A Fable of a Seeker and a Sage, Destination Happiness, 20 Secrets Revealed

A Fable of a Seeker and a Sage, Destination Happiness, 20 Secrets Revealed

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Item Code: IDK660
Author: J.P. Vaswani
Publisher: Sterling Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 2007
ISBN: 9788120731462
Pages: 355
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5" X 5.5"
Weight 450 gm
Back Of The Book

What is it that you want most in life?

You might start off with money power fame success and other incidentals until you realize that there is just one thing all of us want out of life, though our background personalities aspirations and goals might seem very different we all want to be happy

Happiness according to Dasa J.P. Vaswani is not an abstract concept to be dissected. It is a state of mind a condition of life which is our birthright as human beings. Why then should we settle for anything less?

In this exciting book which is at once a quest an adventure a journey and a learning experience, Dada shares with us not one just two but no less than twenty ways to lead a happier life Finding each one, you will feel the excitement of search and discovery. And following the path to happiness is easy for Dasa is your expert guide unswerving in his understanding unwavering in his moral support and unbeatable with his brilliant optimism and positive spirit


1There Are Many Reasons To Be Unhappy!7
2The Truly Happy15
3The Realm of Happiness23
The 1st Secret Of Happiness29
The 2nd Secret of Happiness 47
The 3rd Secret of Happiness71
The 4th Secret of Happiness 81
The 5th Secret of Happiness92
The 6th Secret of Happiness118
The 7th Secret of Happiness133
The 8th Secret of Happiness 150
The 9th Secret of Happiness162
The 10 Secret of Happiness173
The 11 Secret of Happiness 183
The 12 Secret of Happiness 194
The 13 Secret of Happiness218
The 14 Secret of Happiness 231
The 15 Secret of Happiness247
The 16 Secret of Happiness259
The 17 Secret of Happiness272
The 18 Secret of Happiness297
The 19 Secret of Happiness324
The 20 Secret of happiness342
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