Celestial Matrix in Naadi Astrology – Includes Prashna Sastra Based on Naadi Hora

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Jyotisha Shiromani Satyanarayana Nayak's book "Celestial Matrix in Naadi Astrology - Includes Prashna Sastra Based on Naadi Hora" is a comprehensive investigation of the Celestial Matrix within the world of Naadi Astrology. Nayak deciphers the subtle interplay between heavenly bodies and human fates using ancient Vedic wisdom. The book provides significant insights into the art of predictive astrology through a thorough investigation of Naadi Hora, allowing readers to dive into the cosmic forces that influence individual lives. Nayak weaves a rich tapestry of knowledge with painstaking attention to detail, combining the ancient wisdom of Naadi Astrology with the practical application of Prashna Sastra. This book is a wonderful resource for astrology lovers, practitioners, and those seeking a more in-depth grasp of the celestial realm.

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Author: Jyothisha Siromani Satyanarayana Naik
Language: English
Edition: 2010
ISBN: 9788170821021
Pages: 102
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description
From back of the Book

A unique system of analysis based on zonal effect rasis and planets posited therein and influenced by other planets from specified places is the main principle of Brighu Nandi Naadi expounded by R.G. Rao of Bangalore. Based on his works earlier book “Prediction secrets – Naadi Astrology” was published.

In the process of experimentation with the combination of the planets it was found that every birth has a set – pattern of planetary positions. The matrix formed at macro level indicated the purpose of the birth. At micro level with zonal an star influences detailed study of nativity will reveal many secrets. The star level needs to be explored with details of stars from the sacred texts. But the place of birth having different Year Lords, Month Lord the Day Lord, Hora Lord and Sub Hora Lord have equal influence in differentiating nativities. In this book an effort is made to identify the matrix at macro level for certain births.

A deep analysis with the aid of Hora Lords etc. will definitely give the purpose of birth. Even with little efforts we can go to previous births. The horoscope of yogis are dealt with reference to Sub Hora Lords. There is also an example of analyzing horoscopes having similar planetary combinations.

This is a beginning of research in Naadi Astrology and the days are not far to reach the truth behind the Celestial Matrix influenced by subtle bodies. This is a handbook on Naadi System for the students and astrologers to develop further in the subject.



Sri R.G. Rao of Bangalore has translated the Bhrigu and Nandi Naadi from Tamil scripts and written many books in English and Kannada. The Bhrigu Nandi Naadi system is based on permutation and combinations of planets makes yoga and the timing is based on the transit cycles of planets. However the subject dealt by Sri R.G. Rao in his books needs a research mind to explore the secrets hidden in the subject.

This task was undertaken by Sri Satyanarayana Naik a disciple of Sri R.G. Rao. Sri Naik has done extensive research on the works of Sri R.G. Rao. and brought out a guide titled as ‘Prediction Secrets – Naadi Astrology’. He has introduced a system to analyze birth charts with simple method an also provided a desk top board for timing the events. His quest did not stop at that and now he has come out with matrix of planets to identify the purpose of the birth and the reasoning of karma theory. It is logically convincing that the theory of karma is directly linked with the birth chart.

Sri Naik has given prime importance to karma theory to analyse the birth charts and find out the purpose of birth. His intention to link the birth charts and find out the purpose of birth. His intention to link the subject astrology to divinity and read through heavenly bodies is a unique approach. This is well established in his present book “Celestial Matrix in Naadi Astrology”. He has also introduced the system of prediction based on Hora Lord and omen or Nimmitam. He has given guide lines to identify planet around us and use them in giving instant predictions.

I appreciate his firm belief that this subject astrology is beyond science and needs a constant link with the cosmic energy to reveal the secrets of births. I am sure his journey through energy to reveal the secrets of births. I am sure his journey through the unending quest will land him in the blessing zone of God and I wish him all success.



It will be beyond human perception to estimate the time and space ratio. For example one year of human race is equal to one day of divine bodies. It means that 1 hour of human day equals 10 seconds in divine time span. The time span will keep on increasing at different astral body levels. The moment of celestial bodies from the earth as reference point is symbolic representations of cosmic administration which are identified as grahas (planets). These visible masses for human astronomical explanations are means for certain calculations for human perception. Therefore the fact and the truth about them are generally explained through mythological stories.

It is easy for the human brain to understand a story instead of complicated time and space approach. Evolution on this earth has five basic elements which are called panchabhutas, i.e. Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Ether. They have relation to human anatomy through chakras which are again controlled by planets. In other words the planetary effects, are connected to the human anatormy through these elements. The activation of elements is done by breath, which is the vital force of living being. This vital breath force is called “jeevaha aangirasaha” i.e. Jup.

The destiny is designed on the basis of cumulative previous actions which are placed at the root of the chakras and controlled by Sat who is karmakaraka. Karma lies between the jeeva and the salvation i.e. free from bondage of birth and death. This termed as mukti, is controlled by ket. Before reaching this supreme experience of liberation, the jeeva has to wipe out the karmas which are carried over from previous birth and also acquired in this birth from Sun, Moo, Mar, Mer, Ven who create bondage through relationships, miseries, ego, lust, luxuries and ultimately maya from Rah. The jeeva in the shape of breath is equipped with knowledge to gain powers through sadhana to get rid of these bondages and to reach salvation after he has played definite role in this birth, which is identified though the matrix of planets at the time of birth.

The symbolic representation of this planetary configuration will establish a set pattern for each type of birth. This matrix at the macro level indicates the type of birth and the process of life which this birth is destined to undergo. At micro level the day Lord, the Hora Lord and the Sub Hora Lord will clearly indicate the purpose and the resultant actions in this birth. There is another telescopic examination under naadi system wherein the nakshatras and their sub – division are considered for detailed information about the process of this birth.

This theory for which the details attached to each nakshatras need to be decoded from the mythological texts to arrive at signification. We shall reserve this subject for next publication and reserve ourselves to the matrix at macro level.

The planets configured in each matrix will have deep routed qualities progressively modified by the social and cultural changes and the inherent temperaments of he rulers in particular and public in general for a given era. It is seen in the desha kala sankeerthana, a ritualistic rendering in sacred scripts denoting the period, place and person.

There are several ears with different beginning for years and days like Kaliyuga, Nimbark – abda, Buddha Nirvana, Mahavira Nirvana, Vikrama Samvatsara, Saka, Hejira (Islamic), Bengali & Assamese year, Chinese year, Jewish year, Japanese year, Parsi year etc., Each has its own kshetra effect which will be ruled by the Lord of the year, Month Lord, Day Lord, Hora Lord, Sub Hora Lord etc.

The kshetra differentiates the matrix of planets for each type of birth. Changes are based on sub Hora and further divisions of nakshatras of the day will be used in microscopic analysis. At macro level of analysis of the celestial matrix recorded at birth and subsequent transit effects are studied to assess free will of the native, the force of destiny, his intellectual ability and the inner – self.

A selected matrix must produce similar epoch in different environments or circumstances. This is the basic research work being presented with lots of information on naadi subject. We need to study the birth level matrix and it we need to probe further we go for time factor, sub Hora, nakshatra divisions etc. for deeper analysis.

The karakatwa of planets is the key, which as a matter of fact covers everything in this universe attributed to planets.

The art of attributing karakatwa to planets come through constant reading of mythological texts. These Puranic stories have inseparable line between everything on this universe and planets.

This way every astrological expression has different meaning in naadi astrology which does not conform to mathematical algorithm. A retrograde planet in naadi will not attract astronomical explanations given in the astrological texts. A planet gets retrograde means there is something which has to be brought back from previous karma or something due earlier is being fulfilled. Similarly an exchange of planet means there is some rina (debt) or karma which needs to be attended to by signification of planets involved. A conjunction is pairing of karmas due to his previous or future action. An exalted planet resembles absolute power in its karakatwa. However there could be some deliberate deed which may prevent its action and this is indicated either by exchange of planets or by retrograde planets. The astrologer has to play the role of jeevakaraka and then, find out what the jeeva had brought from previous karma, what pending karmas are being offered by the Sat, his accumulated intellectual levels and what the native is destined to gain in this birth, how the shareera is cooperating with jeeva, what are other bondages and obligations that are to be fulfilled with relationships. In this way if an astrologer connects himself in the zodiac as jeevakaraka he can, with full knowledge of Karakatwa, write a full life story of the native without any confusion. The timing of events and effects are explained through transits.

Therefore a birth chart delineation will proceed like a story writing which includes past birth details, purpose of birth, the present karmas their impact and the future.

The underlying secret of naadi application should not be viewed in the light of structured modern science, which may lead to limited appreciation of this subject.

In a book of this small size it is difficult to explain matters which need volumes of writing. However the system of reading a horoscope is presented through examples which has inbuilt technique of combination of planets an procedures to read them in different contexts. The Horoscopes of Yogis, Film and Cricket celebrities analyzed at the macro level of matrix is presented here for further research. For Yogis, Day Lord, Hora Lord and Sub Hora Lord and their dispositions are given to establish the importance of Sub Hora Lord.

I am sure the readers will enjoy this small work and also encourage my forthcoming work on traditional astrology.




  Preface v
  Please Read this vii
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  Matrix for yogis 1
  Matrix for Sportsmen 23
  Matrix for Sportsmen 37
  Introduction to Nakshatra Naadi 53
  Naadi Horary 54
  Snapshot predictions 63
  Karakatwa regrouped 73


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