Naadi Astrology: Transit Secrets (Rao's System of Naadi Astrology-Transits Results Expanded)
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Naadi Astrology: Transit Secrets (Rao's System of Naadi Astrology-Transits Results Expanded)

Item Code: NAQ696
Author: Satyanarayana Naik
Language: English
Edition: 2019
ISBN: 9788170822813
Pages: 638
Other Details: 8.50 X 5.50 inch
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About the Book
This is the book based on the works of Guruji Sri R.G. Rao in general and specifically an extended version of Transit results of Rao's System of NaadiAstrology. This Book is structured :

1. Rules of Transits in Rao's System of Naadi Astrology

2. Fast moving planets results in Transit

3. Primary transit of four slow Moving planets -With Sanskrit Prose and detailed results in English

4. In the Primary transit Link of Natal Destiny Breakers and linking of other Natal Planets for important life events.

5. Simultaneous transit of other fast moving planets.

Noting down the results of slow moving planets and Fast moving planets on individual Natal planets and then note the results of combination of Primary planets Natal Destiny and other planets for events of life and then also read the Simultaneous transit of other fast moving planets. Total will give wide range of results that would be easy for an Astrologer to delineate appropriate results.

This book is dedicated to Guruji Sri R.G. Rao.

About the Author
Sri Satyanarayana Naik is a Naadi Astrology book writer and a researcher. He has done extensive research in Naadi Astrology and has written several books.

• Revelation from Naadi Jyotisha

• Celestial Matrix in Naadi Astrology

• Orbital Providence (It is a guide to profession)

• Prashna Nora

• Prediction Secret - Naadi Astrology Roots of Naadi Astrology

• Vedic Nadi Secrets in Sastriya Jyotisa

Ten years back during a journey along with Guruji he desired somebody to re-write another volume of Brighu Nandi Naadi with the charts and details collected by him from Rishi Vakya, a copy he gave it to me. This is a huge work and needs extraordinary efforts and strain.

I had then told him that I may be interested to write a book on detailed transit based on his book. He was happy and when we reached his house, he gave me two dried dates that is prasada of the deity which he was worshiping. Right from that period, the efforts and planning was going on to write this book. Despite disappointments and discouragements and delay, ultimately the work commenced when I met Mr. Vamshi Krishna a student of mine who took interest and pains to take dictation from me. This gave me ample time to think and design this work. I must thank him for his help.

Being just an instrumental in this work of divine revelation, the contents needs no prelude or explanation by an ordinary mortal like me.

With the grace of "His majesty" and Guruji now this book is ready and is in the hands of genious blessed souls like you.

I am thankful to all those who ecnourgaed me and also thankful to Sagar Publications beautiful presentation of this Book.

How to read this book.

1. Note the Yogas in the Natal Chart

2. Read the Results of Primary transit

3. !lead Primary transit on a Natal Planet + the Destiny breaker

4. Find the :ink of other planets for matters of life and read the results

5. Read the simultaneous transit of other planets transit over natal planets and merge the results with slow moving planets transit results.

This method gives wide scope for delineating the transit results.

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