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Brighu Naadi Sangraha - Pearls of Brighu Naadi

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Item Code: NAN842
Author: Dr. N. Srinivasan Shastry
Language: English
Edition: 2007
ISBN: 8170820758
Pages: 145
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5 inch x 5.5 inch
Weight 200 gm
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description

About the Book

This book is a master piece, and rare of its kind not only in India but also in the world. The authors’ idea of writing Astrology books differs from the usual writers, as he simplifies the ways of knowing the happening / incidents in a person’s life. His first book “Predicting though Astro Numerology” was also different than the usual books wherein he had given two methods of calculation to know the answer for every type of problem. Here also he has made his efforts to simplify the process of understanding different principles and combinations of Astrology to know the exact event and timing of the event in an person’s life. Any reader with a little knowledge of planets and signs can know his age-wise happenings just by glance at this “Astrological Dictionary”. The book not only helps the learned but acts as a Bramahastra” (Lord Brahma’s weapon) for timing of events.


Astrology is an ancient science, where the hidden answers are brought to light by using different principles and combination of planets. Great Indian astrologers have refined the principles in so many ways and have brought many new methods of predicting. Human brain is like a wonderful computer which throws light on so many new things when we go through the writings of great astrological seers of India

This book is also a conception of my study of Naadi Astrology by Sage Brighu. The Naadi study made me creative in my thoughts because in Brighu Naadi the Ascendent (Lagna) is not taken into consideration. Starting from Aries (the head) to Pices (the feet) each sign has a different function and signification and the planets Rahu and Kethu are called as the family circle, or roads in front of the house in which the native took birth, etc. After going through this type of study, it occurred to me to gather all the combinations and place them in a format wherein it will be useful for all astrologers. In this method we can know the incidents which are supposed to happen or occur in a native's life without much calculations and with less usage of principles. With these combinations one can easily know the age of marriage, nature of profession, nature of parents, financial development of the native, age at which the native will purchase land or house, death of the parents, etc. and these above mentioned happenings can be known without much strain and calculation in a fraction of a second. .

Hence, I am placing this wonderful piece of work for your kind reception. I am greatly indebted to Lord Ganesh for the blessing he has given me and my grandfather Sri. Venkataram Shastry, for the inspiration given to me in my struggle of completing this masterpiece. This work is only my effort of decoding the mystery of the planets and its movements by searching the subjects of "Brighu Naadi".

Hoping this wonderful work will help the astrologers as well as readers of astrology to a great.extent.


Great Indian Astrologers after years of experience and research have come out with certain combinations of planetary positions. The permutations and combinations of these planetary positions have no limit. However, a broad outline is given in reference to a few important combinations given by ancient Hindu Astrological Seers.

The Hindu Astrologers have classified planets as benefic . and malefic and divided the 12 houses starting from the ascendent into the following groups:-


1. Trine: 1,5, and 9 Best at their position
2. Quadrants: 1,4,7and 10 Good in their disposition
3. Tricks: 6,8 and 12 Bad in their disposition

The remaining houses 2, 3, and 11 are not so good. The interaction between good, best and not so good house planets will yield good results. But, the interaction between tricks, good, best, and not so good houses, will not only lessen the good result, but, gives bad results. In Naadi system of prediction sage Brighu has not concentrated on Ascendant (Lagna) on the other hand concentrates on Jupiter calling it a life force. Hence, the author treats Jupiter as the ascendant and the 12 houses/bhavas there from. The above said trine, quadrants, triks, are also from the house/sign where Jupiter is posited.

After going through old writings of Sage Brighu the author has brought some yogas which can be seen and predicted without any calculation or tracing the ascendants. Before going through the combinations a few things have to be carefully borne in mind like, planets, enemies camp, exhalation, debilation, signs signifying forest, signs signifying vegetation, fortune, intellectual etc. Before the study of planetary combinations, the below mentioned planets and significations are important.

Sun - For father and promotion in services.
Moon - For mother and foreign travel
Mars - For brothers/ position in male horoscopes. Indication of marriage/husband in case of female horoscope.
Mercury- For education and intelligence.
Jupiter - Is said to be the life force.
Venus - About wife in male's horoscope and money children in general.
Saturn - For professions and problems.
Rahu & Kethu - For family circle, family/problems/death! roads, begainning or end of a job / change of place.

Taurus is a sign of fortune, Gemini is the sign of intelligence, Leo for capital city/Govt. Headquarters, Scorpio is an introvert sign, Sagittarius is the sign of forest, Virgo is the sign of vegetation. Jupiter is the life force and Saturn is action (Karma) so the importance is given to these two planets. Other planets like Mars, Venus, Mercury, tells about children, marriage, developments in life when touched by Jupiter while ill transit among the 12 houses/bhavas. Jupiter's adjacent houses and 7th houses tells number of brothers and sisters. Rahu and Kethu - shows about the family circle. Rahu and Kethu also tells about the lane or roads in front of the house in which the native is born. Rahu, also tells about the windy complaints and Mars tells about boils, wounds and accidents. Rahu's placement shows the part of the city in which the native is born (East/West/South/North part of the city) because Rahu is said to be the mouth or the entrance. In Jupiter's 6th round when Jupiter touches Kethu, death of the native is denoted. Jupiter retrograde in a birth chart says that the life of the native will develop in a different place other than his home town or birth place. Saturn retrograde in a birth chart says that the native will have a good development in profession and good income in other places other than his home town. In a female horoscope when Mars contacts Rahu or Saturn before touching Venus marriage will be delayed. Jupiter in his 3rd round when he touches the 3rd house lord or the planet in the 3rd house from Jupiter in the birth chart, the native will face lot of problems. This effect will be worse when the 3rd house lord or the 3rd house has a malefic in it, but when Sun aspects the 3rd house the effect is reduced to a maximum extent. In a males horoscope the sign in which Venus is placed shows the direction from where the wife of the .native would be coming and in female's horoscope the placement of Mars shows the direction from which the husband is going to come. The planets in the 7th house to Jupiter tells about the natives friends and when Jupiter in his rounds of transit touches Sun or is in the 7th house to Sun the native will be getting good name and fame. Though the above said for only introduction part of the subject, the same is given in length in the following pages:



  Preface vii
  Introduction ix
  Principles of Naadi xii
1 Significations of Signs xv
2 Significations of Planets xvii
3 Points to be noted before making a reading xix
4 Jupiter 1-43
5 Saturn 44-71
6 Mercury 72-77
7 Sun 78-88
8 Venus 89-97
9 Mars 98-105
10 Moon 106-109
11 Rahu 110-117
12 Kethu 118-121
13 Miscellaneous 122-127
14 Case Study of an Horoscope 128-129
15 Important Note 130

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