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The Classic Wisdom of Srimad Bhagavatam

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Author: Swami Gurudasananda
Publisher: Sri Ramakrishna Ashrama
Language: Sanskrit Text With Transliteration and English Translation
Edition: 2013
Pages: 163
Cover: Paperback
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Srimad Bhagavatam, though traditionally attributed to Vyasa, is in a special sense, the presentation by sukadeva with his mind and consciousness always anchored on the self. He plunges every now and then into the depths of the Cosmic Self within and comes up bringing with him priceless pearls of wisdom. In his powerful presentations we can see the dazzling display of a series of Illuminated panels lit up by the Brahmic brilliance of Suka, some of which are captured and presented here to all spiritual aspirants striving for self-realization. This is a book of seminal importance to all spiritual seekers. Here is the classic wisdom that nourishes one's inner being.



Acclaimed as the Bhakti scripture par excellence, srimad Bhagavatam is the most popular of all the puranas and enjoys universal renown and respect. Because of its spiritual content, illustrative excellence and solicitous hitopadesa, the Bhagavata Mahapurana along with the Mahabharata and the Ramayana has largely moulded the public life, belief and conduct of the Hindu society for thousands of years. The greatness and beauty of the Bhagavatam lies in the fact that it is the confluence of Bhakti and jinana, devotion and wisdom. Being the essence of all the vedic literature, this mahapurana is considered as the fifth veda by the devout. As Sri Ramakrishna remarks: it is sweet as cake fried in the butter of knowledge and steeped in the honey of love for the Divine'.

In its eagerness to show the seeker the path that leads to the supreme being, this sacred scripture records some profound teachings of Lord Hari in his various incarnations and of His great and illustrious devotees with exalted wisdom. Some such pearls of wisdom are presented here for the Benefit of all sadhaka. From the sadhana perspective of the spiritual seekers, they offer avenues of vital importance to guide them to their destined destination of enlightenment and liberation. I invite all mumukshus to come and partake of this amruta rasa The Nectar of Immortality and be blessed.

I would like to thank Sri Chandramohan Dhanya of koteshwra, who got reserved in advance, the privilege to support this Bhagavat Kainkarya. I would also thank Sri Balasubramanian (of Singapore) for patiently doing all the tedious computer work with great devotion and enthusiasm.

My sincere thanks to the publication department and the monastic members of Sri Ramakrishna Ashrama, Mysore for their kindness and support in the publication of this book.

Srimad Bhagavatam, composed by Sage Vyasa as his final magnum opus and expounded by suka a greatness wherein devotes immerse themselves in the river of Bhakti. It confers on its reader the knowledge of the highest Reality which brings one all felicity and uproots the three kinds of misery (tapatraya) – the adhyatmika (Proceeding from bodily and mental causes in oneself), the adhidaivika (Proceedign from the influence of the atmosphere, planets, divine and supernatural agencies) and the adhibhautika (produced from the primitive elements, material sources.) it emphasises the supreme importance of bhakti while echoing the lord's declaration in the Gita. Jnani tu atmaiva me matam (jnani is indeed Myself.) The whole of this purana is a continuous hymnology on a spirited from of ardent love for the Divine an mystic devotion, sung in a variety of ways revealing the infinite puissance of the lord and the multi dimentional richness of his opulences and exploits which are indeed auspicious and purifying. The ecstacy of divine love so highly extolled by the Bhagavatam as real bhakti is not just a frothy emotionalism but is grounded on the bedrock of spiritual wisdom. It presents to us a programme of practical spiritual training to lead us a programme of practical spiritual training to lead us to the knowledge of the Self. Being the Spirit of delight, the Ananda of the Upanishads, Krishna is here identified with the non dual consciousness which is infinite, infinite. Eternas self luminous and hence the propitiation of hariis declared to be the supreme goal of life.

Vadanti tattatvavidasatvam yajjnanamadvayam |
Brahmeti paramatmeti bhagavaniti saddaye||
Those who know the truth declare it to be none other than that Reality which is the non-dual Consciousness and which is also spoken of variously as the Brahman by the Vedantins, the paramataby the yogis and Bhagavan by the Bhaktas.

As Narada says knowledge of Brahman wedded to the part of Devotion will help man to perform actions dedicated to the lord. Soon very soon, the jiva will find release from the shakles of karma and become one with the Infinite.

The technique is very simple. Love for God will banish one with the infinite. The technique is very simple. Love for God will banish all other forms of love in man's mind.

The sages who have faith see the Reality which the Paramatman in their own soul by the power of devotion bed in them by listening to the exposition of the Vedantic teacher strengthened by knowledge and non – attachment to the worldly life.

While bhakti is the dominant note in the narration, Bhagavatapurana is the sangamam of the Bhakti Yoga, karma yoga and Jnana yoga. This samanvaya is beautifully described in the Bhagavad Gita.

Uitaragabhayakrodha manmaya mamupasriitaah|
Bahavo jnanatapas puta madbhavam agaith||
Akarma yogi freed from attachment fear and anger a bhakta absorbed in me. A jnaya yogi purified by the first of knowledge with these qualification of karma yoga, bhakti yoga. In Bhagavata, this samanvaya is found prominent.

The Bhagavatam is traditionally attributed to Vyasa, but it is, in a special sense, the presentation by Sukadeva with his mind and consciousness always anchored on the Self. He plunges every now and then into the depth of the cosmic self in his heart and comes up bringing with him priceless pearls of wisdom. In his powerful presentation we can seen the dazzling display of a series of illuminated panels lit up by the Brahmic brilliance of Suka, some of which i have tried to capture an present to all spiritual aspirants striving for self realisation. Here is the classic wisdom that nourishes your inner being.

According to Bhagavatam, this Supreme Consciousness itself manifests through the three dimensional matrix of time, space and causation as this universe characterised by name and form. Maya the baffling power inherent in the Supreme Being but fully under its control is responsible for this phenomenon. This supreme being, the lord of universe is Vishnu. This Supreme Being, the Lord of the universe is Vishnu. The form and name assumed by the Supreme being facilitates his upasana (worship) by the Bahktas. The incamations of Vishnu in the various cycles of creation are man some of them are partial incarnations and others of his divine power.

Vishnu thus has two aspects: transcendent and immanent. The personal god is isvara and the transcendent is Brahman. But these aspects to not vitiate vishnu's unitary nature. This is the siddhanta of the Bhagavatam.


  Preface 1
  Introduction 4
1 Mangalacharan 23
2 Kunti's Prayer 26
3 The Chathursloki Bhagavatam 30
4 Suka's advice to Parikshit 34
5 The Teachings of the Lord Incarnate as Rishaba 56
6 Bgarata to Rahugana on Brahma Vidyabhyasa 62
7 Narada and angirasa teach Chitraketu 72
8 Kapila's Teachings to Devahuti 85
9 Efficiency of his Name Ajamila's Redemption 93
10 Prahlada on The Self 97
11 Dhruva's Penance 106
12 Hamsa Avatara Jnanopadesa 111
13 A note on Purusha Sukta 117
14 Uddhava Gita 121
15 Conclusion 153

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