Divine Manifestation (An Old and Rare Book)

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Author: Rama and Susanne Reilly
Publisher: Karma Moksha Publication, Andhra Pradesh
Language: English
Edition: 1992
Pages: 323 (10 Color and Throughout B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Hardcover
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Shipped to 153 countries
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About the Book

Krishna, the Hindu Avatar of 5,000 years ago, is shown on the cover manifesting an extraordinary sight, a vision of many forms and powers of God Himself of God Himself. It is described in the Bhagavad Gita which means 'The Celestial Song.' The Scene takes place take place just to go into the commencement of a fierce battle, during the Mahabharta War. Krishna's friend and disciple, Arjuna, is supposed to go into battle, but feels dejected because he has to kill his friends, teachers, and relatives. Krishna has convinced Arjuna that it is his much about self –control and self –realization, overcoming the ego, yoga and meditation.

After having ten chapters of discourse between Teacher and Disciple, Arjuna essentially prays for glimpse of Krishna's Divinity Krishna says it is possible, but only if He confers on Arjuna the 'Eye of Wisdom' or the 'Divine Eye,' so that Arjuna can truly see. Increadible, then Krishna gives Arjuna a vision, in color, taste, smell, sound and light, of his endless Divine Manifestation. It is one of the most stunning answer to prayer that could ever be imaged or described :

" Having many mouths and eyes, and containing many a wonderful sight, with many heavenly ornaments and wielding many heavinly uplifted weapons.

"Wearing celestial garlands and apparel, anointed with heavenly perfumes, full of wonders, resplendent, infinite and having faces on every side.

"If the effulgence of a thousand suns were to appear in the skies sinmultaneously, it might compare somewhat with the splenodour of that great form.

"Then Arjuna saw the entire universe with its manifold divisions united there, in the body of the God of gods.

"Then Arujuna, filled with wonder and his hairs standing on end, bowing his head before the Lord said with joined palms,

"In Your body, O Lord, I see the gods, as also all the hosts of various beings, Brahma, the ruler seated on his lotus seat, all the heavenly sages and serpents.

"I see You with many hands, bellies, mouths and eyes possessing infinite forms on every side: O Lord of the universe, O You of universal form, I see, however, neither Your end, nor middle nor Your Begginning.

" I see all You all around with the diadem mace and disc, a mass of light resplendent on all sides, blingding, with effulgence of the blazing fire and sun, immeasurable.

"You are the imperishable, the Supreme, the thing to be known. You are the supreme resting place of this universe. You are undecaying and the preserver of the eternal religion; I regard you as the primeval Being.

"I see You as one with no beginning, middle, or end, of infinite prowess, with infinite arms, with the sun and moon for Your eyes and the blazing fire in Your mouths, scorching this universe with Your radiance.

Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are the three major personalities embodying the central facets of the Godhead, as found in Hinduism. These Divine Characteristic are Creation (Brahma), Preservation (Vishnu) and Destruction (Shiva). While Brahmam, or the Creative Principle, is sometimes accorded the highest place, Vishnu is very beloved, embodies Himself as Avatars, and descends to earth. (Krishna, for example, is thought to be an incarnation of Vishnu, and Vishnu is the large figure on 'center stage' in Arjuna's vision.) Vishnu also is portrayed as the subsoncious mind, and is the Divine Principle which is believed necessary to sustain creation. Shiva the Destroyer is the Beloved by spiritual aspirants because He is believed to destroys illusions and grant Liberation.

About The Author

The author, Rama and Susanne Reity, are clairvoyant seers and counselors who practice Karma Moksha, the art, discipline and science of dealing with the burden and affects of past lives.

For the last 23 years we have practiced the simple spiritual disciplines of self- awareness calling on the name of God (or 'affimations') and prayer. During this period much fruit was realized, including business success, the fulfillment of innumerable goals through prayer, the awakening of clairvoyance, having 'visions' of the Divine, and many other spiritual gifts.

The goal is light and god Realization. The authors' experience is that desires, the chief obstacle to Self –realization, can be extinguished through their consecration and fulfillment in prayer. Not only then is Light brought in, once fulfillment is achieved, but Light comes during the entire process of self –observation, concentration and prayer. Eventually our desire is only for the Fulfiller Himself.


I who have taught the sun to shine, created the earth, the moon and all the three worlds of physical, mental and spiritual manifestation. I have come again into human embodiment. I am Alpha and Omega, the Beiginning, the means and the end of all your efforts. I crown all success and grant all advancement. I am the Supreme Divine Will, beyond any concept of time and space. Having created the entire universe with a tiny fraction of Myself, I remain nevertheless unmoved, unconditioned ever pure and unblemished Absoluter Existence –Consiousness –Bliss.

I am the Divine Manifestation, and I have created the message written by My children, Rama and Susanne. It is I and I alone whom you can praise or blame, love or hate, for this message. The writers are no more the authors of this text than Sage Vyasa was the author of the Bhagavad Gita. I am the Authority, the Inspiration, the Breath and The Life of this work.

To my devotee I give food, love, sustenance and Bliss. To those who have prepared themselves for light. I who am the Source of all Light, bring Light, This work is designed to bring Light to all who can hear, to all who can feel and to all who are prepared for light.

To Arjuna I showed the Form of My Godhead. To Rama Reilly I have shown Myself also in My many Forms. And I have shown him My Light and he has experienced My Bliss.

Rama, however, only held the pen. I wrote every word. Susanne encouraged, critiqued, and evaluated Rama, so that his mind would not fail to hear My message. I spoke to Rama words of encouragement through Susanne. They are partners in this work of Love.

Light is very precious. Those who can perseverance, self –less service and discipline. Entire lifetimes must be devoted to Light, to earn Light's permanent Presence.

I am in your heart of hearts. I am the flame that illuminies your brain. I inspire you to do those things which are in your best interest. I am nothing other than Love itself, for I have created you and all the bodies you have ever lived in. Follow the three simple disciplines I have described, with all your intensity, and bring your mind and soul out of darkness.

The work that Rama and Susanne do is good. I brought them together for the purpose of their doing their work. Their mutual Sadhana, sprititual discipline, has enabled them to get this message of Divine Manifestation. Their lives are surrendered to Me, and I am in them. They are protected by me, guided, sustained, loved and empowered by Me. My light and My Shakti is in them.

Do not fail to make all effort to apply the principles I have given in this writing. They are not difficult. The strength of your Being is more than sufficient to see you through to success in your efforts. The reward I can give is worth more than all the jewels and wordly treasure you could ever own.

Pray to Me for Light, if it fails. For guidance, seek only Me. I am the spirit in all who informs the wise. Hear My Voice in the voices of the wise.

Light is wisdom. This book is filled with light. Understand it, apply it, and free yourself forever all dark forces.



This book was written to fill the hearfelt need of the person who must accomplish something in the world in order to fulfill him of herself spiritually.

We believe desires and goals are good and should be fulfilled, provided they are turned over in prayer to the Father Within for fulfillment. Why prayer may be the best method for the fulfillment of desires, is the subject of this book. How to pray with vision effectively is in essence the 'lost art of prayer.'

Who is this book for? For anyone who wants spiritual and material fulfillment. It is not a 'Think and Grow Rich' book however, The emphasis is clearly spiritual, rather than material. It is for everyone, however, how wants Light in their lives, and more satisfaction and fulfillment of their prayers. For prayer follows natural laws. If applied with love and perseverance, it is more rewarding by far, on many different seen and unseen levels, than any other discipline, gimmick, technique method or trick.

Prayer with vision should complement the spiritual tool-kit of the Chirstan, Buddhist or Hindu, among others. It is especially useable by the univerlist, the person who does not 'type themselves into any particular faith. It is intended for the person who may simply need a reminder that the universal laws which we thought should apply and work in our favor, really and truly do.

The Karma Counselors and Prayers.

We are counselors to those who seek answers that are hidden. We are both gifted with the ability to see beyond the physical realm, and we use this inner sight and other gifts to help clients unravel their entanglements. The name of our work is "Karma Moksha" which means the art. Disciplines and science of removing the burden of past lives. No one is doing anything like it for the public today.

In the course of the work, incredible and pervasive changes have occurred in the health. Energy, outlook and lives of our clients. Diseases and conditions which were not healed through medical science could be heated. Issues which were not resolvable with psychotheraphy or analysis, were resolved. Psychological and emotional blocks which had frustrated and bedeviled our clients for years, have been removed.

Karma and the attachments and interferrance from past lives, greatly influence all of us today. Spritually aspirants who have come to us have, for example, found that our removing certain blocks from their path could facilities and accelerate progress, revering years of confusion and frustration. With our work of eliminating the hidden interference and attachment of this and pervious live, we have seen that where there was once darkness in the mind and the heart, in many cases there is now light.

We have been thrilled and gratified with the results. We are not therapists, because we counsel only those who have formed and maintained personalities which can deal with the normal stress of daily living. Still, normal people have disease, dis –comfort and 'blocks.' Through our work they can be and have been lead to a more optimum level of health, vitality, self –confidence, success and self –relization.

The problem common to all whom we clairvoyanthy see is that they are separated from their greater potential. Many are keenly aware that something blocks them or 'holds them back.' Some have chronic physical or physic complaints. Many complain for example that meditation is impossible or fruitless. Other lack meaningful success in worldly pursuits. Other find daily life uneverving and entagling. Still others seek to fill an emotional void,or to dissolve old ties. And finally, there are those who are searching, hoping for more Light to dawn on their path. All need a greater communication and connection with their own subconscious mind, which is the long –sought Source they have not known how truly to access.

Life cannot be affirmed so long as the subconscious mind is denied.

Man cannot find himself so long as he denies the intelligence of his subconscious mind. Cut off from his feelings, or confusing the concepts of emotions, feeling and thinking man does not find his Source in himself. He does not 'feel' it. He does not 'feel' it. He cannot of course prove that he is really God, because without sufficient or developed 'feeling' he has no innate power.

We see many people who evidence being divided, 'unfeeling' cut off, 'in darkness' and confused. Essentially they have not developed the necessary connection with their own subconscious minds. The worst problem is that the minds of these people who have little real feeling, divide the world into 'spirtual' and unspritual' parts. 'Meditation' is 'spirtual', for examples, while earning a living is mundane. Praying for a hospital in Bangladesh might be 'spiritual' but praying for a villa in the Canary Islands is definetly 'unspitiual'. Collecting clothes for the poor people of Mexico or India is 'Spiritual', while buying new clothes for yourself is probably 'unspiritual'.

These artificial distinctions hardly reflect the equanimity that the truly spiritual man must develop. They reflect qualities of 'high' and 'low','good' and 'bad' which are illusions and obstancles to progress spiritually. But because man does not regard the subconscious mind as worthy of retraining and reforming, his subconscious mind remains an unregenerate complex of desires. Simplistic mental divisions of 'spritual' and 'unspiritual' become the habit of everyone whose subconscious is complex and ungenerate. Emotionally, if not always intellectually, man reacts to the world as 'good' and 'bad', or black and white, depending on the realtiveuly inflexible programming in his subconscious mind Man then pursues only what he thinks is 'good' or'pleasure' causing' and runs away from what he thinks is 'bad', 'unspiritual' or 'pain causing.'

The subconscious mind is actually reflected in the energy, light and vitality of the lower three chakras, which are observalble by the clairvoyant. These 'wheels of energy' are mirrors of the life forces in our bodies and systems. When the energy fails, it is usually evidence that we have a lack of communication with subconscious mind. Without the energy and light, efflouresence and substance which should be in the system when the chakras function properly, man is weak, divided, blocked, cut off and possibly sick. This also generally means that man's ability to feel his world, influence his fellow man, manifest abudance, and feel ' in control' of his own life, is lost.

When the lower three chakras are essentially non –functional, the clairvoyant instantly knows that the subconscious mind of the individual is misunderstood, abused, blocked and dormant. Unfortunately, this is a situation we observe most of the time in the people who come to us. What you may ask does this non –functionality' imply about man's overall emotional, material and spiritual well –being?

Without observing, understanding retraining and reforming his lower nature, the transformation of man from an animal into God cannot occur, Even ordinary everyday success and fulfillment, so necessary to the emotional and mental wholeness of the human personality, is denied. In truth we learn to accept underachievement by our subconscious minds as the norm. Mediocrity, failure low energy, disease, boredom and death are the accepted standard, Success, Light, glowing, optimum health, the spirit of adventure and immortally are seen as abnormal.



We have chosen to highlight the concept and explainations in this volume with various symbols. Some brief explaination of our choice of symbols may be helpful.

First, one of the underlying themes of this work is the universal viewpoint. That means we accept as an article of faith that there is One God Who is called different names by different man and different faiths.

As a way of illustrating this point we have combined symbols from the Christian and Vedic (Hindu) traditions. India is after all the mother of all religions. The symbolism developed in India can be detected as a 'background' for practically all faiths.

For example, the 'Om' symbol is the most universal symbol we could think of, the One God. 'Om' is the primordial symbol recognized in every corner of the planet as having many levels of significance. For example, it is symbol, it is simultaneously our inner Source. The Source of all Consciousness, Love, Abundance and Inspiration.

In addition, we have added certain of the most ancient symbols in india associated with wisdom, enlightment, wealth and success. For example, Ganesha, the elephant –headed god, is the embodiment of success. His blessing is invoked for every new venture, and he is believed auspicious in the clearing away of obstacles, Thus various chapters have either a sitting Ganesha, or a standing (active) Ganesha at the beginning, depanding on what the chapter attempts to accomplish. He is also on each page, since he is thought to rule the four –petalled root or Muladhara chakra, which is the constitutional energy in man. Getting our base chakras cleared of all interference and obstruction is a most important objective for the spiritually aware.

Another wonderful Hindu deity is the five –headed goddness who is believed embodied in the Gayatri mantra/prayer. You will find her seated on a lotus flower. Another version of Gayatri is seated on a lotus flower shown holding a pot and enclosed in a cirle. Roughly translated, the prayer is a supplication to the god or goddess to bring to life the inner sun of enlightment into the darkenend mind of the chanter. It is the prayer actually for all beings, and is thus believed to have great power. Thus, in order to property direct our minds this mind- illuminating goddness.

Another goddess, this one with only one head, that we have used in various places, is the goddess Lakshmi. She can be found seated or standing on a lotus flower. She symbolizes wealth and prosperity, and is associated with gold and money. Whenever we have seen a need to underscore the feeling of abundance and endless supply, we have tried to bring the Lakshmi image into the text. The peacock symbol is also found in these pages. The peacock is a mundane symbol of vanity and a spiritual symbol of immortality.

Sai baba's Sarva Dharma symbol accompanies his brief introductory message. The 10-petalled flower includes the symbols of the five major world religions. It is a constant reminder of the university of God, religion and the need to do selfless service.

Krishna, the avatar whose symbol was peacock feathers worn in His head –dress, is also shown from time to time. Krishna is pictured also with the 'Om' syllable on his chest. We find Krishna to be full Divinity. He is also Paramatma, the Divine Father. We find the term, 'Krishna Consciousness'. Thus we suggest that Consicousness is One, when we employ Krishna's image to punctuate Christ's teachings.


Chapters Contents Page No.
  Introduction In Meditation, January 29,1992 (Picture of Sri Sathya Sai Baba) VII
  Foreword X
  Preface XXI
Chapter-1 Spiritual Awareness : Living in Light 1
Chapter-2 Are You Really Awake? 67
Chapter-3 You Can Be The 'Only Begotten Son' 89
Chapter-4 Avoiding The Tregedy Of Not Seeing The Danger And The Glory 105
Chapter-5 Pearls From The Sea 117
Chapter-6 Seven Simple Exercises For More Spritual Awareness 124
Chapter-7 Naming The Lord's Property 137
Chapter-8 Prayer With Vision 142
Chapter-9 Foundations For Conciousness 233
Chapter-10 The Ultimate Vacation ' 266
Chapter-11 One Hot Tip 277
Appendix I: Contact For Vitamins, Minerals And Supplements 282
Appendix II: Sri Sathya Sai Baba 283
Appendix III: Biographical Information of Authors 287

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