A Catechism of Astrology

A Catechism of Astrology

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Item Code: NAE043
Author: Dr. B.V. Raman
Publisher: UBS Publisher’s Distrubutors Pvt. Ltd
Edition: 2020
ISBN: 9788185674278
Pages: 219
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 7.0 inch X 5.0 inch
Weight 150 gm

Astrological predictions play an important part in man’s life. Astrology can predict with fair accuracy important events in life. An experienced astrologer does not just make generalisations from past observations. He has, designed for him, a set of rules, based on intuition and observations extending over thousands of years. There are processes which when carefully and properly handled can enable one to make correct predictions. Often the complex astrological rules are capable of different interpretations, the correct ones depending upon the astrologer’s experience and intuitive capacity.

Answers for questions like “which planet causes surgical operations — Mars in the 8th or Ketu in the 8th?’, ‘What is the basis for the allotment of different portfolios to planets in Mundane Astrology?’ etc., cannot be found in any textbooks on Astrology. But such topics has been exhaustively dealt with in this volume -- tough questions bearing on vocations, yogas, muhurta, female horoscopy and miscellaneous subjects have been answered deftly and with clarity enabling the readers to get an intimate appreciation of the subtler aspects of astrology so that one can handle a horoscope with imagination and precision.

This volume is in response to the great demand that a combined edition of both the I and U parts of the Catechism of Astrology be issued.

Both volumes together deal with a large variety of commonly asked questions related to Astrology and are bound to provide a great deal of information to the reader.

UBS Publishers’ Distributors Ltd., deserve to the thanked profusely for having brought out this combined volume in a attractive form.


Part I
IIConcerning the Bhavas27
Part II
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