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The Harmony Of Vishnu-Lakshmi

The Harmony Of Vishnu-Lakshmi
The couple that rules over paraloka and ihaloka alike, Lord Vishnu and His Devi Lakshmi are the deities responsible for the sustenance of srshti (creative projection). While He presides over the preservation of life and all that stems around it, She presides over wealth and resources which are indispensable to His process. In the twin murti composition that you see on this page, the harmony of Vishnu-Lakshmi is a sight to behold.

Despite the predominant white of the bitone colour palette, each aspect of the murtis have been accentuated with considerable skill and attention to detail on the part of the sculptor. The folds of His flowing dhoti and the delicate pleats of Her saree. The distinguishing curves of their respective torsos and the musculature of their limbs. The expression of their eyes, the shapes of their mouths. From underneath the studded crowns on their heads cascade tresses the gracious colour gold.

He is chaturbhujadhari, the one possessed of (‘dhari’) four (‘chatur’) arms (‘bhuja’). The disc and the conch are in His posterior hands; an anterior hand raised in blessing, the other holding a goad. She is dvibhujadhari (‘dvi’ is Sanskrt for two), one of which She raises in blessing and in the other She holds a lotus. Simple pedestals and thick-rimmed haloes complete the composition.

Item Code: ZEM975
White Marble Statue
17.70 inch x 8.00 inch x 3.20 inch -Vishnu
16.60 inch x 6.70 inch x 3.20 inch -Lakshmi
11.5 Kg.

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