Books authored by Krishan Baldev Vaid

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Krishan Baldev Vaid

An very well-known Indian dramatist, novelist, and writer who predominantly wrote in Hindi and English was Krishan Baldev Vaid. His writings are still recognised as important contributions to Indian literature and have had a long-lasting influence on Hindi literature.

Novels like "Uska Bachpan" (His Childhood), "Dukhdaan" (The Gift of Sorrow), and "Teesra Pind" (The Third Space) are just a few of his well-known creations. The intricacies of interpersonal interactions, internal problems, and cultural conventions are frequently explored in Vaid's works.

Krishan Baldev Vaid has produced plays, short tales, and essays in addition to his novels. He is best known for his pieces "Big Brats" and "The Anatomy Lesson." Numerous honours were bestowed upon Vaid for his literary works, including the coveted Sahitya Akademi Award in 1992 for  his novel "Dukhdaan."