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Intricately Sculpted Seated Lord Shiva

Intricately Sculpted Seated Lord Shiva
The subject of supreme devotion, Lord Shiva is the most powerful and formidable male deity of the Hindu pantheon. Of omniscience and wrath, life and annihilation, He is replete with contradictions of a divine nature, which make Him who He is. The murti that you see on this page captures the tranquil aspect of the Lord. He is seated in lalitasana upon an ornate lotus pedestal, with one of His four hands raised in generous blessing.

He is chaturbhujadhari, possessed of (‘dhari’) four (‘chatur’) arms (‘bhuja’). In the posterior hands are the damroo, from which emerges the creative-projective naada (sound), and a quantum of flaming fire, symbolic of the annihilation that precedes brith anew. In keeping with His traditional iconography, He is wearing a bunch of rudrakshas in addition to the loincloth; and the long, slithering bodies of venomous snakes are wound around His neck and limbs, like He is their overlord. His voluminous hair is in dreadlocks, gathered atop His head in thick coils from which emerges a miniscule stream of the Devi Ganga.

A supremely tranquil composure characterises His countenance. The half-shut eyes of Lord Shiva, a wide-set brow, and a handsome mouth. Like the little Nandi at His feet, whose gaze and stance and heart are pouring forth with reverence for Him, the ihalokiya devotees of Lord Shiva turn to Him for succour in their sorrow.

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Item Code: ZEN233
Wood Statue From South India
24.70 inch Height x 15.00 inch Width x 7.30 inch Depth
6.0 Kg.

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