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Haloed Namaskaram Garuda

Haloed Namaskaram Garuda
The vahana (bearer) is a crucial aspect of every Indian deity. They embody the qualities of the deva/devi who rides them, equal in terms of veneration and status. Lord Garuda is the larger-than-life vahana of none other than Lord Vishnu. He who is responsible for the projection of all existence, within and without the bounds of our perception, is ferried across the multitude of lokas (realms of existence) on the back of this trusty vahana.

Garuda, as could be seen in this ornate wood sculpture, has the perfection of a man and the power of an eagle. Limbs that harbour unspeakable strength are arranged in the namaskaram samasthiti (straight-line position of the body). The large scapular wings are of great vigour, but are now in rest to match the devotional stance of the rest of Him. A coat of shringar and sashes has been strategically embossed against the raw musculature of the divine form, in basic but well-defined pastel shades. Together with the serrations along the wings and the halo, the same are highly characteristic of temple sculptures in the ancient South.

On the unassuming brow of Lord Garuda sits a tapering crown. The miniscule lotus petals engraved on the same are similar in style and proportion to those on the pedestal. The unconventional silhouette of the same befits the one-of-a-kind deity that stands thereon.

Item Code: ZEN198
South Indian Temple Wood Carving
30 inch Height x 14.70 inch Width x 6.00 inch Depth
9.4 Kg.

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