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Sculptures > Stone > Marble Image of Seated Ganesha
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Marble Image of Seated Ganesha

Marble Image of Seated Ganesha

Marble Image of Seated Ganesha

Sold Out

White Marble Sculpture

12 inch x 9.5 inch x 5.5 inch
13.46 kg
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Marble Image of Seated Ganesha

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Rare in its divinity, sublime bearing and aesthetic beauty this marble statue represents the elephant god Lord Ganesha in his simplest four-armed manifestation. As if a fine pearl has been blown up to take a large statue’s form, or the translucence of a full moon has consolidated, the purity of marble out of which the image has been carved is simply absolute. The sculptor has wondrously used the geometrical principle of symmetry and dimensional balance using the pendant of the necklace as the central point, both for dividing equally the statue’s height and breadth. For equalizing the length below this pendant point with the length above he has added in the centre of the bottom a square projection representing the auspicious Shri-mukha. This Shri-mukha motif, girdle’s buckle, pendant, adornment of the trunk and the crown’s central floral design, all combined define the central line to the right and left of which the figure of the elephant god, upper hands with identical attributes and the ears in particular, divides in perfect symmetry.

If interpreted in Lord Ganesha-related classical terminology, this image of Lord Ganesha, sublime and translucent, is a blend of Lord Ganesha’s Haridra and Bhakti Ganapati iconographies, both four-armed manifestations. In deviation from either, in upper hands he is carrying an identical pair of elephant goads – more for a symmetrical look, though the normal ones relate to Haridra and Bhakti Ganapati forms. The normal right hand held in the gesture of ‘Abhaya’ – freedom from fear, is a feature of pleasant looking redeemer Bhakti Ganapati who keeps misfortunes away and assures redemption from the bonds of material world. Primarily the giver of good crops, food and abundance and the sustainer of nature bounteous Bhakti Ganapati imparts ‘Abhaya’ from everything untoward.

In context to Ganesha the term ‘bhakti’ has dual contexts. Deeply devoted to his father Lord Shiva, and to his mother, Parvati, ‘bhakti’ – devotion, is Lord Ganesha’s inherent nature. In other context, Bhakti Ganapati inspires ‘bhakti’ in the hearts of all by his simplicity, child-like innocence, great divinity and auspicious nature. Hence, the most sacred of all kinds of offerings that a devoted heart makes a flower is the essence of Bhakti Ganapati iconography. Besides a ‘shveta-padma’ – white lotus like form, this image of Lord Ganesha carries a multi-petalled-multi-colour golden flower over his crown. The ‘laddu’, or ‘modaka’, a ball like shaped sweet, that this image of Lord Ganesha is carrying in his normal left hand is an attribute of Haridra Ganapati. ‘Modaka’, a term consisting of two roots : ‘moda’ and ‘ka’, meaning ‘bliss’ and ‘giver’ respectively, Haridra Ganapati, the courier of ‘modaka’, is the divine instrument of unending bliss. The transparence that defines his body, the rare beauty of ‘antariya’ – lower wear, and the gold’s luster with which the entire image glows, are essentially the characteristics of his Haridra Ganapati manifestation.

Fine features, especially the small but wide open black eyes and beautifully twisted trunk, and a balanced anatomy, define the form of Lord Ganesha. Seated in ‘utkutakasana’ – both legs laid on the pedestal’s top, one, a bit raised, and other, lying flat, beautifully sculpted and elegantly painted with gold and tints of red and yellow, the image is exceptionally ornate, even the tips of tusks, both full and broken, and nails, being dyed in scarlet. He is putting on a few but gorgeously conceived ornaments, the diamonds-studded crown and halo-like conceived back-guard attached to it, the diamonds-studded gold lace on the trunk and a large necklace with a beautiful pendant in special.

This description by Prof. P.C. Jain and Dr. Daljeet. Prof. Jain specializes on the aesthetics of literature and is the author of numerous books on Indian art and culture. Dr. Daljeet is the curator of the Miniature Painting Gallery, National Museum, New Delhi. They have both collaborated together on a number of books.

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Great service. Keep on helping the people
Armando, Australia
I bought DVs supposed to receive 55 in the set instead got 48 and was in bad condition appears used and dusty. I contacted the seller to return the product and the gave 100% credit with apologies. I am very grateful because I had bought and will continue to buy products here and have never received defective product until now. I bought paintings saris..etc and always pleased with my purchase until now. But I want to say a public thank you to whom it may concern for giving me the credit. Thank you. Navieta.
Navieta N Bhudu
I have no words to thank you and your company. I received the Saundarananda Maha Kavya that I have ordered from you few weeks ago. I hope to order any more books, if I will have a need. Thank you
Ven. Bopeththe, Sri Lanka
Thank you so much just received my order. Very very happy with the blouse and fast delivery also bindi was so pretty. I will sure order from you again.
Aneeta, Canada
Keep up the good work.
Harihar, Canada
I have bought Ganesh Bell in past and every visitors at my home has appreciated very much. You have quality product and good service. Keep it up with good business. This time I am buying Ganesh-Laxmi bells.
Kanu, USA
I am a long-time customer of Exotic India for gifts for me and friends and family. We are never disappointed. Your jewelry craftspeople are very skilled artists. You must treasure them. And we always look forward to the beautifully decorated boxes you use to ship your jewelry.
Diane, USA
I have always enjoyed browsing through the website. I was recently in south India, and was amazed to note that the bronze statues made in Kumbakonam and Thanjavur had similar pricing as Exotic India.
Heramba, USA
Thank you very much for your services. I ordered a Dhanvantari Deity from this site and it came quickly and in good condition. Now Sri Dhanvantari ji is worshipped regularly before seeing each client and in the offering of our medicinal products. Thanks again.
Max, USA
Thank you for shipping my 2 Books! Absolutli a great job in this short time, 3 working days from India to Switzerland it`s fantastic!!! You have won some new clients!
Ruedi, Switzerland
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