disseminating the knowledge of the universe through music or Sangeeta, Shiva shares his iconography and philosophy with Veenadhar Saraswati, the goddess of arts and wisdom.


The refinement of Chola bronzes has been perfectly recreated in this Panchaloha sculpture, with each element representing the divinity of Shiva. Fusing liveliness with the meditative serenity of Dakshinamurti, this Veenadhara Shiva statue is an extraordinary work of sacred art.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q. Is the statue hollow or solid ?
    A. Panchaloha bronze statues are made through a process of lost wax casting, hence they are solid. To know more about how bronze statues are made, please read our article on Panchaloha Bronze Statues. Whereas, brass statues are made through a process of clay casting, hence are hollow.
  • Q. Can I see the original photo of the product ?
    A. For original pictures of the statue, kindly email us at help@exoticindia.com.
  • Q. Can I return the statue ?
    A. All returns must be postmarked within seven (7) days of the delivery date. All returned items must be in new and unused condition, with all original tags and labels attached. To know more please view our return policy.
  • Q. Can you customise the statue for me ?
    A. For any customisation, a new bronze statue has to be made. To know more, kindly email us at help@exoticindia.com.
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