Large Size Embellished Radha Krishna with the Temple Aureole Showing Krishna Leela Episodes

Large Size Embellished Radha Krishna with the Temple Aureole Showing Krishna Leela Episodes

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An enshrined symbol of the perfect bond of love, This Radha-Krishna brass sculpture is a superfine carving to depict the fabled life of Lord Krishna in an enticing manner. Deities stand in their iconic postures- Krishna, playing the sounds of melody from his designer flute and Radha poised in elegance in accordance to the loving tune arousing from her beloved’s flute. Both the deities stand on compact and long lotus pedestals with their legs crossed in a musical posture, as can also be analyzed from their curved body stance. Apart from the superfine carvings of this large sculpture, the sun-glowed hue and the realistic charm of their facial expressions say a story of peace, love and spirituality.

Krishna: 30 inch Height x 10 inch Width x 6 inch Depth

Radha: 29.5 inch Height x 9.7 inch Width x 6 inch Depth

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Item Code: ZDT63
Brass Statue
45 inch Height x 30 Width inch x 10.0 inch Depth- with Arch
70.5 kg

The thick temple aureole that surrounds the Lordships is flourished, both from front and back, with detailed carvings of major instances of Krishna Leela, symbolizing the divine aspects of Lord Krishna. Note the stylized curves of these temple pillars that decrease in width as they reach the top. Lord Shiva meditating at the top highlights to us that Krishna and Shiva are not separate; Lord Krishna came in the human form to preach mankind and the same internal God Shiva existed in the upper world as the divine Trinity (Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma). The ornamented Kirtimukha face beneath Shiva carries the large, exquisitely carved temple bell.

Zoom in to the marvellous embellished persona of Krishna and Radha, with each of their garbs decorated in the gold ornamental luxury and a thick garland of flowers, adorns as their neckband. Both the deities have baby peacocks perched on their left shoulders reminding us of the benevolent and compassionate nature that attunes with the fluting sounds of contentment and love. Stylized dual-layered halo complements with the exorbitant carve of their gloried crowns, resembling its shape to that of a ritual pooja Kalash.

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