Gind the Magical Adventures of a Vanara

Gind the Magical Adventures of a Vanara

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Item Code: IHL280
Author: Harini GopalswamiSrinivasan
Publisher: Penguin Books India Pvt. Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 9780143330776
Pages: 205
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 7.8 Inch X 5.1 Inch

Translator’s Note

The three vanaras swarmed up a small tree, and crouched among the branches. As they watched in horror, their hair standing on end, a truly fearsome rakshasan with two heads appeared.

When Ongchu, a young vanara princess, is kidnapped by a rakshasan, Rishi Agastya entrusts Gind, a bold young vanara, with the dangerous mission of restoring her to Baulpur, her home beyond the Himalayas. As Gind, his father Karuppan, and Ongchu set out on their long, arduous journey from the island of Poompuhar, they are stalked by wild animals and magical beings, waylaid and terrorized by rakshasas, and thwarted by a wrathful Indra, the god of thunder. They meet an army of vanaras on a mission to rescue a human princess from the clutches of the wicked rakshasa king; help a giant vanara in his search for the magical herb sanjeevini; and winter with a band of yetis in the high Himalayas. Mysterious and momentous things are happening around the vanaras, but they are clueless about their own part in these events. What is Rishi Agastya’s secret purpose? Will the three vanaras make it to Baulpur? What are the shadowy forces at work?

Gind’s exciting adventures will have you rollicking from one escapade to another in this action-packed fantasy. Meet delightful, strange and magical characters, and follow the trail of the vanaras as their light-hearted adventure turns into an odyssey.




Enter a Rishi 1
Kashayarn 8
Ongchu’s Story 13
Wedding Feast 21
The journey Begins 30
Farewell Poompuhar 34
Tiger! 42
Treat for Karuppan 47
Strange Behaviour of a Vanara Army 53
First Brush with the Rakshasas 58
Rescue by Agastya 64
Travelling with Agastya 72
Encounter with a Vanara Army 80
Across the Godavari and into the Vindhyas 88
Gandharva and Pishach 92
Through the Vindhyas 100
Airavata Takes on the Rakshasas 104
The Prince and the Padukas 112
Sanjeevini 115
The God of Thunder 122
The Abode of Shiva 128
The Land of the Yeti 138
Yama Comes for Karuppan 147
Legend’s of the Yeti 156
The journey Is Resumed 163
Creature of the Night 168
Return of a Princess 179
Bomman Victorious 184
Indra Dhanush 188
Another Wedding Party 197
A Note on the Ramayanam 201

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