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Beturbaned Ganesha Seated On A Serpent

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Beturbaned Ganesha Seated On A Serpent
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An unusual portrayal of the popular Lord Ganesh as the son of Shiva. Such an iconography when mounted on your walls would be sure to attract a lot of second glances. The traditional elements of the Lord Ganesha image are intact - the overflowing belly, the lalitasana, and the elephant-head. However, a number of aspects of this composition have more to do with His parentage than with His own independent iconography.

A five-hooded serpent bares its multitudinous fangs above the Lord’s head. The coils of its gigantic tail form the asana on which He is seated. Zoom in on the loincloth He is wearing, clearly fashioned from the skin of the Himalayan leopard, exactly like His father’s. In keeping with the regal appearance of the angavastram and the adornments on His person, a fine silk turban is wrapped around His gracious head. Note the Shaivite tilak at the base of His trunk, which completes the distinctly Shaivite-derived iconography of Lord Ganesha.

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Item Code: ZCN75
Brass Statue
7.2 inch Height x 4 inch Width x 0.7 inch Depth
0.52 kg
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