4" Lakshmi-Vishnu Seated on  Sheshnag in Brass | Handmade | Made In India

4" Lakshmi-Vishnu Seated on Sheshnag in Brass | Handmade | Made In India

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The concept of duality and Purusha-Prakriti is very prevalent and deeply rooted in Hindu philosophy. It is almost an evident fact that the universe operates on opposites. Purusha is the dormant innate essence through which the whole universe springs out, while Prakriti is the play of the energy responsible for the creation of the universe. This relation of Purusha and Prakriti has been portrayed through many deities in the grand scope of Hinduism. One such pair is that of the supreme lord Vishnu and her consort Devi Lakshmi. While Vishnu is seen as the Parabrahm (supreme being) himself, Devi Lakshmi is worshipped as the bestower of wealth and material prosperity.

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Brass Statue
4 inch X 3.5 inch X 2 inch
810 gm

The ancient texts say they both rest on the five-headed serpent known as Sheshnag, in the middle of the mythical ocean Ksheer Sagar. This brass statue portrays the deities embodying the same mythical spirit. Shining with the purity of brass, both the deities look complete and exuberant. While Lord Vishnu blissfully rests under the shade of Sheshnag, Devi Lakshmi is caressing his feet. Holding his eternal symbols of the Shankh (conch), and Chakra (a weapon), he looks ever ready to take down the forces of evil, to protect his devotees. Clad in royal clothes and adorned with exquisite jewelry, the deities look absolutely stunning and enchanting. The fine carvings and a truthful portrayal have added a divine touch to the statue. The statue has beautifully captured the essence of the deities and their significance in Hindu philosophy. The unmatchable art and the reverence to its ancient inspiration make this statue authentic and unique, shining in its artistic beauty.

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