Orbital Providence Scholarly Exposition on Naadi Astrology

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Author: Satyanarayana Naik
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 8170820987
Pages: 248
Cover: Paperback
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description

There are a number of excellent books written by great scholars and modern authors. I am neither competent to write anything parallel nor to attempt any thing nearer to one aspect of those great works. Forget about writing, it is even beyond my capacity to understand those works fully. To the best of my knowledge and ability I could only grasp a tiny particle out of a drop from that ocean. This being my status in astrology, why and how I dared to write books on astrology is in fact a million dollar question to me. To be honest, for a certain period in my past I was totally against occult and spiritual subjects. Not exactly an atheist but more a pragmatist. This pragmatism is the route cause for getting me into this occult subject. Wanting proof or shall I say reasoning to certain events in my life, like any other common man cursed with the so called ill luck I too ran to the self styled pundits of astrology and had to become a scapegoat.

I was vehemently in search of a right Guru/pundit to guide me. During that period I met a person in Bombay in late 70s. Unlike other occultists this man looked normal and never ever pretended like an expert in astrology. He just asked me to show my hand and then took a "panchanga of Tamil calendar" and looking at the day's chart, started blasting past events and present situations of my life. While presenting my future he repeatedly pointed out that I would write books on astrology. This sounded absurd to my mind at that time. I laughed and he also returned a smile with all that conviction and confidence in what he predicted. Some of his future predictions precisely were true and I was fascinated to know about this subject. The next best thing I was to grab the astrological books with TITLES- attractive and CONTENTS- with contradicting thrash. Sensibly, I withdrew studying them and relied more on guidance from the noble and knowledgeable elders in getting worthy texts. Fortunately, due to my multilingual capabilities I could lay my hands on books in various languages which have unfailingly helped me in grasping the subject. One of the disciples of the great pundit of Bombay had given me clue about the Naadi system which the pundit used to follow.

This fact drove me to hunt for books on Naadi and a few noble persons helped me in my endeavor to find good books by Sri. R.G. Rao. While studying those books of Guruji I made notes. Except for one or two individuals, most of the astrological community were restraint and reluctant to discuss on this Naadi subject as they found it to be against "Sastra" or "Sastra- virudha". Some expressed their inability to understand the subtle secrets behind this method. Hence, the first task before me was to satisfy and convince this group who were unable to understand the concept of Naadi astrology. Therefore I published my notes as “Prediction secrets in Naadi Astrology”. It definitely took some time to spread but it worked very well. Slowly people took interest in this subject and I feel I am successful to some extent. I started teaching regular at different institutions and for the last three years the attendance is increasing year by year. This awareness has grown across the country and demand for the books on Naadi astrology is on the rise.

"Celestial Matrix" was the 2nd book written by me which deals with planetary combination for certain life orientations. This book also has an introduction to Hora. The importance of Hora lord was established with examples to differentiate births during the same time.

The 3rd book on Naadi Astrology was "Revelation from Naadi Jyotisha". In this book, for the first time, the astronomical facts were introduced convincingly relating them to astrology. The planetary orbits forming Zodiac, divisions of Sun trine and Moon trine, the concept of moolatrikona and many more were discussed in relation to metaphysics. This was absolutely an experimental work. The fact that the results from Naadi and classical approach remain same was proved with examples discussing in both the methods. This was the first step towards bridging gap between both the systems for confident delineations and it was proved beyond doubt that the Naadi system is well with in the "Sastra". In fact in some of the classical texts there is an independent chapter which deals with the results from the combination of planets. (Refer works of Varaha Mihira).


About the Book

Each person is born with specific life orientation, predestined by cosmic plan which is evident in the orbital providence. This aspect is being dealt in this book. The relationship of Zodiac signs to the orbits has already been established in my earlier book. Zodiac represents the orbits of planets. Time and again, due to movements of planets these zodiac signs acquire significations both at macro and micro levels in accordance with the progress of the universe. In other words, the progress of the universe is caused by the movements of planets in the orbits forming zodiac signs. This work is an attempt to decode the significations of zodiac signs. An effort is made in this work to link the Hora sequence to signs. This concept is drawn from Ashtakavarga of classical approach. In order to incorporate Rahu and Ketu in Rasi division some modifications are inevitable. Again taking the astronomical base the Rahu and Ketu were introduced to divide a sign in accordance with orbital sequence. This concept I have applied to some of the horoscopes. I have also included some important new predictive techniques which have not been disclosed in any of the books so far. These were put to test and were found to be extensively applicable. I have introduced the concept of Pancha Bhoota under "Diseases" chapter. Work is in progress to bring out separate volume on Medical Naadi Astrology discussing in detail with remedies.

From a fundamental matter relating to Astrology an idea shapes into a technique and when/if it is convincingly applicable, the same is published for the benefit of readers. This, naturally, not only restricts number of new books but also takes time to publish.

In chapter ten an innovative attempt is made to introduce psychology into astrology. In the recent years study of the brain waves have made remarkable progress in the field of psychology. There are several modules of programming the sub-conscious mind. One such popular module is "past life regression" which has attracted many people across the world. This is a universal acceptance of Eastern philosophy of previous birth and karma theory. This is the right time to incorporate the human related science development in to astrology and re-structure the principles not deviating from the original standards.

In this chapter modified principles of Naadi astrology are given for a structured approach to understand conscious, super- conscious and sub-conscious levels of brain. Without going through any psychological test or programme, we can assess functional levels of the brain in different matters of life.

In this chapter modified principles of Naadi astrology are given for a structured approach to understand conscious, going through any psychological test or programme, we can assess functional levels of the brain in different matters of life. I owe regards to each and every one in my friend circle, my family members and Sagar publications for their forbearance, cooperation and support.


About the Author

Sri Satyanarayana Naik is well known author of astrology books. He has written three books on Naadi astrology and one book on Krishnamurti Paddati. He has also written books in Telugu on the same subject.




Chapter 1 Orbital Direction 1
Chapter 2 Basic Information for Naadi 9
Chapter 3 World developments & celestial significations 23
Chapter 4 Changes in Zodiac Elements 36
Chapter 5 Modified Zodiac significations 43
Chapter 6 Orbital relationship 50
Chapter 7 Orbital providence 61
Chapter 8 New findings in Naadi techniques 187
Chapter 9 Doubts on Naadi clarified 193
Chapter 10 Psychology in Naadi Astrology 200

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